Autumn 2019
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13 October has been the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction since 1989, after a call by the United Nations General Assembly for a day to promote a culture of risk-awareness globally. To celebrate this important day, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPRI) has launched a series of activities for different target groups. Check out our website to understand more! 


Our Kids are Ready! – Completion of HKJCDPRI’s Disaster Education Pilot Programme for Kindergartens

Partnering with the Child Education Centre for Teaching and Learning (CECTL) under the Department of Childcare, Elderly and Community Services of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), we launched our Disaster Education Pilot Programme for Kindergartens in March this year. The pilot programme had been successfully completed with encouraging and positive results in July. More than 440 students from the two pilot schools had participated in the programme, reaching students from N1 to K3. Read more…

Our Primary School Kids are also Ready!

Our Disaster Education Pilot Programme for lower primary schools had been accomplished with encouraging results. Interactive dramas were delivered to 10 pilot schools, targeting at primary one to three students to convey key disaster knowledge, risk concepts and proper attitudes in the face of emergencies around them and the community. Watch our short video about the programme:

HKJCDPRI’s School Education Programme in Future

With the success of the one-year pilot school programmes for kindergartens and lower primary school children, we are scaling up our efforts to reach out to more schools and levels of students to achieve greater impact in coming years. We are now analysing the results of the two pilot school programs and will share the lessons learnt soon. For more information about our school programmes, please visit here.

Useful Information on the Recent Social Unrest 

In view of the recent social situations in our community, we have set up a special webpage with information, resources and links to help those who are looking for related information for their work and for personal use. Read more...

Annual Conference on Disaster Preparedness and Response 2019: Post-conference report and materials are available

The Annual Conference on Disaster Preparedness and Response 2019 with the theme of “Reduce Risks · Build Resilience” was successfully held on 29 June 2019. The Conference successfully engaged a wide spectrum of stakeholders from different sectors, attracting more than 300 participants. Read more…

The Post-conference Report covering session summaries and highlights has been published:

HKJCDPRI Staff Trained as Emergo Train System Simulation Instructors

On 17-19 September 2019, two representatives of the HKJCDPRI participated in the Emergo Train System - Senior Instructor Course held in Brisbane, Australia. Read more...

Elementary Disaster Medicine e-learning Course with VR Simulation for Emergency Field Workers

Partnering with the Emergency Medicine Unit of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, we launched a free e-learning course on elementary disaster medicine on three topics, namely field triage, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) incidents and mass gathering events. Read more...

COPE: A Storybook Series to Help Children Get Ready for Disasters!

The book targets at young readers aged 9-11 and parents reading to their children, aged 4-8. While the COPE books are written primarily in English with collaborative efforts from various contributors, together with the Hong Kong Observatory and Dr Kwan Che Ying, Associate Professor, Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research, The University of Hong Kong, we have localised the contents of the book for Hong Kong readers. Read more…

"More Knowledge, Less Risk" Community Education Campaign for Sub-divided Flats Residents Completed

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Lady MacLehose Centre (HKSKHLMC), the half-year “Community Education Campaign on Disaster Resilience and Housing Risks for Sub-divided Flat Residents" had been completed. A community research was also conducted for an in-depth understanding on how the poor living environment impacts residents’ safety. Research findings will be announced soon. Read more...

We have New Domain Names! 

HKJCDPRI's Infographics on Emergency Preparedness and Response

We offer many infographics on emergency preparedness and response. You can download, print and share the  informative graphics. Read more...


New Indicators of Resilience added to the Safe Cities Index 2019. Tokyo, Singapore and Osaka ranked top 3.

Previous reports of Safe Cities Index included indicators relevant to the danger of natural and man-made shocks. The 2019 index has put more advanced thinking on resilience by bolstering the number of indicators that deal with different aspects of it. The 2019 index measured for the first time things like the existence and speed of city emergency services, the existence of a disaster plan and the institutional capacity of those tasked with disaster response. Read more…

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction - Let's have a global view

International Day for Disaster Reduction began in 1989, after a call by the United Nations General Assembly for a specific day to develop a culture of disaster risk-awareness and disaster reduction globally. Let’s have a look at some statistics on disasters around the world published last year. Read more…

Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR) 2019 Published

The Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR) is a biennial global assessment of disaster risk reduction highlighting latest updates, emerging trends, disaster patterns and progress in reducing risk. Read more… 


Our Series of Activities to Celebrate the International Day for Disaster Reduction 2019
Newest webinar on shelf:
- Community Support to Manage Psychological Distress in Youths at Times of Crisis 處理青少年於危機時期心理困擾的社區支援

A new certificate-based e-learning course:
- International Humanitarian Law

Short courses for emergency field workers:
- Disaster Medicine 202SA: The General Principles and Practical Skills You Need to Know About Triage災難現場分流及處理的基礎知識

- Disaster Medicine 202SB: The General Principles and Practical Skills You Need to Know About Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Incidents化學、生物、輻射及核子事故的基礎知識

- Disaster Medicine 202SC: The General Principles and Practical Skills You Need to Know About Mass Gathering Medicine大型公眾活動與相關醫學的基礎知識

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