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Dear athletes.

If you have or have not yet booked your trip to the ICO Crossminton European Championships 2016 - check this out:

Welcome in Brittany
Gouesnou is located in the far west of France. It might not seem easy to reach at first sight, but our convenient public transportation system makes it possible for all of you.
You'll never forget the warm welcome the people in Brittany are famous for and the beautiful and unmatched landscapes.
Brittany has a strong traditional culture in its music, food and drinks.
In Brittany, you'll find the original "crepes" and "galettes", which make our region known worldwide. "Crepes" are prepared with wheat flour (white) and accompanied by sweet food (sugar, marmelade, chocolate, etc.). "Galettes" are prepared with buckwheat flour (black) and accompanied by salty food (ham, cheese, mushrooms, etc.). If you come to Brittany, you need to taste them as well as our other delicious specialties when you'll be given the opportunity.
Also Brittany is known for its many different beers, brewed in local breweries. There is more than 50 breweries in the relatively "small" brittany, each one manufacturing several beers. There is no doubt that you’ll find some just made for you.
In Gouesnou our local champs are Corref, Britt, Lancelot, Philomenn, as well as many others.
In any way, you'll be delighted when you are here and will take many great memories home.
Still not convinced?
Remember where the "Asterix" village is located... in Brittany!
And every Asterix's story ends with a very friendly and happy banquet. So you now know what is expecting you if you come to the Crossminton European Championships in Gouesnou: some unforgettable days of your life.

Looking forward seeing you in Gouesnou!

Your European Championships organization team

All necessary information about the event can be found here.

To register please follow this link:

Sooo? Where will you be?
International Crossminton Organisation (ICO)
Trachenbergring 85
12249 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +493069566699

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