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Hello DukeEngage Alumni!
Here's Your Sneak Peek at Summer 2017

This new bi-annual newsletter — kicking off with a big Melinda Gates bang! — is designed especially to keep DukeEngage alumni in-the-know about program changes, challenges and success stories.
Ten years ago, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated $15 million to establish an endowment to support the launch of DukeEngage. Today, that endowment continues to fund a significant portion of the program’s operating expenses — and Melinda French Gates ('86) is keeping her eye on the program’s impact and reach. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of DukeEngage, she shared this video message with best wishes for the program and its past and future participants.
Summer of 2017 - Around the Corner
New Programs in 2017: Environment, Health Care & Women/Children
Three of the six new programs — Neltume, Chile; Monteverde and Santa Elena, Costa Rica; and Kauai, HI — focus on environmental policy, sustainability and conservation efforts. The new program in Ahmedabad, India, has a focus on children and youth, women’s empowerment and human services. The program in Kigali, Rwanda, focuses on public health, education, land reform, women’s rights and the well-being of children. The final program, Uganda-EWH (Engineering World Health), has a focus on health care technology/engineering projects. View all programs.
New at DukeEngage Academy ... Community Partners Are Coming!
As you know, DukeEngage's two-day training conference for all participants happens each year in May, preparing students for their summers with information pertaining to travel, health and safety, cultural differences and ethical service, among many other critical topics. New this year, DukeEngage is inviting nine community partners from U.S. sites to participate in the training with students. Including the community partner voice is core to the reciprocal nature of the DukeEngage mission.
DukeEngage Alumni - Staying Involved!
Join the Duke Reader Project to Read DukeEngage Blogs!
Last summer, for the first time, the Duke Reader Project extended a special invitation to former DukeEngage participants to read and comment on our students' summer blog posts. The response was overwhelming. More than 155 DukeEngage alumni joined the project, providing thoughtful feedback and support to DukeEngagers in the field. Please email Cathy Stamm, DukeEngage's Director of Communications, if you'd like to receive more information about the project.
Be Part of the DukeEngage LinkedIn Group
We share occasional updates about former DukeEngage participants — where are they now? — as well as articles from the world of immersive civic engagement and job postings and other opportunities that might be of interest to our alumni. Join today!
DukeEngage Alumni Task Force - A Guiding Influence
Recently, DukeEngage reached out to a small group of program alumni who had, over the years, offered to stay involved with the program. Some are pursuing graduate degrees; others have established careers in far-flung communities around the world. But their shared experiences with DukeEngage uniquely qualify them to help guide the program in a variety of ways. Primarily, we'll be asking them to help us identify and broadcast stories of DukeEngage's impact on students and on communities. Please email Cathy Stamm, DukeEngage's Director of Communications, if you'd like to receive more information about participating on the task force.
DukeEngage Donor Spotlight:
Linda Hoffman Sterling ('83)

"I would love for people to understand how transformative the DukeEngage experience is. It’s not tourism. It’s getting involved on a grassroots level and using your creativity and intelligence to find solutions to real-world problems. And with so much of civic engagement, as we go out to help others, we find that we are the ones who are changed the most. The motto of DukeEngage — Challenge Yourself. Change Your World. — is so true! Students aren’t necessarily changing THE world, but they are almost always changing THEIR world."
Read more about Sterling's deep commitment to DukeEngage.
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News from DukeEngage HQ
Popular Online Course Features DukeEngage
DukeEngage is featured in a new Arizona State University massive open online course (MOOC), “Study Abroad USA: Building Capacity of US Institutions,” funded by the U.S. State Department. Since the course was soft launched in mid-January 2017, more than 2,400 participants have enrolled. Full marketing efforts include a presence at the AIEA conference in DC, the Forum on Education Abroad conference, the Diversity Abroad conference, and NAFSA. Read more about the free MOOC.
Our New Website Launched this Week!
After nearly a decade, we’re making some much-needed improvements to the DukeEngage website. With expanded video capability and photo gallery functions, alongside an interactive search tool that allows prospective participants to narrow down their program choices based on service theme, language requirements and other critical programmatic aspects, the new site is well positioned for the next decade of DukeEngage. We’re also including new sections to address parents’ questions and a place to showcase the accomplishments of a growing pool of DukeEngage alumni. Please visit often!
What's Up Next?
A Decade of DukeEngage
As we embark on the 10th official year of DukeEngage, we’re compiling information about the program’s total reach.
  • Worldwide: At the end of the summer of 2017, more than 4,000 students will have volunteered more than 1.25 million alongside more than 600 community partners in 37 U.S. cities and in 79 nations on six continents.
  • On Campus: More than 20 percent of each graduating class has participated in DukeEngage.
2nd Community Partner Conference - Coming November 2017
Planning is underway for DukeEngage's second Community Partner Conference, scheduled for November 2017 to coincide with major 10-year anniversary celebration events. We're excited for this expanded effort, which will bring as many as 50 valued partners from around the world to take part in conversations with our faculty and staff.
Thank you for your continued support of DukeEngage!

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