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April Showers Bring May Flowers!
The sun has teased us in April, but I am sure everybody is itching to  see more of it.
The spring is the time of new beginnings and it is full of excitement. It is the time of cleansing, a time to put away the winter attire and get out the patio furniture and sports equipment.

Pain Free Golf!
I am sure a lot of you can’t wait to hit the greens as the golf season is approaching. We want to make sure that you are prepared injury and pain free.
We are offering a specific 6 week golf program which is focused on making the start to your season the best one yet. It includes  specific prescribed golf  exercises and Muscle Activation Techniques to mobilize the spine and rotator muscles. Please ask Rob or Steve for more details.

Tips for getting the patio furniture and gardening…
It is that time to take out the garden furniture or working in the garden. This is exercise, think that you are lifting awkward objects that vary in shape and weight and carrying them over some distance. Just like exercise, you need to warm up your muscles like physical preparation for a sport. Mobility and dynamic warm ups like balance, jumping jacks, walking lunges, planks to downward dogs and skipping should get you warm and mobile. Always brace your abdominal section prior to lifting and finally after the long day is over, stretch out the muscles you just worked to minimize soreness and potential risk of injury! 

Exercise of the month
The Deadlift
The deadlift is an exercise that should be included in everyone’s training program. It is an exercise to strengthen the back by utilizing the whole hip complex (hamstrings, glutes and quads). It strengthens the core and shoulders as well.
How to perform:
Start with the hands placed on the bar slightly larger than hip width apart. Keep your chest up and hips down, arms straight.
Begin the lift by contracting the glutes and bracing your abdominal region (make sure oblique muscles are taught).
Driving up through the heels, extend the body to a upright position.
When lowering, keep the chest up, abs taught still focusing on the feeling of the heels.
Repeat 3-5 sets and a range of 8-15 repetitions

Recipe of the month…

Dandelion Delight
Dandelion leaves are a powerful diuretic. When combined with the natural fiber in the apple juice and the skin purifying properties of the carrots, this juice makes a perfect cleanser
6 dandelion leaves
3 carrots
2 apples

Use your juicer to extract the goodness and drink up.

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