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April 2015-June 2015

We are excited to introduce 
Laura Allen,
the newest addition to our team... 

...and thrilled to share with you that Rachel Hicks
joined our team this past summer!
Meet the rest of our staff here!
Saving You Money!
Welcome to Albion Agencies and the Erie Insurance Family:

Mr. Riviere just saved $578.00 by combining his auto and home insurance to Erie Insurance, and got a free cup of coffee on us!

Mr. Miller just saved $600.00 by switching his auto insurance to Erie Insurance, and got a free cup of coffee on us!

Mr. Capurso just saved $600.00 by switching his home insurance to Erie Insurance, and got a free cup of coffee on us!
On March 23, 2015, in honor of National Puppy Day, we officially announced the details of our 2016 Puppy Calendar contest on Facebook. Because of the popularity and overwhelming success of our 2015 Puppy Calendar contest, we will be dividing our contest submission dates into two sessions for the 2016 calendar. Our first round of submissions with begin on April 6, 2015 and continue through April 13, 2015. For this first contest we will be looking for photos that are seasonally specific for the months of January - June, so start getting your photos together to represent occasions like New Year's Day, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day! Voting will open on April 15, 2015 and close on April 23, 2015. Winners will be announced on April 24, 2015 at 9:00am.

Keep in mind, we are going to be looking for photos that have been taken up close for impact, with less background and more of your pup! Only horizontal photos will be accepted due to the calendar formatting. Be sure to have your camera or cell phone set on HDR to get the best possible photo. Photos that have been saved to your camera or cell phone will need to be sent to us at their original size in order for us to have a crisp photo of your dog. If your photos are sent to us this way, we can easily enlarge them without damaging their quality to make sure your dog is shown off properly! 

Good luck, and get creative!
Should you take a driver safety course?

How long ago did you get your license? Chances are, vehicles , traffic rules, and even driving conditions have changed since then. Have you thought about taking a driver safety course? Not only can it improve your driving skills and knowledge, it may help you save money on your insurance policy.

Driver safety and defensive driving courses will give you a refresher on the rules of the road and ways to operate your vehicle more safely. Driver safety courses can also help you adjust to changes is vision, hearing, and reaction time that don’t remain constant through the years.

Additionally, you can learn more about these important topics:
  • Minimizing the danger of blinds spots
  • The safest distance between you and the car ahead, and how to maintain it
  • Changing lanes and making turns at busy intersections
  • Safely using seat belts, air bags and other technology in today’s vehicles
  • The importance of reducing distractions like cell phone use, eating and drinking, or smoking
  • How driving can be affected by some medications
There are many options, both online and in classroom settings, to enroll in a driver safety course. To sign up for a defensive driving course at Genesee Community College, you can visit or call (585)589-4936 to register.

This quarter's Cup of Coffee winners are:

Larry & Carol Gursslin
David & Janet Sanford




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