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Welcome to my web
Shoreline Anchor - one of two anchors thought to be from the Charles Eaton Shipwreck
Hi again everyone.  I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are so far enjoying the new year.

I have been very busy since my last newsletter adding final touches to my work and getting it in order for hanging for my exhibition at The Arts Centre, Gold Coast City Gallery.

The image above is probably my last before the exhibition, although I do have something sculptural in mind if time allows between now and 3rd February when  the works are hung.  

Shoreline Anchor is one of two anchors thought to be from the shipwreck Charles Eaton.   You may remember my Underwater Anchor painting in another newsletter - this one is in-situ above sea level on the Great Detached Reef in Far North Queensland.  

The Charles Eaton was wrecked on 15th August 1834. is the link to the painting in my website and I have written and included links to a lot of information about the story of the wreck and the tragedy of the fate of the people who were unfortunate enough to have been on her when she was wrecked.   It is one of the saddest tragedies of the straits.  

Shoreline Anchor is painted with encaustic and should look fantastic exhibited side by side with Underwater Anchor - also encaustic.  The size of the painting is 61.5cm x 98cm.

It will be exciting seeing this series of works hanging in the Foyer Gallery at The Gold Coast City Gallery.  Hopefully they will make an impressive display when all hung together.  This is a big milestone for me and the most exciting one since completing my Bachelor and Honours Degree at La Trobe University Bendigo between 1992 and 1996.   I  had an exhibition in 2007 at Doggett Street Studio in Newstead, Brisbane which featured only the Cherry Venture, but I think this exhibition will be much stronger and certainly more significant.
Below is an invitation to Meet the Artist for The Last Fleet exhibition, and I hope that many of you will be able to attend.
I will be there at 3pm on 6th February to meet you and talk about my work.   The exhibition continues until 27th March 2016.   Gallery staff and volunteers will be there at all opening times, and although I won't be in attendance all of the time, I will be there from time to time and if I know that you are coming, could arrange to meet you and talk about the work.   
So - hope to see some of you there.
This image below (SS Dicky - Beached Remains) is on the front of the invitation.  The invitation was produced by the the marketing team at the Gold Coast City Gallery, and they have printed many.  If anyone would like a hardcopy of the invitation, email me your postal address and I will post to you.
Exceptional high quality prints of my shipwreck painting are available for purchase with options for size and format.  

We now have very high res photographs of the majority of my shipwreck paintings which can be reproduced up to the full size of the original painting, or smaller.  The images are very clear and the result is almost as good as the original painting except without the texture.   The original photos taken by my dear husband John have between 10,000 and 12,000 pixels, which means they can be printed at the original size without losing quality in the image.

Printing options include:

Full size Face Mounted Acrylic
A2 size Face Mounted Acrylic
Full size matted print on Premier Metallic Photographic Paper
A2 matted print on Premier Metallic Photographic Paper.

Other sizes for both options can also be purchased.  Contact Gayle for a quote and turnaround time for delivery of prints.

The one pictured below with my original Underwater Anchor painting is an A2 matted print on Premier Metallic Photographic Paper.

Eventually my other artwork will also be available to purchase with both options as well.
This year, I have decided to explore sculpture with encaustic, and different ways of presenting my work in this fascinating medium.  
Below are my first three efforts, which are probably a big crude at this stage, but I aim to spend the whole year pretty much focussed on encaustic sculpture, so my results will be more refined.  Sculpture is something that I have never been all that enthused about attempting before, but I am very excited and full of ideas of how and what to produce with my favourite medium.  

I will be expanding my shipwreck series, but also have some other thematic ideas that I am pursuing. 
Sculpture 1 - consists of three pieces.  The bottom part is encaustic on a cradled substrate and I have made it very textural by building up the texture with encaustic medium and pigment.  Next is a board also covered with textured encaustic. Then there are some sculptural flowers - the first I have ever made.    At this stage they are just sitting together, but I plan to drill holes (very carefully) to attach wire to the first and second pieces.  The flowers will be attached with molten encaustic which will become the glue to hold them in place.  

John thinks this one looks like ice-cream and some others have suggested a wedding cake.   When put together, it can either be hung on the wall like any other painting, or it can sit flat on something like any other sculpture. 
Sculpture 2 - The white part which looks like lace consists of a substrate with encaustic and pigmented shellac.  Next is my first attempt at making encaustic skins.  It is considered an advanced technique, so I was quite pleased with the result.   Finally are the flowers.  Not my favourite colours in this - I am more of a blue and green girl - but I have had lots of favourable comments.
Sculpture 3 - This one is very similar to Sculpture No. 2, but with the one large flower instead of a group.  
This one is currently on display at RQAS Petrie Terrace Gallery, 162 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane.  It is in an exhibition called Studio Showcase, which is advertising the work of students and teachers who use the gallery workshop space.  My work is there advertising the classes that I will be conducting this year.   

So if you are curious to see what encaustic sculpture can look like, and are nearby, call in to see it.  The exhibition continues until Saturday 6th February.  

You are invited to join the artists for drinks at 2pm on Sunday 31st January. 


As advertised last year, I will be teaching Beginner Art Classes.   I obtained my teaching degree for Art in 1996, but  ended up working for many years in the Engineering Industry as a Document Controller.   

Below are some flyers that I have prepared to advertise my art classes, which will be held at Petrie Terrace Gallery (upstairs), 162 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane.   I am hoping to establish students for drawing classes, oil and acrylic painting, and introduction to encaustic painting.

So if you know of anyone who might be interested in attending any of my classes, please ask them to look at the link on my website to find out details of price, times and other things.

Below are the flyers, and if you would like more information, the link is: or you can contact me by email or mobile.
Front of the flyer
Back of the flyer

I have also made available the opportunity for people to purchase Gift Vouchers to give as a gift to be used to attend any or my art classes, or to purchase a Gayle Reichelt painting.  
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