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Reconfiguration of Wards/sites in Hertfordshire Community Trust 04.05.2020
Please read the below from the Hertfordshire Community Trust
Dear Colleagues,

Hertfordshire Community Trust (HCT) has advised that the following changes are going to occur as HCT needs to ensure that staffing levels are stable across the 3 inpatient units to support staff to provide the best possible care for our patients.
HCT will reconfigure the use of their beds to maintain safe staffing levels and also to comply with national guidance on caring for patients with COVID19.
HCT will:
  1. Operate a maximum of 30 beds at Herts & Essex Hospital (HEH). 
    1. Provide 2 wards, one managing COVID19 patients and one managing non-COVID19 patients.  Once the patients with COVID19 are discharged aim to utilise the two wards to care for unaffected patients. COVID19 positive patients with an estimated discharge date after 12/5 will be transferred to QVM.
    2. Some of these beds will be used to care for people who have suffered a stroke and other neurological conditions and will need some specialist staff to move to support these patients.             
  1. Enable QVM and Danesbury, both on the Welwyn site, to treat COVID19 patients.
    1. Initially, COVID19 negative patients will be moved from QVM to Danesbury to make QVM a COVID19 positive site.
    2. Once the neurological patients in Danesbury have been discharged or transferred to QVM, Danesbury will become a mixed site with one floor COVID19 negative and one floor COVID19 positive.
PPE is provided to all staff working on the units; HCT has good stocks of PPE  - see attached document
Justin Prins

Miriam Palk 
Head of Nursing | 07496 882 532 

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