Major Fallen Sword update with 10 new skills, new guild structure and loads of bug fixes and improvements!
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Fallen Sword Update 2.70
Teleport skill arrives in Fallen Sword!
10 new skills, world map improvements and more...

Fallen Sword update 2.70 is now live with a vast array of improvements and bug fixes! It's time to continue your adventure and unlock the new guild structure and skills!

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New Offense Skills


+0.2% per skill level chance that enemies armor and defense stats are switched in a PvP attack.

Reign of Terror

+0.1% per skill level reduction to relic defenders armor/defense. (Only counts for capturing groups leader)

Critical Strike

Increases the maximum percentage (above 100%) of the Critical Hit enhancement by +0.25% per point.

New Defense Skills

Layered Armor

+0.05% of every items damage stat is added to your armor per skill level.

Defensive Aura

+0.05% of every items attack stat is added to your defense per skill level.


0.1% per skill level reduction to attackers attack when defending a PvP attack.

New Special Skills

Quest Hunter

At skill level 50+ grants 2x the kills towards quest requirements.. At level 100+ 3x, and at level 150+ 4x.

Titan Doubler

At skill level 50+, 2x Stamina usage in combat against a Titan would kill it twice. At level 100+ 3x, and at level 150+ 4x.


Allows the player to teleport within their current realm. Ability has a 225 second cooldown, reduced by 1 second for each skill level.


+0.01% per skill level added to your attack, defence, armor, HP and damage for each piece of equipped gear that is epic.
Teleport Skill - Video Preview
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