First Newsletter of 2017 for the BlackCoyote Medicine Qigong Groups
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2016….. Departing San Juan Island in June 2016 to Ashland, Oregon,and then on through Durango to Bisbee, Arizona and the end of the year in the Chiricahuas and onward to Denver to begin 2017!  To all the beautiful people I have met, practiced with and call my friends along the way….

Hello from Denver, Colorado… the mile high city and my new home for 2.5 years!

Change is inevitable, its the only guarantee! It is the transformation of the lungs, the breath so it is very important to continue to feel, inhale and exhale fully and to enjoy the ride. Moving once again still isn't easier even though the last 5 years of my life have been on the road. But the beautiful parts of the Sage life is all of you that I get to meet, practice with, share life with and love. The web is huge, significant and tangible, we think of others when they think of us, we practice calming the waters and the water feels us as it travels to the ocean, everything is in connection, so don't despair we are all together.  We are within moments of coming closest to our Star, the Sun, can you feel it? The daylight is gaining each day sinking deep within the earth and setting up the seeds in time which will grow great flowers!  Seed your intentions into this new gregorian year, and it will be spring - the vernal equinox that ushers in the New Year for us nature people. It is this time that we will travel to Thailand, during the festivities of Songkran, my favorite of all holidays, the Water Festival where everything is made clean again, including our bodies, spirits and finding the soul once again.  
Winter is the time where the soul calls the spirit back, to reunite, to ponder deeply, to find our great potential and set in that our seeds to what will come. So much intention is being set that it is that which we should focus on rather than those trying to destroy our great warriors within us. We have heard the calling to make change…….. we have collectively united and are doing so every day…….find those with true hearts, with like intentions, we can't do this alone, but together we are strong.   Happy 2017!   warmly, Candace

The Water Protector (original oil painting by Candace in the Chiricahuas Nov 2016)
Chiang Mai, Thailand April 21-28, 2017

The deadline for your deposit is Jan 10. To those that have sent in your commitments please check your email boxes as I have sent the Paypal link to submit the $200 deposit which will be paid to Baan Hom. The remaining balance will be paid in April. 

If you want to join us there is still room available for 4 more, please email Candace at now to secure a space in our group.

The previous archive info sheets for Thailand are here:
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Many of you are asking about travel details and plane arrangements. Hold on your arrangements until we get final confirmation of all of the payments on January 10. If we have 6+ people it will be a go, so invite your friends, lets make this happen.

Get a guide book! They have great information that will help on your adventure either before our intensive or after. We can meet in Bangkok on Koh San Road, the backpackers road, and then travel either via plane or train as you so desire to Chiang Mai together. We shall arrive in Chiang Mai at Baan Hom on the 20th, Thursday evening, Christopher will pick us up.

If you want to arrive early and spend time in Bangkok it has more places to see and experience than I can possibly write here, but if you have never been to Thailand or Bangkok please explore!  The people of Thailand are the friendliest people in the world, and I have been to 6 continents and many countries. You are safe to travel alone, I've done it many times. Be savy, know where you are going and make a plan. 

For the after the retreat days, you can write to me about suggestions, my personal few days will be spent climbing at Crazy Horse for one, which is 30 min SE of Chiang Mai. Anyone is welcome to join me. You can extend your stay at Baan Hom, or travel to Pai or Rai to meet the Hilltribe people, take a journey on the Mekong River into Laos from Rai, visit Temples, Elephant rescue areas, diving in the Anadaman Sea, hanging in a hammock on James Bond Island or the Full Moon Festival on Koh Phangan it is endless to the beauty of this country.

I send this invitation to you, as a journey toward a New Beginning, venturing deeply into the healing medicine of Qigong and Thai Plant Medicine for 8 days in healing nature where your body and spirit will transform with healthy food, meditation, practicing healing, bonding with a community of like minded friends and becoming stronger in your warrior selves. 

Looking forward…. and as always email with more questions. First step, get your deposits in so we can all plan to go.

Be well, take care, warmly, Candace

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And more exciting news, Master Zhenzan Dao, my teacher of MogaDao Qigong is returning from his silence with a new beginning and program, read the letter below dated 1/2/2017:
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