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The One Thing.

 Last things of 2016.

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Photo to farewell 2016 goodbye.
It's been wicked! 

Lots of moments made 2016 unforgettable. One of my favorite topics this year has been how technology has enabled imagination and ingenuity to make the future more 'accessible" to the masses (if you happen to live or visit the U.S.)

I love this picture of drone "dressed" as a witch for Halloween.

You can review Reuter's Pictures of the Year 2016 or maybe you've  chosen to leave 2016 behind already. (I'm so ready for 2017!)
The One Skill to master.
Learn more about how to question, find and solve the right problem.

Start with this HBR Podcast where Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg offers tips and examples about how reframing a problem helped find better solutions.
The One Problem they solved.
Too many bikes were getting damaged during shipping.

How would you solve the problem?

You'll never guess what this company did.
The One Thing we searched for.
From McDonald's breakfast (Missouri) and Mannequin Challenge (Mississippi), to X-Files (Washington) and Orlando Bloom naked (Vermont)

The average person is truly Homer Simpson. (not that there is anything wrong with that) 
The One Love. Actually.
Data + Christmas + movies = Lots of love.

fivethirtyeight has dissected the quintessential X-Mas movie of our generation "Love Actually" into cold data so we can finally understand who the most important character of this amazing ensamble truly is.
The One Thing I've learned so far.
During the lat 6 months we've been traveling as Learning Gypsies across the US and Latin America researching the future of education.

It's been an incredible adventure so far, we've met amazing and very generous people who have shared their knowledge, their house and their contacts to help us understand how we could improve the ways in which kids learn, what they learn and the purpose of Education.

We've learned a lot of valuable things about learning methodologies, our kids, schools, and how hard but essential is to be a teacher, a good teacher.

But believe it or not, we've learned the most about ourselves and our role as parents in the development of our kids. Read our post on Medium about our transformative experience.

Many parents have expressed interest in us sharing how to better facilitate the learning process of our kids, so we've decided to host 2 workshops; the first in Lima, Peru in January, followed by Sao Paulo, Brazil in February.

If you are interested in participating in the free workshop, email me and I'll send you the details.
The One Book to read from 2016.
So many books, so many "Best of 2016" lists... so little time!

Thanks to the nice people at Quartz, who have combined 25 different lists from the most illustrious sources, we know now what books were the absolute best of 2016!

If you're still unimpressed by lists, how about book recommendations from really smart people.

I'm a big fan of BrainPickings recommendations, which never disappoints.
The One Project to admire.
One Movie poster a day, for the entire 2016 year!!!

What a cool and wonderful project by the talented Pete Majarich.
The One Question to ask new entrepreneurs.
Jason Fried is not an investor, but he likes to help friends with advice

"If I’m considering helping a new entrepreneur I’ll often ask them if they’ve ever worked retail. In a shoe store, a grocery store, a clothing shop, front of the house in a restaurant, etc. I want to know if they’ve had to work with the public. Sell to the public. Improvise with the public on the spot.I want to know if they’ve ever had to make someone a customer. Or watched one walk away."

Jason Fried is the founder and CEO of Basecamp.
The One About customer centricity.
A user uses Twitter to share his thoughts.
And 6 days later (!) this happens:
The One Thing I'm really proud of.
I will finish 52 books this year (one per week). 

If you are curious about the list, you can see the entire list here.

This year marks the 8th year in a row doing this. It all started with a What If I could read a book per year for 1 year? Followed by What If I can do it again? 

454 books in 8 years is really impressive, and something I didn't even imagine could be possible. 

The trick is really developing the habit of reading a few pages every day, and the rest is a matter of discipline.

My favorite one could be the one I'm closing the year with: "7 Brief Lessons on Physics" by Carlo Rovelli. It's just 84 pages, but its wisdom is worth 100's of pages.

I'd love to receive your recommendations for 2017. Reply to this email if you want to share your ideas.
The One Way to get attention.
The One Visualization of failure.
I've become a huge fan of Product Hunt, looking forward to their daily newsletter, with info about products, people with ideas and all kinds of coolness.

Today they shared this series of Founders stories.

This one specifically captures the many times someone has to try, before finding success of even failure again.
The One Person mindful of your time.
Two smart additions to my daily routine have been The Pinkcast by Daniel Pink; a videocast where he shares in 120 seconds or less (I love that) his thoughts and reflections about the world, or whatever is in his mind.

I recommend you watch this one about parenting.

Another one is Peter Diamandis Newsletter.

I really like how thoughtful he is about his weekly content. In today's issue he reviewed the book Tools of Titans, by Timothy Ferriss, which thanks to my friend Andrew, i'll be reading next week as my first book of 2017.

The book covers some of the habits and routines that successful people have used to perform at a high level during their career.

I loved the story of Tony Robbins' Morning Priming, or There is no need to wit by Peter Thiel.
The One Room they left behind.
We lost too many amazing minds this year. 

This essay by the New York Times explores the places where they worked, the rooms that witnessed their every day, that place they called home.

(Janet Reno on the left and Garry Shandling on the right.)
The One Thing to sell.
You have something to sell?

This page simplifies your online strategy by creating a webpage to sell that one thing.
The One Chat with Ricardo Semler.
Recently we had the incredible honor and pleasure to spend a few minutes talking to one of our inspirations; Ricardo Semler.

Hazel and I had the unique opportunity to share some of our learnings on Education and we learned a lot from Ricardo about the challenges of leading change at an organization.

We can't stop smiling about this incredible experience.
The One Traveling tool you'll love.
This useful site tells you all the possible ways of getting from point A to point B.

Trust me, it's awesome!

I never expected this collection of links to amount to a 100 subscribers, much less to a 1,000. 

Thank you for supporting this hobby turned habit.

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