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“What I liked the most during the outing to the opera was the poetry in the texts. I was surprised to see myself in it and realize it echoed my own emotions, and my personal story, in particular when Jackie said ‘my imagination is strangling me’”

Roxanne, participant to the Inclusive Culture program as part of the Inclusive Culture Lab

○ February, Black History Month: all Canadians are invited to participate in the festivities and events across the country that honour the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present. For our part, we will raise awareness among our participants with regards to this little-known but extremely rich heritage.
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It’s the final countdown for this retrospective exhibition that celebrates the 5-year anniversary of our Métissages Urbains program! On the menu: visits in groups, discussions, co-creation workshops and numerous other surprises. Come and join us at the Ateliers Jean Brillant on March 8.
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The Inclusive Culture outings are well under way
Already two Inclusive Culture outings have taken place in this early February! The participants attended two different shows, one at the Opéra de Montréal and one at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, and shared their thoughts on how to make these cultural spaces more inclusive.
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Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush, Alessia De Salis and Jani Greffe-Belanger are back from Nutashkuan and delighted! For 3 weeks, 28 students from the secondary school of Uauitshitun have been thinking and sharing about their language and their culture through intellectual mediation workshops. Currently taking place in communities: two projects at Mingan and Lac-Simon. Two other ones will start in March at Pessamit and Wemotaci. Soon available on our blog: articles to report these beautiful experiences.
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New workshop cycles at IdAction

The program is back on the inclusion routes, this time with  young participants: at Boulot vers with Tiphaine Barailler and Simon Chalifoux or at the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi du Plateau with Isabelle Anguita, future debates and reflections are looking good !

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News from the team...
○ Some departures but also a new face in the team this month: while Yazan Charif, Alexis Penaud and Josiane Proteau move towards new horizons, Jason Paré joins the team as Communications Manager. Welcome to him!
... and volunteers
On January 25, the team met with volunteers and mediators to discuss volunteering strategies. A day full of reflections and questions that resulted in good ideas to involve volunteers even more in our projects!
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We love our community
Every month, we use this section to introduce you to one of the wonderful human beings who gravitate around us, volunteer, participant, partner… This month, Alexis Penaud, Communications Officer, introduces Claire Liberge, volunteer:
"My first trip with Exeko’s philosophical van left a strong mark on me. It was a great learning opportunity: my clumsiness was counterbalanced by the strong experience from James, facilitator… but also warm presence from Claire. She hadn’t been part of Exeko’s family for a long time, but I could already feel her determination to do well and her full dedication.”

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We would like to thank RISE Kombucha and Location Jean Légaré for renewing their support to our philosophical van, idAction Mobile.

We also thank Le Conseil des Arts de Montréal which is committed to our Inclusive Culture Lab.

Finally, thank you to the Fondation Marcel et Jean Coutu for the second year of their support to our Indigenous activities.

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