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Dear Colleagues in Kindness,
It is with great joy that we welcome you all to the gathering of the apostles of kindness in Lugano, Switzerland. On the September 20, 1997, conglomeration of organizations across the globe congregated in a small hall in Tokyo, Japan, on the invitation of Small Kindness in Japan, a declaration was signed by all the attendees with a
solemn pledge to join together to build a kinder and more compassionateworld. The declaration, crystallized into this great Movement which was officially launched in Singapore on November 18, 2000.
22 years after the declaration, the world still grapples with a multifaceted crisis, ranging from the act of terrorism, xenophobic attacks, kidnapping for ransom, hatred, fear, and bully, amongst others. The attendant humanitarian situations among the Internally Displaced Persons, a huge cost paid as ransom and mutual suspicions, leaves no one in doubt that there is no better time than this for the WKM to be in the vanguard of the pursuit of a more humane and compassionate world that we crave for. The 10th General assembly affords us another opportunity to brainstorm on acts and culture of kindness that will help in the actualization of the great vision of the bastion of kindness.  The august gathering is promised to further entrench the culture of kindness with training on how kindness can become a lifestyle in the society, and forming a partnership with United Nations Organization on Sustainable Development Goals, to ensure that vision of creating a kinder world becomes a reality in our generation.

Welcome to  Lugano.

Stephen Oke.
Secretary General WKM

Global General Assembly 2019
T H E   P R O G R A M


We have participants from: 

A U S T R A L I A    F R A N C E     I N D I A    I T A L Y    M A L A Y S I A     
N I G E R I A     N E P A L     P A K I S T A N     S C O T L A N D     
S O U T H  K O R E A   S R I L A N K A     S W I T Z E R L A N D   
 U G A N D A     U N I T E D  K I N G D O M       
U N I T E D   S T A T E S   O F   A M E R I C A
Z I M B A B W E.

If you want to make your registration you are still on time.
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"Kindness for a More Sustainable, Social, Economic
Environmental World"

The kindness App: The power of technology to spread kindness by 
Mr. George Helou 

The International Peace Trees Program for the achievement of the 17 UN's goals by
Ms. Sabine Devlieger 

Seva (selfless service) and Sustainability by
Ms. Nirmala Mahendale

Education for Youth "Heart and Share" by
Ms. Jin Heo 
(South Korea)

Sustainability: low-cost kindness project with impact by
Mr. Muhammad Bin Karmarulazizi 

Kindness culture in Nigeria by
Mr. Stephen Oke 

The role of inner transformation in the making of a kinder personality by
Mr. Fayyaz ur Rehman

Saving one life at a time through kindness by 
Mr. Fernando Shanil 
(Sri Lanka)

Climate Change: The declaration of support for the Cultural Creatives by
Ms. Cristina Milani 

How to promote the culture of positivity through kindness by
Mr. Luca Streri 

Download the full
P R O G R A M 


From our member in 
South Korea

(Bright Smile Movement)


The project is to comfort youths who find it difficult at school because of bullying, school violence, etc.
Bright Smile Movement spread the importance of active listener and listening, called “Good Listener” campaign around Korean society. 
BSM focus on a reason why people commit suicide. There is no one who can listen to the voices of their hearts. People may think the reasons for committing suicide are about other physical reasons. However bottom line is no people who can hear their hearts. So BSM has been working on education, counseling, forum and art concert to comfort them.


From our member in 

(Kindness Unlimited)


Every year, World Kindness Day is celebrated on 13th November. On this day, we attempt to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness, either as individuals or as organizations.


From our member in 

(World Kindness USA)

From our member in 

(World Kindness Zimbabwe)


  • To provide material, emotional and financial support to orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe
  • To enable orphans and vulnerable children to realize their fullest potentials through the provision of educational support
  • To mobilize material, financial and technical support that would be used to meet the basic needs of orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe
The project with the financial and material support from Anna provided clothes and toys for orphaned children housed at Glory to Glory Children’s home in Norton. 6 young girls and 4 toddlers benefitted from the support from Anna
Glory to Glory Children’s home house 23 orphans and has been supported by Simuka Africa since 2008. In addition to that, 3 orphaned girls and 6 orphaned and vulnerable young women benefitted from the donation. 

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