"I think Morpheus (PlayStation VR) is highly likely to be 400 bucks," Michael Pachter, Analyst, Wedbush Securities

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January 22, 2016

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Apple’s Latest VR Hire is Researcher Doug Bowman 
Apple has been assembling a virtual reality R&D team for months. Mr. Bowman is the latest addition, with Apple likely interested in his work on 3D user interfaces. Add that to Apple's acquisition of Metaio, a company with a large patent portfolio, and you have more than evidence to assume the House of Jobs has something in the works

AR/VR Report 2016 Highlights $700M Investment
Our industry data highlights that venture and corporate investors continue to invest in virtual and augmented reality companies at an accelerated pace. That’s not just blind optimism propping up a bubble. Savvy investors know virtual reality is a big market opportunity.

Travel Marketers Take Notice of Virtual Reality

Travel Weekly: "Sean Whitmore, a senior analyst for San Francisco-based VR intelligence gathering and consulting firm Greenlight VR, said, "We're seeing strong interest by Generation Z [people currently ages 10 to 17], who are likely to be early adopters of virtual reality-enabled headsets for travel-based experiences. However, Baby Boomers [people ages 51 and up] are...."

Read the full feature article here and email Sean to chat more (

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Executives in new industries must embrace virtual reality, not as an emerging technology to keep an eye on, but as a serious tool within their ever-increasing strategic toolbox. This requires they understand a set of complex technologies; understand rapidly evolving best practices; listen closely to early adopters; and fit creative ideas to tangible business objectives.

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