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Project Planning and Updates
CFA time is here! Some of you know what CFA stands for, but in our little world of alphabet soup (HDC, HCDPA, HBC, CEDC, etc. etc.) it can be a little daunting to keep on top of what's what. CFA stands for Consolidated Funding Application, and even though the name is simple, the process is not. In fact, this year Governor Cuomo changed the approach on how New York State's various cities, regions, and entities can apply for money--we're competing with other regions for a chance at a greater sum of money in an Upstate Revitalization Initiative.

You can apply for funding for everything from job training to low cost financing to tourism to building renovations. If you are in the midst of an expansion project, considering upgrading your HVAC systems/installing solar or need to conduct a study for your big innovative idea--APPLY!

Read more here: Seven Upstate Regions to Compete For $1.5 Billion to Help Transform Local Economies Round V of REDCs Includes Largest Regional Awards in Initiative’s History

Be aware that non-profits, for-profit companies, and individuals can apply for this funding. The information for applications is located here: CFA Project Information.

Special note for those in the Arts: Take a very close look at the NYSCA initiatives on page 26, there is  NO MATCH REQUIRED and according to Sheena-- THIS NEVER HAPPENS! Take advantage if you can!

If you think you have an idea for a project, contact The Hudson Development Corporation to discuss and gain a better understanding about the process. It's important for us to be aware of any potential applications coming from the City of Hudson because our chances of being awarded funding are better if all projects are in consideration of each other. 


Project Map 2015
At our first Quarterly Community Economic Development on May 5th, we shared an updated project map for the City of Hudson. There had been a similar map created 2004 that we had been using as a resource in the office. Noting that several of the projects had been changed or even completed since 2004; we felt that showing how much progress has been made in the last 15 years was important. Sometimes, city-planning--even in a small city like Hudson--takes time. Click the link to see the map and other resources available on our website. 
Hudson Farmer's Market
by Branda Maholtz
When I first moved to Hudson five years ago, Spring had just sprung and I was just getting to know our fair little city. As I strolled Warren Street on an unseasonably warm day, I first noticed the freshly painted carrots. Of course, I used my phone and snapped a picture and sent it to all my friends still living in that great metropolis to the south of us. The text I sent was something to the effect of: "Don't be jealous, but this town just gets better and better." I wasn't just trying to evoke envy, but more so--I had this immediate sense of belonging and pride to live in a place that matched my enthusiastic about fresh fruits and vegetables and supporting local farms. Every year when I see what I lovingly refer to as the "directional carrots" being repainted, I am reminded that I am fortunate to be in Hudson...And then I immediately realize I better get my calendar set for all these friends who come to visit, escape the city, and enjoy the bounty of the Hudson Valley. 

Yes! The Outdoor Farmer's Market is back for its 17th season. 
Every Saturday 9:00 – 1:00 PM to Nov 21st, 2015
Check their website for more information and a list of Farms and Vendors!
Congratulations to Tanzy's!
Last week, Tanzy's celebrated 10 years of serving breakfast and lunch to the Hudson community. 
We thank them for being such a valuable part of our community. 

Welcome New Businesses!
Benjamin Wilson Antiques
558 Warren

Drop, Forge & Tool
10 1/2 Aitken Avenue
They host classes and workshops for various crafts and arts. Check their site for more information.
Hudson Business Start-Up Guide
Do you know anyone that's thinking of starting a business in Hudson? We finally have a start-up guide to help wanna be business owners get going! Here at HDC, we've met with many, many members of our community--both locals and soon-to-be locals--that are considering starting a business. This guide helps to answer many of the questions people have as they begin with their business plan: from financing to location to compliance with city code--the guide will help to navigate what can seem like a daunting research. Click here for a downloadable version of the guide.
What's Happening
May 21 - City-Wide Clean-Up Day, meet at 1 North Front St, 2PM-6PM
May 21 - The Hudson We ShareCommunity Workshop to Help Create a Hudson River Comprehensive Restoration Plan
June 13- Hudson Elks Flag Day Parade
June 20- Hudson Pride
On-Going: River Crossings at Olana
Small Business Resources
New! National Grid Grant Programs

The U.S. Small Business Administration is a great go-to for information--whether you're just starting up, looking to expand, or seeking financial help. 

Business Mentor NY offers mentorship programs for entrepreneurs at any stage in the business development. 

NYSERDA offers simple tips for energy-saving practices and programs to help run a more sustainable business.

Special: CFA Workshops
May 29 in SUNY New Paltz, the website lists various locations and dates. 

Reminder: You can pick up the 2015 Walking Guides at the HDC office or arrange for delivery. Send an email to to arrange a time. 
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The Hudson Development Corporation [HDC] is a non profit Local Development Corporation (LDC) established to sustain, promote and attract projects that improve economic opportunities for businesses and residents, create jobs and enhance the quality of life in the City of Hudson.

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