Tsuki Newsletter February 2015
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Welcome to the first English Tsuki newsletter. You are getting this newsletter because you have shown interest in the Clarity Process or the Quantum Light Breath meditation, both founded by Jeru Kabbal. Please feel free to unsubscribe if your interest has gone elsewhere. And please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone that might be interested in Clarity!

Tsuki centre, based in Holland, is getting participants from various countries all over the world and is now expanding its English spoken Clarity workshops. We would like to keep you informed of our activities.

The Clarity Process
Clarity is a 5 step process that will help you explore the deeper waters and higher horizons of your being. It uses very simple but powerful tools that can also be used at home, incorporating changes into your everyday life. It uses self inquiry, regression work, here and now techniques and powerful breathing meditations like the Quantum Light Breath. The purpose of the Clarity Process is to help you be fully grounded in the present moment and be clear.

The five steps of Clarity are:
1. Discovery
2. Evolvement
3. Freedom
4. Unity
5. Ultimate Clarity
Clarity Week, March 14-22 with Taetske Kleijn in Le Boulard, France
In order to be free we must stop identifying with our limiting experiences of the past and be genuinely open to the reality of Now. The workshop is devoted to discover the blueprint of the Deeper Mind, and shine some light on it for true and honest change and natural expansion. Fear, tension and worry start disappearing. Our breath becomes deeper and more relaxed. We become ready to enjoy ordinary moments more and more, feeling more confident and capable. You will leave this workshop with a new perspective that you will find exciting, encouraging and practical. You can find more information on our website.

Clarity Week, December 6-12 with Taetske Kleijn in Mhartiste, Holland
This week is scheduled in Dutch, but when there is genuine interest by English speaking people, we will be happy to do the workshop in English! Please let us know of your interest.
Clarity and Yoga, November 2-13 with Esther Ekhart and Taetske Kleijn in Portugal
To join us in this workshop you need to be interested in Yoga, as well as having a real interest to know more about yourself, and who you truly are. The yoga portion of this workshop wil be given by Esther Ekhart, founder of, the biggest online yoga studio in Europe. The yoga that you do with Esther, will allow you to integrate the Clarity work you do with Taetske on a deeper level in your body. For this to happen you have to have a certain yoga level. As the Clarity part of this workshop is open to everyone, the yoga part is not for complete beginners. We will practice a combination of Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga therapy, geared towards opening, strengthening and relaxing the body and different body parts. This workshop is very popular! If you want to join, you shouldn't wait too long with your subscription. Go to Yoga & Clarity for more information.
Three week Clarity Retreat, April 1-22 2016 with Taetske Kleijn in Capannacce, Italy
In these three life-changing weeks you can shift from identifying with your old, self-limiting personality to playing with the countless expressions of the moment. Coming out of the trance of memory, you will rediscover your natural strength and freedom, being in harmony with your true adult self. During these three weeks we will do 'The Island', a 72 hour meditation developed by Jeru Kabbal. To join this workshop you must be comfortable with the Clarity tools, as learned in the Clarity week or the Clarity and Yoga workshop. 
Inner Core
The retreat in April 2016 is also the start of the Inner Core. A three year ongoing program, with the intention to help participants move to true Self Realization. The group meets twice a year with Taetske. Participants support each other between workshops by meeting in small groups and through a buddy system. In the second year you can join a Clarity Teachers Training.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Taetske at
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