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Welcome to our Summer e-Newsletter

During these turbulent times we have opted to bring news from across The Bridge London Trust to you via this e-newsletter, rather than our usual hard copy newsletters available across our sites.

Below you can find all the news about what's been happening across our family of schools this year, including student achievements and important information about our reopening safety measures you should know. 

Please take the time to browse the information below, and if you have any questions or comments, please do contact us at 

Thank you, and we look forward to welcoming you all back soon!


Welcome back!

This has been a very interesting term.  Numbers have increased in all of our schools, however this is not school as we know it. For those not in school, children have been learning at home, accessing home learning packs and online learning activities. We are looking forward to September where schools will be open again to all pupils.  We are putting lots of measures in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.  School will seem a little different with new systems and procedures, but it will be great to have everyone back.
Dr. Penny Barratt
CEO The Bridge London Trust

Super Michael's Super Cycle!

Michael Streat from Woodbridge School has run a charity bike ride in support of our school for over twenty years, and it has consistently been a monumental success. Students, staff and parents from Woodbridge School ride with Michael from the Bridge Secondary School back to Woodbridge School and get sponsored for their efforts. This year in the current circumstances the bike ride could not go ahead as normal, however Michael would not be deterred.

This year he has made an epic bike ride ride journey from Chelmsford to the Bridge Secondary School and back to Woodbridge in one day himself in support of our charity and has raised over £9000 in donations from students and families of Woodbridge School. This was a journey of 125 miles or 200km. An amazing effort!
Two of our parents, John Dixon (left) and John Roberts (right) joined Michael for the local leg of the epic bike ride. Thank you to both for their amazing efforts!
Every year Michael Street from Woodbridge School in Suffolk organises a charity bike ride from The Bridge Secondary School to Woodbridge School (approx. 100 miles).  Parents and sixth formers from the school get sponsored for the bike ride and all the donations are given to The Bridge London Trust.  They have raised tens of thousands of pounds for us over the years.  Two of our parents have joined the bike ride – John Roberts and John Dixon.
This year unfortunately there could be no group bike ride, due to Covid 19.  Michael decided that he would not be beaten and did the ride himself.  He was joined for sections of this (socially distanced) by Andy, who is a regular on the ride and John and John set out with him from The Bridge Secondary School.
We would like to say an enormous thank you to Michael and to everyone who has been involved in the bike ride over the years.  Hopefully next year will be back to a group ride.
Dr. Penny Barratt
CEO The Bridge London Trust
We could not be more grateful to Michael and Woodbridge School for their efforts over the years and we want to thank them again for all the support!
Find out more about Woodbridge School and their
Bike Ride fundraising efforts in this video.

Thank you Fan Makers!

One of our most consistent supporters over recent years has again shown their significant kindness toward our charity and have held The Bridge in their thoughts throughout this difficult period.  Previous support has been focussed on technology projects such as iPads for the Satellites and Virtual Reality kit for Primary.

This year our project discussions were interrupted and we will pick up again at pace in September. In the meantime, we’d like to say the warmest thank you for their continued, valuable encouragement.

Fantastic Food Bank at Hungerford School

Phoebe from Hungerford School has been coordinating an amazing effort to bring much needed food and supplies to parents and families of Hungerford School that need it.
Click the play button above to hear Phoebe from
Hungerford School explain about the Food Bank.
The Food Bank - Available at Hungerford Wednesdays at 11am. 


One of our Directors, Dirk Meerstaadt made an introduction to the Head of Education and Public Sector at Amazon UK and as a result, we put together an application for funding to develop Information Technology across The Bridge. 

I am really pleased to say that Amazon donated £15,000 to put toward devices and software.  This is brilliant news and will help us further develop our research, development and practice in a key area of communication. 

Returning to Hungerford School

Teachers at Hungerford School have created a Social Story that you can use for going back to school. Click the photo below to view. 

Fantastic Primary Content

Teachers at our Primary site have been making content available on YouTube during the school closure.
Click the image below to have a look!
A special video from our Primary site!

At The Bridge Primary, our dedicated staff team really wanted to reach out to our pupils and families while the school was closed. We tried to find a way for pupils to see a familiar face and support our families with their children’s learning at home. We also wanted to show parents some fun ideas for activities they could do with their children, so the staff at Primary turned to their cameras and developed a bank of resources on our very own YouTube channel. We know that our children love watching their favourite songs, nursery rhymes and other videos on YouTube so we decided that it would be an easy platform for them to access.

On the channel, you can watch how teachers tell engaging sensory stories, teach Makaton signs, arts and craft, give cooking ideas and much more. If you have not seen the channel yet, the video titled ‘A Message from The Bridge Primary staff’  is a great place to start. You can see over 50 members of staff join together from their homes to let the pupils know how much they were missed. We hope watching the videos puts a smile on your children’s faces during this time… and remember to like and subscribe!​

Safety Measures for Reopening

You may have seen in the news that the government have announced that all children will be returning to school in September. 

We are planning how we can do this. There are a number of things we have already put in place and we will be further developing these to keep everyone as safe as is possible. 

These include:
  • Ensuring that staff and pupils who demonstrate symptoms or who live with someone who shows symptoms do not come into school
  • Providing the facilities and encouraging everyone to clean their hands more thoroughly than usual
  • Using  a ‘catch it, bin and kill it approach
  • Putting in place enhanced cleaning
  • Minimising contact through the use of a ‘pod’ system
  • Staff using PPE where appropriate
As you know since the lockdown began most of our schools have been closed on Mondays, to allow for more intense cleaning and to give staff some time to contact families and prepare a wide range of learning activities.  In September we will be returning to five days a week, but will be closing to pupils early, at lunchtime, on a Friday to allow the continuation of this work. Additionally, to support the return to work all schools will be having three INSET days when we return in September from Wednesday 2nd September to Friday 4th September.  The pupils will return to school on Monday 7th September.

Cycling at The Olympic Park

Before the closure, our Sixth Form students participated in an inclusive cycling session with Bikeworks at Lee Valley VeloPark, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 
Such a fantastic place to get out and about safety!

World Autism Awareness Week

Don't forget, here are some important points from Outreach during World Autism Awareness Week!

Bridge Primary Seesaw Class


At Bridge Primary, we have been using the Seesaw Class app to stay connected with our kids and families throughout the lockdown. It has been lovely seeing so many pictures and videos of your children at home and being able to send and receive messages from you. We've also been using Seesaw to share ideas for activities and resources to use or make at home, as well as videos. 

From September, we'll be using the Seesaw Families app to share diary entries and other communication with you. Parents can also send messages to their class teams on this app. 

If you need support to access Seesaw, please speak to your class teacher or call our Reception desk and let us know. We will be happy to help.

In these changing times, it is vital that we all find ways to stay in touch and support each other.

Luke (Left) making time to smell the roses

Ollie and his sister (Right) making a poster for their Lockdown Olympic games

Fawaz's Poem

Fawaz from our Satellite Provision has written a poem about our recent times. 

TOXIC 2020

So many events
So little time
We only have 24/7
 And 365
We never needed Satan in the first place
We have our own hell created by the human race
First we have Australian bush fires
It goes high and a little bit higher
The fire burns down buildings
And its responsible for all its killings
George Floyd’s “I can’t breathe“
Is what caused Black lives Matter
And quarantine’s got everyone
 Acting like mad hatter
Although we have our ups and
Everyone has their gloomy cloud
Our mouths have been
Shut for so long
We’re gonna fight back
Will you come along?

Google Classroom at Hungerford

Since April, the children at Hungerford have been using Google Classroom to access their learning. Teachers set assignments which children are able to complete and ’turn in’ for their teacher to see and feedback on. Below are some examples of some of the assignments that Hungerford pupils have submitted. Amana in Julia Donaldson (Reception) has done some fabulous drawings of a Seahorse as part of the ‘Under the Sea’ topic in EYFS, Alea from Monet Class (Yr 4) has worked hard on a non-chronological report on Badgers. We’re really proud of the children who’ve kept working throughout these turbulent times and grateful to our teachers for adapting to this new style of delivery!
Maddox from Oasis Class (Yr 5) has submitted a very evocative diamanté poem below which helps conjure up the image of a tossing, turbulent sea.

World Book Day

Before we closed our doors we had a great time celebrating World Book Day! Check out these amazing costumes!

Parents Group

Mandy has been continuing to support parents during these difficult times, and has written a brief letter to parents below.

Please take the time to read, and if you are looking for support. Please do get in touch with Mandy via
Ricky (left) and Mandy (right), who are here to support parents at Primary.

My first year as a parent support worker has been eventful to say the least. Who would have known the drastic changes we would all be adjusting to. Thankfully, the resilience and strength the parents continue to share with myself and each other remains strong.

We have had some emotional times, but parents that have found the confidence to reach out for support have felt valued, and continue to find support with us.

Many professionals at The Bridge have been liaising to help contribute to the positive outcomes for our parents and their families.

At the beginning of the lockdown I was based in school and started a display in the staffroom. There were photographs and messages from the parents showing their children engaging with activities sent home by school teams.

Sharing information by using different means of communication by text message, Zoom, email, WhatsApp and recently an app called Seesaw, has all been very successful.

Well being calls made by myself or by a parent requesting some time to talk have been a great way to connect. Although I was able to do this while the school was open, it highlighted how isolated some of our parents can feel. Often parents stay in the background and never push themselves forward, but through communication we believe they are coping and strong. They are the parents who have gained so much confidence and have reached out.

Free School Meal Vouchers, Magic Breakfast, Short Breaks, Blue Badges, Crisis Team, Personal Budgets, Sleep Support, Sensory Issues, Medication advice are an assortment of services and challenges I have been working on with the support of the therapy team, outside agencies and some very patient members of The Bridge staff. 

I have supported parents by attending meetings with various Islington agencies via Zoom which I found very strange at first, but I soon learned this was the next best thing to actually interacting with a parent face to face. This is the part of my role I have missed the most during this time, and I hope we are able to meet even at a distance on a Wednesday morning at a Parent Support session. 

Parents have shared some sad, challenging moments and some very funny stories with me, and I have gained an even greater insight and understanding of the role of the parents and their families during this time and I know they have grown in so many positive ways.

I hope we are able to share our experiences at a parents support group when we can look back at what the parents have achieved.

​Looking forward we can learn from this experience and think about future support for our parents!​


Tyler (Left) gets creative at home!      Muad (Right) gets to work in the kitchen!
Mehdi (Left) enjoys a scooter!        Samson (Right) gets some time outdoors!
Ezra (Below) is keeping productive!

Eghosa is styling!

The hairdressers may have been closed over lockdown but that wasn’t going to stop Eghosa. Eghosa is an extremely talented year 6 pupil who creates amazing hairstyles on a daily basis.

Eghosa has worked so hard in all her lessons throughout the year and she will be moving on to a secondary school that has classes on Hairdressing and Beauty. I think Eghosa will have an amazing time in her new school in September.

Wii Learning at Secondary

During lockdown, we have been using some of our afternoon sessions to develop the students social and communication skills - with the help of the Nintendo Wii!  The students have found the activity to be highly motivating and a fantastic opportunity to learn about teamwork, turn taking and positive social interactions.  We are hoping to make this a weekly session from September, with the objective of building our students social circles and their confidence in social situations.  Dylan’s Wii Sports bowling record of 277 is going to be very hard to beat...

The Haywards ILS Partnership

There are few silver linings at the moment so sharing them seems all the more important. This has been the case with our partnership with the Kids adventure Haywards team.

On March the 23rd a new piece of work began. Driven by necessity the Local Authority ILS and Haywards forged a plan to allow some Haywards staff to work with us at the ILS to stay open for families who without school would quickly tip into crisis. This work went from a few Haywards staff working at the ILS to Haywards running 2 days per week since late April for up to 5 students from the school. This has led to many wonderful outcomes including: 

An Increased understanding of each of the student’s ways of being in different contexts for both staff teams. The development of new friendships/relationships between staff and students and families all endeavoring to deliver great provision for our young people.

It has also included tangible outcomes for students including: developing independence skills (eating, showering, making transitions) how staff managing private time for young people and supporting access to the wider community. These are not small outcomes in the time of COVID.  Like us all the compassion and dedication of the Haywards and ILS staff has been boundless. We look forward to taking this work further and already have joint training scheduled.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We are taking measures to ensure the safety of our staff, children and young people. You can read our COVID-19 Risk Assessment here.

Every Mind Matters

If you want to find resources from the NHS for mental health and well-being,
please do visit the Every Mind Matters website below.
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