End of Week- Session 3, April 13, 2016 Qigong and Yoga Notes
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You Should Sit in Meditation Twenty Minutes Every Day - unless you are too busy; 
then you should sit for an hour. 
……………….ancient Zen saying

The season has changed, the time has come, there are new things to be focused upon and there is a silence. Some of you have not returned to practice and found other things, things that demand your attention in the moving spring, the room was empty by of Denis and me this Wednesday although I felt it coming for a week before. This is the time it said, this is the change. There is no need to pay or prepare for an empty room.

I had thought of sending this note as a closure, but it did not seem correct to not say goodbye to our practice room at Skagit without one more gathering to all who want to come. Therefor on Wednesday April 20 this will be our last indoor practice.

I will continue my practice on the grass at the San Juan County Park, you are most welcome to join me. 9am on Sundays. 

Last Newsletter

Since the running record is only half of the emails I send this too actually open it, that means the other half of you who don't will not notice change :-). You have all the instruction, use it wisely. The archive to all I have written for you is here


Tuesdays only until further change
5:30-6:45pm Extreme Fitness SJI


I totaled up all of the classes that I have taught since landing on the island in August 2014 (110 were free, 240 = $15 each), much has been given from my heart.

My wish for you always is to have learned something that has been helpful, that has brought you new friends, a stronger community and better health. 

You have brought me all that and more, Love feeds the spirit. 

Thank you, always Candace

240 Yoga classes
140 Qigong classes
25 Privates,
2 Ceremonies and
1 Workshop = 408 practices

Thank you to the teachers and the teacher's teachers, the ancient ones and the elders who stand with us at every practice; to the Creator - Ho Mitakyue Oyasin (we are all relation.) Thank you to the Dance Workshop; San Juan Fitness; San Juan County Park; Skagit Valley College, Extreme Fitness; The Grange; Nature and of course to all of you. So many not on this email list that have come to the classes, dropped in - dropped out, returned later, and never. It is all in the flow. 

"There is an ecology to thought as much as there is to a river. Prayer is one way to help the spirits of others, to enjoin the positive hopes of others in a balanced ecology of 'flow,' which exists billions of places in roadways around and under and atop our Earth. 

There's an old saying about this mysterious grid which we can barely grasp but can sense palpably: Where Creator is at center, there is far far less room for little 's' self and all its nattering around about 'real'/ and 'not real.' ………Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, 4/13/2016

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