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Dear Friend:

The Republican primary on August 2nd has come and gone. In its wake, a wave of new Republicans in the House and Senate, stretching from Johnson County to Arkansas City, and from Salina and Hutchinson to Garden City. Overall, 8 Senate and 16 House candidates prevailed thanks to their message of accountability and conservative reforms. Make no mistake, the newly nominated, including myself, remain true fiscal conservatives. Many of the policies championed by our predecessors were not conservative. Twisting data to pad classroom funding and job numbers for instance. This is not conservative. Neither is concentrating more power in Topeka at the expense of local leaders. Myself and others will be good stewards of your tax dollars and will remain true to the Kansans who nominated us to continue to the general election. We simply believe in a more balanced tax code, one that ensures that we invest in our quality of life services that the voters of Kansas obviously treasure dearly. What’s more, the majority of us won running clean campaigns, with as few special interest dollars as possible. We plan to work with our colleagues of all political leanings to craft real solutions to our state budgetary mess.

As for the election in my own district, I am beyond honored to have been entrusted with your confidence to carry the Republican message into November. Election night was a blur. There are several groups of people I wish to thank.
To Joy Koesten, Jan Kessinger and Patty Markley; I want to thank you for your help and willingness to walk with me. I look forward to helping you in return in November.

Senate District 11 Resources:

To my opponent, Jeff Melcher; I wish you the best of luck moving forward in your endeavors.

To the parents and teachers in the Blue Valley and Shawnee Mission school districts; you will never know what you’ve done for me. Your grassroots organizing and proliferation of FACTS about school funding provided my campaign with the edge needed to win. You showed that passion and kindness are forces to be reckoned with.

To my advisors and donors; thank you for the resources and knowledge necessary to combat the thousands of dollars spent on negativity.

To my friends and family; thank you for keeping me grounded, relaxed, and happy throughout this campaign. I love you all.

And lastly, to the voters of Leawood and Overland Park; I look forward to working towards unity of your ideas and values in November, and again in January.

I am looking forward to a restful few weeks before we start going door-to-door again. My best wishes to you all.

John Skubal
Republican Nominee
Kansas Senate, 11th District
913-469-6641 (H)
The Scoop
August 2nd, 2016
On election night, my family, friends and supporters, as well as several other moderate candidates gathered at the Marriott in Overland Park for a watch party. After learning the results from our many fabulous poll watchers, we came downstairs, where I met many more supporters and gave a short speech to accept the nomination. It was a very special night. Thank you to all who shared it with me. This photo is our Leawood and Overland Park team of Joy Koesten, myself, Jan Kessinger, and our incredible intern, James Krotz.

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