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After August & Stepping into September!

I hope you've been enjoying the summer warmth and the cool foreshadowing of autumn. It's been a crazy couple of months, but filled with good things.
  • I moved from the foggy, chilly, Redwood-lined coastline, to the sunny, culturally-rich South San Francisco Bay Area.
  • After planning and searching for months, I am embarking on a new adventure! I have taken the first steps toward fulfilling a lifelong dream -- living aboard a sailboat!
  • Happily, I went on MY FIRST SAIL, which was bursting with fun, sun, sea spray, and epicness. I can't wait to go on future sails.
  • I was gifted a powerful new art tool, a Fujitsu Lifebook, which enables even more art possibilities. I'll be sure to let you know in future posts what I learn.
  • I've been researching ways to sell art online, and how to set up an online shop. I will keep you posted about that exciting development!

Below is some art I've made in the past month. Explanations of the art featured in this newsletter (and additional art!) are available at

Featured Art

Featured Poems

"Our eyes are our eyes, extensions do not lengthen us.
We blush only for ourselves, knowing the forest for every tree,
surrounding foliage, average rainfall, temperature, even in Celsius."

read more from Hidden Girls (August 20th)


"Bubble machine on a ledge
children singing as they talk
over the forgotten fence
from far away,
an ambulance
on the asphalt, again."

see the poem image from Innocence and the Ambulance (August 5th)


I've been more active on Twitter and Facebook recently. I have also been uploading more day-to-day pictures on Instagram. There are links for all my social networks below. Be sure to check in! Seeing your names brightens my day, and I love hearing about all the adventures you're on!

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An autumnal abundance of happy thoughts, creativity, and productive awesomeness.

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