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"We are here to redesign the map of Montreal, but in fact we're redesigning  the world."

participant of the Métissages Urbains program, residence of Emmanuelle Jacques, Social Mapping Workshop

○Our co-director and co-founder Nadia Duguay is simply unstoppable: holding conferences  for the whole of the last week of September in Rivière-du-Loup and Toronto, she now continues her journey, and headed to Edmonton where she will give a lecture with Jeanne-Marie Rugira, professor in the Department of Psychosociology and Social Work at the UQAR, at the  congrès annuel de la francophonie albertaine (annual congress of Francophonie in Alberta) on the 13th of October.

○ Because summer was wonderfully rich in meetings and interactions, workshops and sharing on the Trickster side, Jani Greffe-Bélanger, Mediator and Indigenous Project Manager, provided us a with a few words about her ''tricksterian'' experiences. An article to discover on our blog!
○ In the series "We're Recruiting", we are looking for an Inter-Project Operations Coordinator for the month of December 2017, a new opportunity to join the gang!

Try your luck if you want to join the gang: we are also looking for an Accountant and Administrative Support person, then if you know the Simple Accounting software and the Microsoft Office Suite, apply now to We will welcome you with open arms.

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IdAction: From L’Itinéraire to Boulot Vert
This is a first for idAction: our program is setting camp at Boulot Vers for a cycle of 4 workshops. Facilitated by two of Exeko's mediators, Frédéric Péloquin and Tiphaine Barailler, the workshops will allow young people to develop their critical thinking skills and learn more about citizen participative education.
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Consultation On Homelessness : Mission Accomplished

At the beginning of the summer, Serge Lareault, Protector of persons in situations of homelessness, commissioned us to carry out a consultation on the City of Montreal's next action plan on homelessness. In total, during 9 outings, we reached more than 90 people ton the streets or in contact with our community partners. Many ideas came out and we were eager to hand them over to Mr. Serge Lareault.

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 Lights on Métissages Urbains 2017: Co-creations
They were seven in number and thrilled us all summer, but all good things have an end. So, one last time, we thank the seven artists who led these beautiful co-creative projects, but we also want to thank all of the co-creators who have enthusiastically participated in each of these projects. And if you are already nostalgic about these moments and encounters, check out on our Flickr to see or review all the great the pictures that came out of the projects.
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New Season for Culture Partagée
After a summer break, our Culture Partagée program is back in service, revealing its new programming for the 2017-2018 season. On the menu, 10 releases from October to May with two first releases at the BAnQ and at the Maison Théâtre starting at the end of the month. On the path towards culture!
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News from the team...

○ Welcome to Yazan Chari as a Research Officer, Marion Mille as a Partnership Officer, and we say goodbye to our beloved Marie Lefebvre.

Jani Greffe Bélanger, Indigenous project manager, joins the Board of Directors of the Forum Jeunesse de l’Île de Montréal (FJIM).

○ A big thank you to Catherine Cardinal and Tatiana Fraser for all that they have given us during their term on our board of directors, and by the same token we announce the appointment of Nadine Saint-Louis as vice-president, Congratulations to her!
...And of the volunteers

○ New chapter for Le Café des Pratiques: On October 19th, our volunteers will meet to share their experiences on the ground and bring their point of view on  Exeko's different projects. For more information, contact Béryl Brou, Project Officer and Volunteer Main Contact.

○ They were courageous, valiant , strong, enthusiastic, smiling and for all of that, we have only one word to say to them: thank you. Thanks to all the volunteers who gave their time to make the Festival International de littérature (FIL) a moment rich in encounters and exchanges. Check out our Flickr to see or review the photos of the event.

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We love our community
Each month, in this section we present to you one or more of these magnificent human beings  gravitating around us, volunteer, participant, partner ... This week, Tiffanie Guffroy presents to you Tatiana Fraser:

Today, let's let ourselves be inspired by some songs. The first:
‘’Ce n’est qu’un au revoir’’, the old popular song. In fact, we want to share with you all of our appreciation and gratitude for Tatiana Fraser, writer, researcher and consultant in leadership and social innovation, who is leaving our CA, to dedicate herself to other projects, but who will nevertheless remain active in our surroundings. [READ MORE]

We're talking about it
  • [IN FRENCH] Ici Radio Canada Côte Nord, « L’organisme Exeko à Ekuanitshit », by Guillaume Hubermont,  September 20th 2017, 8h10
  • [IN FRENCH] ICI Radio Canada télé, Entrée Principale, «La caravane philosophique », by Vincent Bolduc, Septembre 15th 2017 (length : 5’00, begins at : 35’51)

Thanks to our partners

A huge thank you to the Fondation Bon Départ de Canadian Tire du Québec for its support for  idAction Mobile and our place-making activities this summer. 

Amongst our new partners, we thank la Fondation Chawkers, bringing us its contribution to our project Free-Library. 

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Upcoming Events
 The events in our network
  • Animation of a circassian workshop by Emmanuel Cyrand Mélanie Gusella from Monday, November 27 until Wednesday the 29th of November 2017.

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