MATCH Newsletter 3/2015
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Focus on Metallurgy

Extract from the EU roadmap “Metallurgy made in and for Europe

Metallurgy concerns the materials science and the technology of metals, the processing, product building and industrial exploitation of metals. It is the core activity underpinning primary metals production, alloying and processing, production and strategic use management (e.g.: reuse and recycling). These activities account for 46% of the total manufacturing value and 11% of the total gross domestic product (GDP) in the European Union. At present metallurgy requires expenditures of energy, extraction of raw materials – coal, ore, use of expensive alloying elements, pre-processing, etc. However, such expenditures continue to decline as processes become more efficient and proficient, limiting the risk of pollution. The development of new technologies, including nanotechnologies, raw material and waste minimization and energy conservation has always been at the forefront of metallurgical process innovations.

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FIMECC LTD - Speed and co-creation is the way for the future

Development requires open discussion and the challenge of existing with new ideas. This is more true now than ever, as we are living in an exceptional era that comes to the speed of technology development and the dynamics of global markets. It is evident that the competitive advantage of today does not secure the success of the future and we need to continuously seek new opportunities. This is era is, however, an exciting one as the continuous change creates a wide horizon of new interesting possibilities for us. We just need to be the first one in the market to exploit these… And this is a challenge for the overall innovation process of companies and value chains.

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Additive Manufacturing new approach in Metallurgy in Austria

In Austria additive manufacturing (AM) processes becomes high potential technologies for industrial application and the production of near net shape, complex parts. Mid of 2015 a flag ship project was started dealing with industrial oriented research issues. The addmanu project ( forms a national research network (20 national and international partners) with an international scientific board in order to find recognition and acceptance within the Austrian economy.

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Production of Porous Copper and Evaluation in Water Purification

The inherent property of copper to act as an electron donor, contributing in redox reactions, implies that copper foams could be introduced into environmental applications, such as drinking water treatment. The main aim of the study was to investigate the conditions under which copper foams can successfully operate as a means for efficient removal of Cr(VI) from drinking water. For this purpose, a space holder method using crystalline raw cane sugar as a novel leachable pattern for manufacturing open-cell copper foams, was proposed. For the specific application, the objective was to produce copper foams with controlled porosity, pore size and shape. To that end, copper foams having the same porosities but different pore size characteristics were used as filters for drinking water in order to assess the influence of the foams geometrical 3D structure on the water treatment application examined.

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Presentation material of InnovaBone Conference

Please check out the presentation material of Dr. Marco Falzetti within the InnovaBone Conference with the title: Major trends and networking in the EU Materials R&D community: the Alliance for Materials (A4M).
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Multi-scale and multi-physics materials modeling for advanced industries
January 26-27, 2016, Madrid, Spain

The workshop is the fifth in the series of industrially oriented workshops organized by KMM-VIN in collaboration with leading research centres and industry. The most recent advances in material science and technology with high industrial potential are presented. The workshops provide a unique opportunity to start or intensify the communication and cooperation between scientists and engineers. This workshop is aimed at presenting the latest developments in multi-scale and multi-physics materials modeling, especially those linked to final application in industries including: transport, energy, health, manufacturing, and information and communication technologies, among other relevant industrial practices.
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7 th International Technology Transfer Days "Biomaterial 2016"
April 7-8, 2016, Erfurt, Germany

The Enterprise Europe Network Thüringen in cooperation with the Institute for Bioprocessing and Analytical Measurement Techniques (iba), the Thüringer Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biomaterial and the European Society of Thin Films (EFDS) are organizing the 7 th International Technology Transfer Days "Biomaterial 2016" on April the 7/8th 2016 in Erfurt /Germany. The Event offers a great opportunity to companies and scientists working in the fields of biomaterials to gain new knowledge, find new business partners, explore new market potentials and increase competitiveness and visibility on international level.

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10th Society And Materials International Conference SAM 10
May 9-10, 2016, Rome, Italy

As part of the Social Value of Materials (SOVAMAT) initiative (, SAM conferences address the issues of sustainability assessment of processes and products in order to foster interaction of soft and hard sciences. It brings together an interdisciplinary research community to discuss new sustainability metrics developments extending beyond common LCA (life-cycleassessment), strategies of sustainable development and societal engagement in materials Research and Innovation. We encourage the participation of social scientists, process and material engineers, researchers, industrial ecologists, LCA, MFA( material flow analysis) and SA (sustainability analysis) practitioners, political scientists and economists interested in communicating and disseminating innovative ideas on these topics.

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FEMS Junior Euromat 2016
July 10-14, 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne and Junior Euromat is a symbiosis since the beginning of the conference in 1992, rendering it the major event for young materials scientists and engineers in Europe. Junior Euromat assembles every two years more than 300 Master and PhD students, Post docs and young scientists from all over the world. The 13th Junior Euromat conference is for the first time organized by the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Materials Department, Powder Technology Laboratory in close collaboration with FEMS and will be held at EPFL from July 10 to 14, 2016. Also for the first time, the Scientific Committee and the Organising Committee are responsible for the content and structure of Junior Euromat, adding further value to this unique event.

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Editorial board members

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The MATCH project was initiated to strengthen and deepen the Alliance4Materials strategy with a further increased stakeholder network. The project is coordinated by Italian Centro Sviluppo Materiali and the whole consortium consists of 18 partners from nine countries representing the six related European Technology Platforms and several major European material research organisations.

The project started in January 2015 and will continue for 30 months until June 2017. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646031. Read more

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