December 2, 2015 Encounter
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December 2, 2015 Encounter


Sunday's through December 20! 

Special Services & Events

         4TH & 5TH   7:00PM  Joe Webb’s Jazz Era Revue 47                 “Christmas in the ‘50’s”
 6TH  AM Worship  Church Orchestra playing
     AM  Called Church Conference
            Vote on Part-time Minister to Youth prospect 
             After Conference  Remembrance Dinner in FH
 6TH   6:00PM  Children’s Christmas Music
 9TH   6:00PM  Broughton Supper
      (bring dishes by 5:45)
             13TH   AM Worship  Sanctuary Choir Cantata
    “Hope Arriving”
                    6:00  PM  Day Care Christmas Program
              13TH   4:00PM  Christmas Caroling
                     19TH  8AM-8PM  Ring Salvation Army Bell at                
                    Ingle’s  (Contact Wesley if interested)
             20TH   AM Worship  Handbells  playing                   
            OFFERING Ingathering
                  Lottie Moon & CBF Global
               24TH  5:00PM  Christmas Eve Service
              The Lord’s Supper
             25TH  CHRISTMAS DAY

Keith’s Korner…
A bit of childlike wonder returned to my eyes this last Sunday evening at our very special Hanging of the Greens service.  I have experienced these services before, but this time of preparing both our sanctuary and our hearts for the coming of the Christ child was filled with the most purposeful decorating, worshipful music and fitting scripture.  A special “thanks” is in order to a great team of individuals who helped with the planning and preparation for this meaningful time of worship.
Also, thanks to everyone who brought food and helped make both our GWU Thanksgiving meal and our Community Thanksgiving time of refreshment so enjoyable for everyone.  I enjoyed watching our church family show God’s love by offering great hospitality to all. 
As we continue to prepare and wait for the birth of our Savior it is my hope that His presence will lead you to both times of silence (Zechariah) and song (Mary’s Magnificat) this Advent season.  Times of solitude and praise are both present in the birth narrative and I feel each are summoning us to a deeper walk and spiritual commitment. 
In Luke 21:36 Jesus reminds us that something big, something God size, is currently taking place in our world, “But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.”  As we wait for His coming, in both silence and a songs of praise, let us ask God to break into our complacency this season.  Let us be alert, prayerful, watchful and expectant that God is breaking into our world and into our lives.
Today, right now, we live in this in between time of Christ’s coming in the flesh and his final return and triumph over death.  As we wait in both times of silence and praise what are we to do, what are we to be about?  As we wait, let us act in Christ’s stead as fully as we know how.  Let us be Christ to those who need us to be Christ to them.  May we bring His message of hope and good news, for unless we bring it, it may never be brought at all.
Pastor Keith

Additional notes from the Pastor:
Preparations are being made for some possible additions to the audio / visual equipment in the sanctuary.  If you have even a slight interest in assisting in this area in 2016 please speak with me or a member of the staff.  Exciting additions could be coming but a good team of people will be needed for both presentation (computer) work and work with the sound board.  Training will be provided.

Also, a new and improved format is coming to the church newsletter beginning January 1.  More details in the December 15, newsletter.



The family of Mary Sue Harris would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who sent cards and visited our mother at Carillon and Peak Resources.  Thanks to the ladies that prepared and served the meal for our family.
Dear Church Family,
Thank you to all who supported our recent scholastic book fair.  Some of you visited the fair and purchased books and some of you donated money to help in the purchase of books for our students.  Because of your love and support we were able to not only ensure that each child went home with a book, but they were able to choose their own book this year.  This was our best book fair thanks to you!
Dawn & BSBC Day Care Staff
Our Heartfelt Christian Sympathy is expressed to Thirlen Osborne on the recent death of his brother, Ottis V. Osborne, of Winchester, KY.  

Music Notes from Roger Lowe:
1 The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, as it is written in Isaiah the prophet:   “I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way” “a voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.’” (Mark 1:1-3)
Advent and Christmas are here, and there are many exciting musical things happening at BSBC to help prepare our hearts for the celebration of the Savior’s birth.
  • The BSBC Orchestra will play on Sunday morning, Dec 6th.
  • The children’s choirs will present their Christmas program on the evening of Dec. 6th.
  • Our Christmas Cantata is called “Hope Arriving,” and will be presented on Sunday morning, Dec. 13th. This program outlines the season of Advent: the ancients awaiting the arrival of a Savior, our modern observance, and our hope for the future return of Jesus Christ to redeem the world for all eternity.
  • The afternoon of Dec. 13th will be the annual Christmas Caroling.
  • The Adult Handbell Choir will play on Sunday morning, Dec. 20th.
  • There will be several special music pieces in the Christmas Eve Service.
A Carillon Christmas Concert
Saturday, December 12   1:00-3:00pm
Enjoy a performance of Holiday Singers.  Feast on traditional fare.  Celebrate the gifts of family and fellowship.
To RSVP, call 704-471-2828 or email to


Joseph Webb’s and his musical group, Jazz Era Revue
Benefit Cabaret Christmas show to
Raise money and food for our church’s holiday food pantry  Celebrate the Christmas Music of the ‘50s
Friday and Saturday nights, Dec. 4 and 5, at
7 o’clock in our church fellowship hall
Featuring a baked goods silent auction
No admission charge for the show, but everyone is invited to Make a canned good or money donation for the food pantry  Reservations may be made in the church office

Ingathering During Morning Worship
Sunday, December 20, 2015
Goal:  $12,200.00



    Sunday, Dec. 6- Cliff & Gail Hamrick, Ben & Anna McDaniel
Sunday, Dec. 13 -Donny & Catherine Hastings

Children’s Corner …
The  Advent Season begins with the lighting of the Hope candle. This candle represents the anticipation of the arrival of the Christ child. We can also find that same sense of anticipation in the faces of our young children.  We are blessed in the gift from God of the Christ child and in each child in our lives.
      In the season of Advent, we need to remember to say "thank you" for the gift God has given us.  Give a hug, share a smile, say "I love you" to a child.  Let the children you encounter know that the anticipation they feel this season should be for the gift God gave all of us in His Son, Jesus Christ.
Time of fun and fellowship for our children will be December 16, from 5:30 to 7:00.


During the days of November 4-11 we served a total of 115 people in 54 families.  The need continues to grow and winter is just approaching.  Our community outreach serves so many and touches more lives than we realize.  We are blessed to be able to share and those we reach are being blessed even more.  As one can lid sticker said, “Jesus loves YOU!”

      Thirlen & Sophie Osborne                       Mildred Arnold
      P.O. Box 353                                      225 Swansea Rd.
      Boiling Springs, NC  28017               Spartanburg, SC  29307


GCCBA Christmas Toy Store
Toy Store Open Dec. 15, 16, 17
Collection of toys children ages 2-12 / cost $10-$15
Need volunteers to help families in the store
(Contact Katie,

Whacky Wesley’s Wonderful Words of Wisdom….
Greetings Adults! What’s up youth?!?
It has been a wonderful beginning to the Advent season. We had a great GWU Thanksgiving Dinner, Community Thanksgiving Service, Christmas Parade, and Hanging of the Greens service. We are just so blessed to live in a great town! Just as I shared with you in the last Encounter, be mindful of our surroundings and how we celebrate this season. It’s important that we keep our focus on Jesus!
I wanted to share with you a conversation that I had with Avery on Sunday.  She asked me which holiday I thought was the most important, Christmas or Easter.  As I began to share with her that Easter is a very important holiday because we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus, she turned with eyes wide open and said, “I just got it, Easter is important, but we can’t have Easter without Christmas!” My heart was overjoyed! May we all remember that we can’t have Easter without Christmas. Jesus was born to die.  Thanks be to God!
There are still opportunities to serve this season. There’s room for more host families for the Broughton Supper on December 9th. If you are interested in ringing the bell for the Salvation Army on December 19 at Ingles, let me know!
Merry Christmas!
In Christ,


Basic Weekly Budget Needs………………$ 9,844.51
Undesignated Receipts……………………    8,676.58
Designated Receipts………………………   52,956.00
TOTAL RECEIPTS………………………     61,632.58
Undesignated Receipts To Date………    475,728.24
Basic Budget Needs To Date…………     462,691.97
OVER/UNDER BUDGET……………   (+)  13,036.27
Sunday School Attendance: 187
Basic Weekly Budget Needs………………$ 9,844.51
Undesignated Receipts……………………  12,571.60
Designated Receipts……………………….      722.00
TOTAL RECEIPTS………………………     13,293.60
Undesignated Receipts To Date………    488,299.84
Basic Budget Needs To Date…………… 472,536.48
OVER/UNDER BUDGET………………(+) 15,763.36
Sunday School Enrollment: 560  Sunday School Attendance: 189


                OPPORTUNITIES OF THE WEEK  DEC 6-12, 2015
SECOND SUNDAY ADVENT              WEDNESDAY                                                    
8:00 Men’s Bible Study                        1:00 Staff Meeting
9:05 Prayer in Prayer Room                 5:15-6:00 A Team (CARE Ministry)
9:15 Coffee & Fellowship                     6:00 Broughton Supper
9:45 Sunday School                                              (bring food by 5:45)
10:45 Morning Worship                        7-8 Sanctuary Choir
          Orchestra plays                          THURSDAY
          Called Church Conference         6:45 Youth Prayer Breakfast
12:00 Remembrance Dinner                6:30 Orchestra
6:00 Children’s Christmas Choirs Program                              
6:00 Adult Handbells                          SATURDAY     
7:00 Cub Scouts                                 9:00AM Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal
TUESDAY                                             Christmas Party in Lighthouse
7:00 Boy Scouts
7:00 DAR in FH                     


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