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Vol. 2, No. 18                                                                                                            Sept. 4, 2019

Cancer Institute Member Spotlight

Jeannette Y. Lee, Ph.D.
Department of Biostatistics

UAMS College of Medicine

Dr. Lee is a biostatistician whose primary cancer research focus is in clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of malignancies in persons living with HIV/AIDS. Read more>
Breast Cancer Awards Announced
The Arkansas Breast Cancer Research Program (ABCRP) was created through the Breast Cancer Act of 1997 by the Arkansas General Assembly. It established the investment of a state tobacco tax into researching the cause, cure, treatment, prevention and earlier detection of breast cancer. Approximately $800,000 per year is made available for breast cancer research.

All research proposals undergo peer-review, and scores are shared with the ABCRP Oversight Committee, which then determines the allocation of research funds. The ABCRP Oversight Committee members are appointed by the governor of Arkansas. Collectively, they represent all four congressional districts in the state and individually serve in specific roles on the committee. Breast cancer researchers throughout  Arkansas are invited to apply for funding every year. 

Below is the list of the FY20 ABCRP awards:

“Mechanistic Characterization of BRCA1 Regulation at Damaged Chromatin”
PI: Wai Chung (Justin) Leung, Ph.D.
Institution: UAMS
Non-Pilot Award Amount: $190,950

“Targeting Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer by Breaking Down Skp2/Skp1 Protein/Protein Interaction”
PI: Hong-yu Li, Ph.D.
Co-PI: Hui-kuan Li 
Institution: UAMS
Non-Pilot Award Amount: $250,000

“Identification and Functional Characterization of Exosome-Derived GPI Anchored Proteins in Breast Cancer”
PI: Blake P. Johnson, Ph.D.
Institution: OBU
Co-PI: Yuchun Du, Ph.D.
Institution: UAF
Pilot Award Amount: $75,000

“Identification of Agents Selectively Active Toward Breast Cancer Stem Cells Through Single Cell RNA Sequencing of Organoid Cultures”
PI: Angus MacNicol, Ph.D.
Co-PI: Melanie MacNicol, Ph.D., Timothy Chambers, Ph.D., Robert Eoff, Ph.D. 
Institution: UAMS
Pilot Award Amount: $75,000

“Shared Care of Breast Cancer Survivors - A Telemedicine in Rural Population Feasibility Study”
PI: Joseph Su, Ph.D., M.P.H. 
Institution: UAMS
Pilot Award Amount: $75,000
Event Highlights Faculty Resources
Sandy Annis, CCTRA executive director, (left) shares information about the cancer clinical studies process.

On Tuesday, August 27, the UAMS Faculty Center hosted the Faculty Resource Fair. This was a great opportunity for new and existing faculty to learn more about the many resources available to UAMS researchers.

Representatives from Cancer Institute Administration and Cancer Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs (CCTRA) were in attendance to support the research faculty on campus. It is especially important to meet new faculty members who are interested in conducting cancer research. We collect data about grants and publications that is crucial for our NCI Designation efforts. 

Also, all human-subject, cancer-related clinical studies conducted at UAMS must be submitted through the CCTRA, and the Resource Fair provided an excellent forum to educate new faculty members on the submission process. If you have questions about conducting cancer research at the Cancer Institute, please feel free to reach out to our team.  We are happy to assist. 
Dorothy Graves, Cancer Institute Associate Director of Administration
Sandy Annis, CCTRA Executive Director
Lee Smith, Cancer Institute Membership Director and Research Hub Manager
Blake Pond, Cancer Institute Director of Program Development
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