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The One Thing.

Issue 15.

The sources of this week's content include Zite, The awl, HBR, Medium, anOther mag, Briefme, NYT Now, Fraggl, Quartz, Twitter, This, Instagram,  and canalside view.
There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Color of Innovation.

This is the color of Innovation, according to Michelle Richter, a senior designer at O+A; the design firm involved in the design of Yelp, Uber and Cisco.

"In a business that values "uniqueness" this color screams "lively and quirky".

Find out what color came in second at the awl.
The One Journey we all need to take.
A path you'll have to walk if you are looking for design driven innovation at your organization. An evolution path that even Mauro Porcini, the Chief Design Officer at Pepsico, had to walk:

- Denial.
- Hidden rejection.
- The ocasional leap of faith.
- The quest for confidence.
- The Holistic awareness.

You can get immersed in his personal experience bringing design to corporate offices here, and learn why design could be a facilitator of change across the entire organization.
The One Business lesson to learn from a 13 year old girl.
Smile! Nobody wants to buy from a person who is frowning. 

Katie Francis, 13, sold 22,000 boxes of girl scout cookies this year. Read other bits of advice from Katie here.
The One Man who knew how to be a man.
I have 8 of 15. Working on two more: Sunglasses and the black suit.
The One Upstream river.
The One Question to ask.
The One Game which code fits in 1 tweet.
The game is called Tiny Twitch and you can play here.

Developed by Alex Yoder answering to a challenge by Ben Porter to create a game with a 140 character code source.

Alex answered 72 hours later.
The One City that is heaven for the creative class.
Austin, Texas.  (In case you don't know Travis County) is where SXSW is held every year.
The One Time when horses ruled.
In the late nineteenth century, transit ran on horses. The average New Yorker took 297 horse-drawn rides per year, and an estimated 200,000 horses in total labored day and night transporting people and goods in the city.  
Sounds like a transportation business in need of change? Read on
The One App we love.
The one we use.

Apparently we don't use apps very often, except the ones we do use.

That's the goal, 11+.

It's much worse in China though
The One Lecture to watch.
As Only Dead Fish likes to say: if you check out one thing...

Watch Kevin Spacey delivering this lecture.

Beside being smart and provocative, its a lesson in public speaking and storytelling.

Find 45 minutes in you day, get your favorite headphones and get into it.
via the captivating canalside view blog.
The One Metric that matters.
The one that justifies your business case.

Every startup, every media company and every creative agency is going to call your attention to the data that matters.
For Periscope is Time Watched.

Not DAU, neither MAU.

Find out why and make up your own metric tomorrow.
The One Movie that made everything possible.
As this infographic shows, it all started with a movie from 1977 called Star Wars.

I know it influenced me as a 13 year old boy sitting at the front row of a sold out movie theater in Madrid, Spain.
The One reason to feel good at the end of the day.
This is an email the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb received when he was looking for investors in June 2008.

He actually was rejected 7 times by potential investors.

And he was asking for just $150,000.

Today the company is worth 20 billion.
The One To have bragging rights.
The One Point to aim at.
The One Quote to quote.
“You don’t have to be young to learn about technology. You have to feel young.”
 Vint Cerf
The One Fact to reflect upon.
In the 50 years from 1960 to 2010, the global labor force’s average time in school essentially tripled, from 2.8 years to 8.3 years.

How much richer should these countries have expected to become? In 1965, France had a labor force that averaged less than five years of schooling and a per capita income of $14,000 (at 2005 prices). In 2010, countries with a similar level of education had a per capita income of less than $1,000.

The One Fact that isnpired a good idea.
"I gave the book to several people to read, and after several weeks, no one, not one person, had started to read it."

This is what inspired Jason Sperling to publish the book one page at a time for 160 days on Instagram (@lookatmebook).
The One Basketball court to admire art.
It's in Paris, and it was created by Subreville Thomas, with funds form Nike.
The One Fear to put to rest.
Sharks are not killers. Fear ants instead!

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