Seeking guidance from our dreams and learning to surrender.
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This email arrived in my inbox today from Dr. Deb Kern, and I immediately knew I needed to share it with you.

This Mercury Retrograde is already toying with my emotions. It's good to recognize the roller coaster and surrender to the ride. Not resisting but surrendering keeps us in the flow.

Hope you enjoy the quick article by Dr. Deb and the wonderful quotes. I love the one about remembering we are a fragment of God. 

May your dreams be clear.

Happy Memorial Weekend,



From Dr. Deb Kern:

For the deep questions
That logic cannot answer
I turn to my dreams

I receive rich guidance from my dreams. Whenever I’m in a really ‘stuck’ place, I’ll ask for what I call ‘a medicine dream.’ For me, a medicine dream is one of those dreams that has vivid details, a clear message and strong feelings that linger with me long after I wake up.

Sometimes I’ll get a medicine dream even when I haven’t asked for one. Two nights ago that’s exactly what happened. The dream was so complex that toward the end of it I felt concerned that I wouldn’t be able to remember it when I woke up, so while still in the dream I asked it to give me a clear message in case I couldn’t remember the details.

The message was so powerful I had to share it with you:

You can either fight to prove your worth or you can surrender to it.” twitter-icon

Whoa.  I really needed to hear that.

But wait – it gets better.  When I drew my angel card for the day, this is the one I drew:

I love it when that happens, don’t you?

Here’s what Kimberly Marooney writes about surrender (the angel card is from her Angel Blessings deck.)

When you surrender, you are remembering that you are a fragment of God.

Deep surrender opens the connection with your Eternal Self which is your personalized manifestation of an important aspect of God.  The greatest illusion we face is that we are the small self of our everyday life.  We get trapped into believing that we are the emotional baggage and images assembled from past experiences.  Be willing to surrender the ego and its collection of small-minded, critical, negative beliefs that separate you from others and from the love of God.”

May my medicine dream message and Kimberly’s explanation of surrender bless you,


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