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CARPHA Caribbean Wellness Day Message

A statement from Executive Director Dr. C. James Hospedales, CARPHA on the occasion of Caribbean Wellness Day, Saturday 12 September, 2015.   This year the theme is "Improving the quality of life of the regions ageing population."

On Saturday 12th September, countries across the Region celebrate Caribbean Wellness Day. 
This annual event is geared at increasing awareness and promoting activities to address the epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which continues to severely impact the health, economy and development of the Caribbean.

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Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados CONDEMNS Tobacco Advertisement in the Barbados Advocate

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados (HSFB) condemns in the strongest possible terms the decision taken by the Barbados Advocate newspaper to carry an advertisement on Sunday 6 September (page 17), and Wednesday 9th September (page 15) placed by a local distribution company on behalf of an international manufacturer, informing consumers of suggested retail prices for the products.
The convention and understanding in Barbados for many years is that NO cigarette advertisements of ANY kind should be carried in national print media, or on radio or television. This convention has been observed by all parties and has, together with other measures, resulted in a low prevalence of exposure to tobacco smoke and low prevalence of lung cancer among Barbadians.

Cigarettes are products which if used can cause sickness and death. Barbados, together with the world community of nations, signed an International Treaty entitled the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), which entered into force in 2005.  This Treaty mandated certain actions by signatories. One such action is legislation banning marketing, promotion and advertising of cigarettes and other tobacco products, as seen in Section 13 of the FCTC.

The Barbados Advocate is the country’s oldest newspaper and is highly regarded.  The HSFB calls on the Advocate to respect the FCTC and to cease publishing advertisements on behalf of the tobacco industry, in the interests of the health of ALL Barbadians.
The HCC is fully supportive of the HSFB and strongly urges similar action from the Barbados civil society.  Barbados has benefited from multifaceted tobacco control efforts over the years resulting in significantly low smoking rates. However the youth smoking rates may be a cause for concern. The continued use of print media for tobacco advertising represents a dangerous and slippery slope as numerous studies have found a strong connection between tobacco advertising exposure, adolescent initiation to tobacco use, and progression to regular tobacco use. As a whole, the evidence base indicates a causal relationship between tobacco advertising and increased levels of tobacco initiation and continued consumption.

The HCC 2014 Civil Society NCD Regional Status Report: Responses to NCDs in the Caribbean Community found that although almost all CARICOM countries have ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), but few have implemented the provisions of the Treaty, with for example only four of them enacting legislation banning smoking in public places, very few having programmes in place for treatment of tobacco dependency and only very few having enacted legislation against tobacco company sponsorship and advertising of tobacco products.

Voluntary agreements can be rescinded at any time with no penal consequences thus highlighting the need for comprehensive tobacco control legislation which addresses tobacco advertising promotion and sponsorship. The HCC urges regional governments, most of which are signatories to the FCTC, to enact and enforce comprehensive bans on all forms of Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship (TAPS) according to Article 13 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and its guidelines.

The HCC ( can provide assistance to civil society organisations seeking to initiate similar actions.
Globeathon Barbados
As part of the Globe-athon initiative Dr. Vikash Chatrani has been busy giving lectures and presentations to raise awareness of Below the Belt Women's Cancers,  HPV Screening and the HPV Vaccine. He is presenting in Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and St Maaten during the month of September.

He will also be completing the 5K Globe-athon 'Run to End Women's Cancer' This Sunday September 13th.

To find out more visit the Globe-athon Barbados Facebook Page here.


PAHO Multistakeholder Team on CVD Prevention through Dietary Salt Reduction Meets to Discuss Progress and Next Steps

PAHO Multistakeholder Team on CVD Prevention through Dietary Salt Reduction
On September 2-3rd, 2015, the President of the HCC attended the Final Meeting of Phase 2 of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of the WHO/PAHO initiative for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention through Population-wide Dietary Salt Reduction (2012-2015). At the meeting a report marking the completion of Phase 2 and of the mandate that led it was discussed with emphasis on achievements of the group, country achievements, advances and activities in salt/sodium reduction and recommendations made for going forward.

It was noted that over the past 6 years salt/sodium related activities in countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have increased from 3 countries to 20 countries. There have been advances in advocacy and communication; surveillance; engagement of the food industry; synchronization of salt/sodium reduction and salt fortification programs.

The Technical Advisory Group recommended that in the next phase of the Technical Advisory Group (Phase 3) efforts should continue to be oriented to countries of the Region across the spectrum of action, to mobilize those not yet started and support those active to reach full capacity with all the components of a comprehensive response to the overconsumption of salt/sodium. The group identified additional priorities going forward including: PAHO establish a new group of advisors (TAG phase 3); PAHO, assisted by the advisors, should undertake a survey of countries in the Region to understand barriers and facilitators to progress and country needs; and the Technical Advisory Group, Phase 3 should  develop an Action Plan for the period 2016-2018 (Phase 3) reflecting the recommendations of Technical Advisory Group Phase2, complete with estimates of resource requirements.

The HCC has been invited to be a member of the Technical Advisory Group, Phase 3, as the Caribbean regional civil society alliance for prevention and control of NCDs; with the President of the HCC as its representative.  This is a high priority area for the HCC noted Sir Trevor Hassell, President:  “…population salt reduction is one of significant public health importance and one that  provides excellent return on investment through reduction of prevalence of major NCDs and associated complications.”

WHO Web-based Public Consultation - Deadline Sept 15, 2015

The interim report from the Working Group on how to realize governments’ commitments to engage with the private sector for the prevention and control of NCDs (Working Group 3.1) provides preliminary recommendations that emphasize the leadership role that governments must play in calling on the private sector to strengthen its contribution to NCD prevention and control. These recommendations apply to all five specific action areas included in paragraph 44 of the UN Political Declaration.

Member States, UN agencies, relevant NGOs and selected private sector entities are encouraged to submit their comments before Tuesday 15 September 2015 by sending an email to Read more

CANDI Caribbean Wellness Day Message 2015

Would you like to feel like you are 16 again? Would you like to have a vibrant life? How about less aches and pain especially from arthritis? How about having fewer complications from diabetes and high blood pressure? Would you like to live to see your great great grandchildren? Do you know that all of these things can be possible by simply living a healthy lifestyle? Read more

Belize Cancer Society Receives $185,000

Belize Cancer Society
The Belize Cancer Society (BCS) is the recipient of U.S. $185,000 from the Social Security Board (SSB) to meet the cost of cancer care services for children and radiation services for adults. The announcement was made at a Press Conference held by SSB on July 17, 2015.
Chairman of SSB’s Board, Mr. Douglas Singh shared with the audience, that SSB felt compelled to finance cancer care after a convincing argument which was presented by Laura Tucker-Longsworth (BCS President), Dr. Ramon Figueroa, Ministry of Health and Dellone Pascascio, Belize Cancer Center Dangriga.  Chairman Singh also announced SSB’s intention to finance the procurement of HPV vaccines, which will be added to the vaccination schedule offered by the Ministry of Health.

Children who are in need of oncology services must travel to Mexico to obtain further testing and initiation of treatment, as these specialized services are not yet available in Belize. International travel and treatment costs are expensive, thereby creating financial hardships for families and preventing access to cancer care.  In keeping with the responsibility of Governments to provide children with health services needed to allow them to grow, thrive and survive, the SSB fund will eliminate financial barriers for treatment of children diagnosed with cancer. A small portion of the funds will be used to finance radiation treatment for adults in neighboring Guatemala, as radiation treatment is not available in Belize.

Rethink Your Drink

Rethink Your Drink
Learning about added sugar with a low-cost activity and tool. This is a “low-cost” nutrition education tool facilitated by nutritionists at The Barbados Diabetes Centre. Soft drinks and other sugar sweetened beverages provide no nutritional benefits but are prime sources of extra calories that can contribute to weight gain and obesity.
Patients were unable to decode the mysteries of the food label, especially the sugar content of beverages and the many disguises of added sugar. Read more

Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre Cervical Cancer Film

A new film aims to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus. Cheryl Staurulakis, a producer for the film Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic, is working with the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre and the Bermuda Department of Health to bring HPV and cervical cancer awareness in January next year, to mark Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.
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Barbados Health of the Nation Report in the News

Joint Approach Needed - THE focus on sweetened beverages in the 2015 Budget presentation was based on a government policy to encourage healthier consumption patterns throughout the society.
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Study: Binge Drinking on the Rise in Barbados - This was revealed by Chief Medical Officer, Dr Joy St. John, as she reported on the core findings of the Barbados Health of the Nation Survey.
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Obesity Concern - Chief Medical Officer, Dr Joy St John, is concerned about the rate of obesity in Barbados. Referring to the core findings of the Barbados Health of the Nation Survey, she reported that 34 per cent of adults are obese. Read more

Bingeing Cause for Concern - ALCOHOL consumption, more specifically binge drinking, is causing health officials no small cause for alarm as Chief Medical Officer Dr Joy St John painted a dismal picture yesterday of the health of Barbados. Read more

Cancer Patients, Survivors and Doctors Spread Awareness at West Indian Day Parade in New York

Globe-athon an international movement to raise awareness of below-the-belt cancers kicked off its first U.S. awareness event at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn.During the parade, renowned soca singer Alison Hinds recorded a music video and was joined by other artists as DJ D-LIFE, Mikey Mercer and 300 international medical, religious, political leaders, UN Ambassadors and cancer patients and survivors on the Globe-athon to Ends Women’s Cancers float.
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PAHO, OAS and ECLAC Call on Countries of the Americas to Support Convention to Protect the Rights of Older Adults

Washington, D.C., 3 September 2015 (PAHO/WHO) - The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Organization of American States (OAS), and the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) today called on countries in the Americas to implement the Inter-American Convention on Protecting the Rights of Older Persons, which strengthens protections for the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of older persons, including the right to health. HCC and it's members fully support this call to action. Read more

New World Heart Day Website Now Available

NCD Allaince Global Forum
A brand new, standalone website for World Heart Day has been launched, you can explore it at:

CARPHA Health Research Conference Call for Papers

Deadline for Receipt of Papers is December 1st, 2015. The 61st Annual CARPHA Health Research Conference will be held in the Turks and Caicos Islands from June 23rd to June 25th, 2016.

The theme for 2016 is Family Health. For more information contact the conference secretariat at: or click here.
World Heart Federation Emerging Leaders Program

World Heart Federation Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program has been created by the World Heart Federation to form and develop a long-term cadre of experts who collaborate, research, and act to reduce premature mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD) globally by at least 25% by 2025 as targeted by the World Heart Federation and World Health Organization ('25 x 25'). Read more
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados Latest
the recent advertisement in the Barbados Advocate...

Avocados are in season...
and they are great tasting snacks too, anytime of day or night.
Read more from the Heart & Stroke Foundation newsletter here

The Cancer Society of the Bahamas Annual Walk

The Cancer Society of the Bahamas
The Cancer Society of the Bahamas is now well underway with our Annual Stride for Life Walk that will be held Saturday, October 3rd 2015 at 6 AM
In this regard, we are requesting your support by registering and encouraging others to do the same so that we can continue to be of assistance to so many that are battling against this disease known as cancer. Read more

Inaugural Celebration of World Hospice and Palliative Care Day in Barbados

The Barbados Association of Palliative Care and the University of the Southern Caribbean with the Technical Support of The National Advisory Committee on Chronic Pain Management-The Ministry of Health Barbados  are facilitating a 4 day Palliative care and Pain Management educational initiative on the island of Barbados from Oct 12-15th. Read more

At the Heart of it: Innovation and Scale in Hypertension Management in Low-and middle-income Countries

The Novartis Foundation and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine cordially invite you to participate in an upcoming dialogue event: At the heart of it: innovation and scale in hypertension management in low-and-middle-income countries. Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 09:00 to 13:00 at The Hospital Club, 24 Endell St, London WC2H 9HQ, United Kingdom, The event will also be webcast live. You can register for the webcast here.
NCD Alliance e-Alert
  • NCDA side event at the UN Sustainable Development Summit
  • WHO Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity
  • Webinar slides and recording posted online
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HCC News Roundup Archive - If you have missed any of our News Roundups you can view previous Roundups on our News Roundup Archive webpage here.
The HCC is a regional network of Caribbean health NGOs and civil society organizations with the remit to combat chronic diseases (NCDs) and their associated risk factors and conditions. Our membership presently consists of more than 50 Caribbean-based health NGOs and over 55 not-for-profit organisations and, in excess of 200 individual members based in the Caribbean and across the globe.

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