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Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the autumn 2015 edition of the INCF newsletter! The recent Neuroinformatics Congress in Cairns, Australia was a very enjoyable and warm event, not just because of our tropical location but because of the people who attended and the amount of community interaction and new collaborations formed! Our next Congress in 2016 will be held in Reading, UK. Stay tuned for information about an exciting scientific and social Program, with opportunities for discovering collaborators, science and history!

New strategic focus: accelerating dementia research
Due to its enormous social and economic burden and the rapidly aging global population, INCF member countries have identified accelerating research in dementia as being of strategic importance for INCF’s new phase beginning 2016. In September, INCF and OECD partnered to host a workshop aimed at examining strategies to incentivise data sharing in dementia research. Recommendations will be published soon and taken forward by both organisations.

New INCF: Special Interest Groups and seed funding 
The strategic plan for INCF’s third phase 2016-20 is now available online. The strength of our organisation comes from our community and the aim of the next phase is to galvanise and grow that community in order to advance the field and deliver value to neuroscience. From 2016, the INCF Programs will transition to a new structure based on broad community engagement. Strategic Action Areas will provide targeted areas of focus. Special interest groups will be a mechanism for community to come together and collaborate. Seed funding will be available to advance developments in the field. As the era of data-intensive neuroscience increasingly demands new skill-sets, training and education will have new emphasis for our organisation. INCF also will continue to help coordinate developments in the emerging large-scale international brain initiatives.
Participants at the INCF-OECD dementia workshop

INCF-OECD workshop on data sharing in dementia

Efficient sharing of data in the experimental and clinical neurosciences would be of huge benefit to the field. Previous workshops hosted by the OECD and by INCF have identified barriers such as lack of incentives and support for producing, organizing and sharing reusable data. On September 21-22, INCF and OECD therefore hosted a joint workshop in Stockholm to bring together policy-makers, funders, and leading scientists to consider these issues in relation to dementia research and to identify practical steps that can be taken to advance data sharing in this field. View the workshop webpage for more information.
NI2015 lecture by Richard Frackowiak (view the video)

INCF Congress in Cairns, Australia 

On August 20-22, the INCF community met in Cairns, Australia. A selection of the recorded talks are available on our YouTube channel, and photos from the meeting days can be found on Flickr. We have also put together a Storify timeline of the event, with collected social media posts, videos and photos. 

In conjunction with the Congress, an introductory neuroinformatics training course and a workshop on the Neuroimaging Informatics Data Model (NIDM) were also held. 

Save the date! The 2016 INCF Neuroinformatics Congress will be held in Reading, UK, on September 3-5 - half an hour with direct bus from Heathrow. See for more details.
Participants at the INCF Nodes WS discuss how to best present INCF and its Nodes on the web.

INCF Nodes Workshop in Cairns

Representatives from INCF National Nodes met in Cairns just before the Neuroinformatics Congress, to discuss the start of INCF's phase 3 and the role of special interest groups in relation to the Nodes. The representatives also presented current projects and helped the Secretariat concretize plans for a new INCF website. 

Successfully completed Summer of Code 

INCF has participated as a mentoring organization in the Google Summer of Code for the fifth year running. The GSoC is an initiative where students apply to work on projects mentored by the open source developer community. This year, students were accepted to work on projects improving and extending neuroscience tools under the guidance of INCF community mentors - ranging from mobile applications for EEG data, 3D printing of brain atlases, biophysically realistic modelling and GPU programming. 12 of the original 15 successfully completed their projects. A further two students who did not get financed by the program were co-sponsored by INCF to work on their suggested projects.
See the full list of projects here

Global interest in CENTER-TBI

CENTER-TBI, the large EU study on advancing the care of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury, has attracted significant international interest. Besides the originally participating 21 European countries, China and Australia started patient enrolment this spring and are now collecting data. Discussions with Japan, Malaysia and India are ongoing.

With 3.5 years left, the project has completed half of its data collection period, bringing the number of patients to 5789 so far. The data collection platform and an early version of the analysis platform, both developed under INCF coordination, will be demonstrated at Society for Neuroscience, in INCF's booth #2114 (Monday October 19, 11.15 am - 1 pm). 

Meet us at SfN!

INCF will be present at Society for Neuroscience in Chicago on October 17-21, in exhibit booth #2114 where we host demos, answer questions and help guide you to resources and collaborators. Visit 
for more details, or keep an eye out for our special edition newsletter.

NeuroVault joins OSF

The Center for Open Science has issued an integration grant to Chris Gorgolewski, the developer of the INCF-supported neuroimaging repository NeuroVault, to connect NeuroVault to the Open Science Framework. Chris gets the grant jointly with Tal Yarkoni, whose tool NeuroSynth will also be connected to OSF. Congratulations!

New Strategic Plan

This July, INCF released the INCF Strategic Plan for 2016-2020. The report gives an updated perspective on the aims of the organization, taking into account the new paradigms of collaborative and large-scale neuroscientific endeavour that are emerging. Read the report (PDF)

Publications in brief

Neuroscience: Connectomes make the map
This Nature "Technology Feature" gives an overview of the current state of connectomics, including the big connectome projects. 

Making Open Science a reality
This OECD report focuses on initiatives to promote broad access to publicly funded research results, including both scientific publications and research data. It discusses and presents evidence on the impacts of policies to promote open science and open data, and explores the legal barriers and solutions to greater access to research data.

Genetics and genomics of psychiatric disease
This review in Science concludes that in order to make the link between genes and psychiatric disease, we need a more complete molecular and cellular parts list of the developing and mature brain - and organized efforts such as BRAINI and Allen Institute can help us get there. 

The MNI data-sharing and processing ecosystem
This paper describes the MNI data-sharing ecosystem, including the LORIS and CBRAIN platforms, developed to support national and international multisite data acquisition. It also addresses facilitation of sharing initiatives.

A unified framework for spiking and gap-junction interactions in distributed neuronal network simulations
This paper presents a numerical algorithm that enables large-scale network simulation with gap junctions, and a reference implementation in the NEST simulator. 

Pycortex: an interactive surface visualizer for fMRI
This paper presents a Python toolbox for interactive surface mapping and visualization of fMRI data, which enables the user to interact with and switch between 3D and flat visualizations directly in a web browser.

Robust research: Institutions must do their part for reproducibility
Three institute leaders comment in Nature that institutions must support and reward researchers who do solid, repro-ducible science. 

OpenfMRI: Open sharing of task fMRI data
This paper describes the OpenfMRI repository, a database for no-restrictions sharing of task-based fMRI data.

An automated images-to-graphs framework for high resolution connectomics
This paper presents a fully automated pipeline for connectome graph building, that begins with an imaged volume of neural tissue and produces a brain graph without any human interaction, and a metric for the quality of output graphs.

The Resource Identification Initiative: A cultural shift in publishing
This paper describes the pilot outcome of the Resource Identification Initiative, launched to improve the reporting standards for research resources in the methods sections of papers and thereby improve identifiability and reproducibility. Participating authors were asked to include Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) in their manuscripts prior to publication for three resource types: antibodies, model organisms, and tools (including software and databases).
Submit your paper to the new INCF Community Channel on F1000 Research!

Courses and Conferences

SfN 2015
October 17 - 21, 2015
Chicago, US
Don't miss the INCF Newsletter SfN special edition - out early October!

Brainhack Americas
October 23 - 25, 2015
Several locations throughout North, Central, and South Americas

AINI 2015
Advances in Neuroinformatics 2015: past and future perspective of
digital brain atlases across species

November 26 - 27, 2015
Tokyo, Japan

SCiNDU 2015
Systems & Computational Neuroscience Down Under

December 14 - 17, 2015
Brisbane, Australia 
Submission deadline: October 16, 2015

From Maps to Circuits: Models and Mechanisms for Generating Neural Connections
December 7 - 9, 2015 
Strasbourg, France

NIPS 2015
29th Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems

December 7 - 12, 2015
Montreal, Canada
Paper submission closed 
Early registration deadline: November 6

NIPS Workshop
Statistical Methods for Understanding Neural Systems

December 11, 2015
Montreal, Canada
Submission deadline: October 10

NIPS Workshop
Machine Learning and Interpretation in Neuroimaging: Beyond the Scanner

December 11 - 12, 2015
Montreal, Canada
Submission deadline: October 12

Cosyne 2016
Computational and systems neuroscience
February 25 - 28, 2016
Workshops: February 29 - March 1
Salt Lake City/Snowbird, Utah
Workshop proposal deadline: October 31
Abstract submission deadline: November 13

24th ESANN
European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks,
Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning

April 27 - 29, 2016
Bruges, Belgium
Submission deadline: November 20

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