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July 24, 2015 Week 8 Newsletter

RECCS is a summer research internship in critical zone science for Colorado community college students funded by the National Science Foundation and coordinated by CIRES Education Outreach.
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RECCS Intern Spotlight!

This week our featured RECCS intern is Andrea Weber. Andrea is teamed up with mentors Bob Anderson and grad student Eric Winchell of INSTAAR at the University of Colorado Boulder. Above photo: Andrea recording the surface area, height, structure, and GPS location of recent pocket gopher mounds in Elk Meadows.
Andrea Weber

Watch Andrea's "elevator speech"!

Research Project: Linking Hydrology, Weather, and Earth Flow Displacements along the Dakota Ridge in the CZO in Boulder, Colorado

Andrea was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona. She spent many years enjoying hiking, camping, fishing, and catching snakes and insects. She was fortunate enough to move to beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado eight years ago, where she can enjoy these activities even more.

Andrea is currently attending Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, where she is studying and working towards going to the University of Wyoming for Wildlife Biology. She plans to continue her hard work in the field and in the office, in hopes of one day becoming a Wildlife researcher. Andrea’s mentors are Bob Anderson and Eric Winchell and she is investigating geomorphology.
Bob Anderson, Andrea's mentor, explains the dynamics of a slope failure that happened this spring on Dakota Ridge near north Boulder.
Looking downslope on a "train wrecking" feature of an earth flow. Andrea and her mentor Eric measured velocity profiles of slope failures to determine if the flow is mobile post-failure.

Intern Tips

  • Practice presenting for your oral presentation at CIRES on July 29
  • Review your poster in advance of the poster session at UCAR on July 30
  • Dress for these events as if you are attending an interview

Intern Deadlines

  • July 24: AGU Conference Abstract (final) emailed to Bec
  • July 24: Complete Paper (draft) emailed to Bec
  • July 25: Complete Poster (draft) emailed to Bec
  • July 28, 8 am: Complete Poster (final for printing) emailed to Jennifer
  • July 29: Complete Paper (draft) emailed to mentor
  • July 31, 5 pm: Complete Paper (final) emailed to Jennifer

Communication Update

In our communications workshop today, we discussed giving presentations - what to wear, how to connect with people in a poster session and how to deal with questions. Next week's talk, poster and paper deadlines are rapidly approaching, and everyone is working really hard on their presentations. I can't wait to see them!  We also talked a little more about the AGU virtual poster session, and encouraged everyone to take the opportunity to present their research, if not in person, in this way.

Mentor Tips

  • If you haven't already, please take the opportunity to hear your intern practice their talk, both as practice for them and to catch anything that needs attention. Your input on posters and framing results is also invaluable.
  • We know that everyone is feeling the pressure of these deadlines, and we know you're all working really hard, mentors and students alike. Thank you!
  • The RECCS interns will be participating in these upcoming events:
July 29, 1:00 - 3:00 pm RECCS Intern Research Presentations at CIRES Auditorium
This event will be live-sttreamed:

July 30, 2:30 – 5:30 pm Summer Intern Poster Session at UCAR Center Green

If you are in the Boulder, CO area, click the link for details of these events and to RSVP:
CZO Program
CZO Program
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RECCS is funded by National Science Foundation Grant Award Number 1461281

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