Notes for the practitioners of Qigong and Yoga during the week of January 17 - 24, 2016
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You are Invited to Wednesday….Jan 27 at 8:30am

All Qigong Practitioners: I will be in Seattle Friday Jan 29 with my Anthropology class at the Burke Museum. Lets us combine our classes this week on Wednesday. Therefor all FRIDAY students please come Wednesday if you may.  For those of you that are dropping in: Skagit Valley College, San Juan Center, Class A upstairs to the right at the end. 

These classes began Jan 6 as a serious commitment to those that signed up. We all are at various levels and commitments to our practice, therefore show up with quietude and respect for each on their own path. All are welcome if it be so.

Daily Practice - Discipline

 at Extreme Fitness
*no practice 1/26 & 28
(Candace is in an OnBook play at the Theatre. Please come "110 Stories" Main Stage 1/27 & 28))

Until I return, here is a goodie with Ana Forrest on YouTube (Stalking Your Fear):
Qigong 1 - Wednesdays
Yang Tonifying is complete
Now begin Yin Tonifying Forms
When Spring begins to shift we change to the Yijing forms Winter to Spring.
crouch stance
Ma Bu - Shaolin horsestance
Tiger claw in Warrior form - Yang Tonifying (Heart)
Qigong 2 - Fridays
We practiced Inner Alchemy and the Heart Sutra Meditation
"May I be Happy, May I be Healthy, May I be Free of Suffering and we work outward to those we love, to those we are in conflict with and a prayer to the world, and then we return to where we sit in quite reflection.

New Forms :  Good Morning and Eternal Wings
Then we practiced the first 5 forms of Morning Medical, the Zang-Fu System for the 12 Meridian Lines and their organ relationships.
Inner Alchemy Meditation
Daoist Unveiling Meditation follows a pattern of consciousness to awareness.
Thinking - Feeling - Sensing - Being - NonBeing

Preparation: Rest in Essential goodness
Mantra: "I rest in Essential Goodness"

Scanning the body, ask such questions as "what does my body feel like to me in this instant?" "What/where are my aches and pains? Where are my comforts? Can I follow the physical sensation with my breath? Can I watch my breath rise and fall? Can I feel the expansion of the breath throughout the body and send the breath to the ache that is calling my attention?

1. Sit comfortably
2. Cultivate thankfulness and gratitude
3. Hold and massage the kidneys
4. Flush the channels, lifting the hands upward and inhale deeply, pause with the hands between nose and crown of head (Baihui) and exhale forcefully 3 times. 
5. The Grandchildren, cycles Mingmen, Jen Gate & Jade Pillow
6. Packing and with Huiyin closed
7. Stoking the Fire 
8. Flush the Gates
9. Meditation
*Reminders: UnGuided Qigong at the Park Practice 1/24. The Professor will return 1/31 at 11:30am, San Juan County Park

No Qigong Class Friday 1/29 at Skagit
No Yoga class 1/26 and 1/28 at Extreme Fitness
Left to Right - K1 (kidney), LV3 (liver), H7 (heart)
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