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The One Thing.

Issue 3. 2017

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Look above all.
From Central Park to Barcelona, the view of earth from space is mesmerizing.

You can explore every remote corner of our planet with The Overview Effect
The One Cup that tells a story.
There are no limits to ingenuity and the power of storytelling.
The One Figure.
$233,610. How much it costs to raise a child in the U.S. from birth to age 18. Guess which area is the biggest expense.

27%. Percentage of words by women in the biggest movies of 2016.

554 Million. Number of tacos per year Americans eat from Jack in the Box. Why? Nobody knows.

10 Million per year. Number of gallons UPS drivers save by not making left turns, a company policy.

8 Million. Annual visitors to the High Line in NYC. Many more than the 300,000 they expected when it opened in 2009.

19,033. The longest recorded streak of running every day.
The One Recommendation to follow.
Highly Reco lets you browse through the book recommendations of a very impressive list of accomplished people.
The One Project I love.
Legoman daily.

A collection of photos by Michal Kulesza, with a Lego fig going through life, 
The One Winter Storm I don't miss.
I miss New York for many reasons. The winter is not one of them.
The One Reason to visit each country.
Interesting map of countries and their tourism slogan.

From Morocco's "Much mor", to El Salvador's "The 45 minute Country". 

This is a map of how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us. Fascinating.
The One Kickstarter map.
The entire history of Kickstarter projects broken down by city!

The beauty of data!
The One Online class to take.
After analyzing 3,000 tech interviews, these recruiters discovered something fascinating:

For people who attended top schools, completing Udacity or Coursera courses didn’t appear to matter. However, for people who did not, the effect was huge—so huge, in fact, that it dominated the board. 

Read the full list of the online courses that top candidates had taken.
The One About .me you need to know.
Do you know the country domain for Montenegro?


Did you know that Montenegro made €317.2 million in 2015 running the .me registry?

Now you know.
The One To practice your pitch.
There is a Bot for that.
The One Reason Zebras have stripes.
Believe it or not, this is a question that every major biologist has tried to answer for decades.

 Which one would you pick?

A) To confuse Predators.
B) Temperature Regulation.
C) Flies.

The answer is surprising, but how Tim Caro found out is genius.
The One Brilliant idea.
Ikea, you are awesome!
The One Way we deal with innovation.
Apparently, every time a new invention is announced, the "experts" decide to call it "a Toy".
The One Pen to write history.
The One Decision when taking a new job.
Select a job based on commute time or a higher salary?

Science says that there is only one obvious right answer. 
The One Cool got cooler.
Star wars characters painted with the convenient liquid called ‘sumi ink’ which is made from vegetable oil soot, especially for calligraphy and sumi paintings.

Can it get cooler than that?
The One Dealbreaker in a relationship.
The One Predictor of career success.
Being in an open network instead of a closed one is the best predictor of career success.

When you are on a closed network; networks of people who already know each other, the more you repeatedly hear the same ideas, which reaffirm what you already believe. But when you belong to an open network, the more you’re exposed to new ideas. 

I never expected this collection of links to amount to a 100 subscribers, much less to a 1,000. 

Thank you for supporting this hobby turned habit.

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