Energy transition in Asia and the Pacific

The energy solutions that have fuelled growth over the past few decades are no longer compatible with the sustainable development aspirations the region and its people. In transitioning to a new era of sustainable energy, regional policymakers face complex decisions. Supplies must be secure and affordable, and they must fill the energy access gap which leaves half a billion people across the region without access to electricity. The success of the energy transition will require commitment at all levels through better policies, incentives and allocation of investments.

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First Session of the Committee on Energy Meets

Countries across Asia and the Pacific face a variety of very different issues when it comes to energy, ranging from energy access and connectivity, to developing clean energy. Regional cooperation is also crucial in order to achieve sustainable energy and maintain energy security. Mindful of these variables, the first session of the Committee on Energy met to begin developing a regional approach to overcoming these common energy challenges. A roundtable discussion during the Committee featured ministers sharing their visions and strategies on what their countries and the Committee can accomplish to guide the region towards a more sustainable energy future.

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Expansion of Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement

Ministers from countries party to the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) met during the Fourth APTA Ministerial Council, concluding negotiations that more than doubled the number of products under preferential tariff treatment in order to expand trade and boost growth in the region. Ministers also set forth the process for the fifth round of negotiations to further expand regional economic cooperation and integration.

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New Report — “Accessibility 4 All”

Many policymakers require support in promoting accessibility at a practical level. The recently issued Accessiblity 4 All report published by ESCAP provides information on global and regional mandates that support and promote disability-inclusive development and accessibility to achieve broader development goals. This publication outlines and analyses examples of good practices of accessibility identified in Asia and the Pacific.

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Coming up at ESCAP

Asia-Pacific Business Forum 2017
8 - 9 February 2017
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