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Happy American Heart Month from
Apex Heart and Vascular!

Latest Health News:

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Dr. Shah in the News:

For American Heart Month, Dr. Shah was featured in the following articles:

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Apex Spotlight:

Dr. Shah was proud to receive his COVID vaccination. Thanks to amazing scientific research, we now have a vaccine that seemed impossible a year ago. He urges all of his fellow medical professionals to get their vaccines as soon as possible, if you have not already.
All of us here at Apex Heart and Vascular want to say thank you to all of the health care heroes who made it possible for a vaccine to be produced and distributed, so that we can all protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19.
Dr. Shah is one of the first doctors in New Jersey to use the new
Shockwave procedure to treat artery calcification.
Learn more about Shockwave IVL here.

COVID and Telehealth

2020 was a crazy year for medical practitioners. For almost a year, we've been dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. But one of the more indirect health repercussions has been patients who are too fearful of the virus to seek treatment for their unrelated health issues. At Apex we've responded with a robust commitment to telehealth services so we can continue to help patients stay safe and healthy.

A Little History:

Most historians agree that our modern understanding of cardiovascular medicine began with William Harvey's discovery of the circulation of blood in the 17th century. In the 300 years since then we've seen remarkable progress-- in 1958, the first pacemaker was implanted, in 1967, doctors performed the first human heart transplant, and 1977 brought the first angioplasty procedure on a coronary artery.

Test Your Knowledge:

In what city was the first human heart transplant performed?
A. Boston, USA
B. Cape Town, South Africa
C. London, England
D. Stockholm, Sweden
Which of the 50 states has the highest rate of death from cardiovascular disease (as of 2018)?
A. Mississippi
B. Oklahoma
C. Kentucky
D. West Virginia
According to a 2009 study (data gathered between 1979 and 2002) what is the most common risk factor of heart failure?
A. Diabetes
B. Obesity
C. Hypertension
D. Smoking


February is all about hearts-- but not just chocolate ones for Valentine's Day! February is American Heart Month, and we're looking out for our patients' hearts. Lifestyle choices like eating right and exercising are important but so is getting checked, especially if a patient has Diabetes, a family history of cardiovascular disease, is overweight, or is over 65. 
2021 has arrived! It's been an eventful year, and we've seen a lot of medical growth and development.
Every year Dr. Shah likes to reflect on advancements made in the past year. Make sure to watch his videos on the Top 5 Advancements in Vascular Medicine and the Top 5 Advancements in Cardiology.
Answers to Test Your Knowledge:
1.) B
2). A
3.) C
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