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Performance Pathways Newsletter

Welcome to the July Edition of the Performance Pathways newsletter!
As the national governing body of Modern Pentathlon in Australia we hope that this newsletter will provide you with helpful information and resources for training, competition and development of the sport around the country.
Exclusively for the Modern Pentathlon community, we look forward to working with our members to continue to grow our sport and securing a successful future.
Performance Pathways Update
It is exciting to see the country continue to ease restrictions more and more each week, with the exception of Victoria, as we combat Covid-19. Whilst some of the boarders remain shut for now, there is significantly more freedom to move within the state than there has been for a long while. Let’s hope this continues to be the trend.

As we all know competition is vital for motivation as well as recognising improvement and shedding light on areas that need improving. Without regular competition athletes can become stale, demotivated and lack progress through the sport. Regular competition within a sport also creates a sense of a community and support network within the sport, thus bringing additional benefits. 

For our athletes to compete internationally, offering them opportunities to develop and advance in the base events of our sport primarily Laser Run and Triathle is vital for their opportunities to successfully represent Australia and be successful on the international stage, and ultimately in the 5 disciplines – 1 sport – Modern Pentathlon, the Olympic Sport.  The continuous format of the Triathle (SHOOT – SWIM – RUN) is becoming increasingly popular and seemingly forming the foundation of our sport.
The time trials that we have been running monthly have been met with terrific uptake. These have been keeping athletes engaged as well as showing some improvement. Congratulations to all who have taken place. 

As such, we have decided to formalise them a little more and make them an ongoing feature of our competition calendar. Importantly, they will form a part of the National Categorisation system for our Performance Athletes. 
It will be MPA’s of monitoring athletes performance and progression throughout the year to show their commitment to the performance pathway. It will also enable us determine the appropriate level of support around out athletes to ensure they are can develop. 
The Time Trial is scheduled for next week, and will involve the athlete completing the following: 
  • athletes must complete the following 3 tasks within a 3-day period,
  • 200m or 100m swimming trial (age dependant) 
  • 100 shot, stationary shooting trial
  • A Laser Run trial (age specific lengths). 
Details of the Time Trials can be found HERE. For July we will be doing “FORMAT 1”.

There will be no time trials during August. Then, in the lead up to the Toowoomba event (27-29 Nov) we will have 3 scheduled Time Trial's to be performed in home states/ environments as training preparation. 

National Time Trial Dates: 
  • 5/6 September (Trial 1)
  • 3/4 October (Trial 1 or 2)
  • 30/31 October (Trial 2)
To support these time trials and create the best possible environment for our athletes, I am hoping we could coordinate state events in line with the above Time Trial dates for our athletes to participate in together. We could have several events within the one state for logistical purposes. If you can host an event, could you please contact your state President or Secretary. 
To celebrate Olympic Day, we asked a few of our favourite Olympians what the Olympics means to them and any advice they would give aspiring athletes...
Earlier this week, we announced that MPA was successful in acquiring a grant to specifically fund 3 major projects to help support, develop and grow the performance pathways of Modern Pentathlon in Australia. 
  • Project 1: Run a funded performance focused camp for targeted/selected athletes.
  • Project 2: Funding to purchase more pistols, development of portable shooting ranges (hopefully for each state & funding to run Laser run and Triathle events to expose more people to competition environments (no matter how big or small).
  • Project 3: Engagement of  an experienced International consultant coach for athlete and coach development specific to the nuances of competing internationally Modern Pentathlon. This coach will work predominately with me to support coaches and targeted/categorised athletes.
National Time Trials: 
  • 5-6 September, 2020 (Trial 1)
  • 3-4 October, 2020 (Trial 1 or 2)
  • 30-31 October, 2020 (Trial 2)
Inaugural Pentathlon Festivale
  • 27-30 November, 2020

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