Travel Tip: International Pre-Departure Checklist; Limited Space for Heart of Italy Tour
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January 2016
As Adele would say, "Hello from the other side!" Welcome to a new year with new adventures that await you. Hopefully 2016 will take you to exciting destinations where your horizons will be expanded and your thirst for discovering something new will be quenched! This year we'll bring you our favorite travel tips to prepare for your journeys as well as information about our favorite destinations. 

Travel. Eat. Repeat.

Travel Tip: International Pre-Departure Checklist

The last few days before I leave for an international trip are always a blur...there are so many things to do and so little time! To help my guests prepare well in advance I've created a quick checklist to help smooth out all the pre-trip "to-do's" from getting your official documents ready to downloading books for the plane!
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Limited Availability - Heart of Italy Food Tour 2016

There's a serious art to making Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Plus you need some serious strength to "birth" these 220 lb wheels of dairy gold. And there's an even more serious process to becoming certified as genuine Parmigiano-Reggiano. But why talk about cheese, when you can go there and see it, smell it, and taste it for yourself?

Over the weekend you might have noticed that our tickets for our 
9-day Heart of Italy Food Tour on September 17-25, 2016 were sold out. But wait...lucky you! There are now a limited number of spaces that have become available. So if you want all that cheesy goodness straight from the source, get to booking soon!
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