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The One Thing.

Issue 18.

There are many things going on, these are a few of my favorite ones.
The One Time to do this.
To celebrate Back To the Future day (October 15, 2015) The USA Today newspaper was released today with the same Front Page as it appeared in the movie back in 1985. 
The One Unexpected guest.
"Homeland is racist"

That's the translation of the graffiti as it appeared on the popular TV show "Homeland".

Someone found a really ingenious way to hack the show and to go unnoticed by the producers. Who by the way, admire this act of artistic sabotage.
The One Night NYC looks awesome.
Saturday night!

Tribeca, Times Square and Citi Field all lighted up! 

And on the lower right corner we can see the White lLghts by the new LED bulbs being used in Brooklyn! 
The One Country where people want to live.
If you thought of Ecuador, you got it right.

A recent survey of expats selected this South American country as the best to live abroad.

There are other surprises in the list.
The One Way to understand generations.
The One Guy left out in the picture.
This picture has been well documented ever since it happened at the Olympic Games in Mexico '68.

A rebellious act by the American athletes who stood up for the civil rights movement. But how about the other runner? Who is he? Where is he from?

Read the fascinating story here. It's worth it.
The One Prayer we all could use.
The One Shape of the internet.
According to patent drawings, the internet is (mostly) a cloud, or an explosion. Depending on your state of mind.
The One Game true to its word.
Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosher Butt in Queens, NY in 1933 in an attempt to emulate Monopoly's success.

He sold 84 handmade sets by 1934, at a loss of $20.

How then did Scrabble become so popular? Macy's got involved!

The One fact you need to know.
There are 1,584 people in the USA named SEVEN.

And none named SIX.

Our obsession with names and giving our kids the right "Personality boost" is well documented on this list of names that contain numbers. 
The One Caption that works for every cartoon.
Frank Chimero is suggesting that this caption: "Hi, I'd like to add you to my professional network on Linkedin" works universally with every New Yorker cartoon.
He is not the first to think about this things, back in 2006, someone suggested this:
And later on someone suggested this:
The One Good use of the internet.
A photographer, Sam Yeldham, was taking pictures at Bradley's Head in Sydney, when he happened to take this incredible picture.

The thing is, he didn't know who the couple was, so one Buzzfeed, and one Instagram later, the happy couple received the pictures!
The One Song we all sing in the shower.
Wake me up before you go-go.

At least according to Spotify data. 
The One Recruiment tool used by Tesla.

This company uses dating sites technology to match job seekers with employers.
The One Trend to follow.
Baby making vacations sponsored by Moms.

Only in Denmark.
The One Use of data you might not like.
Using data from the Social Security Administration, this tool can simulate your lifetime possibilities.

Do we really want to know?
The One Question.
Can we have it all?

Can we be good parents and good employees? Can we run a family and a business?

This article says that its impossible.

And I know @hazeliz is writing a book about this very issue.

Much more to come...
The One New business to try in NYC.
B.E.C. A bacon, egg and cheese mecca.

Come here for a list of the newest and coolest business popping up in NYC.
The One Online class I'm loving.
Seth Godin's Freelancer Course.

So much wisdom packed in 2 minute lessons. 

And if you think that we aren't all, in one way or another a freelancer, think again. 

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