LAMPLIGHTER - October 2016
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Congregational Church of Soquel

October 2016

Dear Friends in Faith,
Maybe you remember FM Radio format? It enjoyed its heyday in the 1970s when vinyl LP’s ruled the airwaves. At the time, something called “Concept albums,” were big. Instead of a collection of unrelated songs written to land on the “Top 40,” these LP’s featured a central idea—a recurring theme, if your will—that aimed to create artistic integrity among all the songs. By the 1980s, changing times, musical taste, MTV and the economy of the recording industry reduced concept albums to the sales rack of obsolete ideas.
As turntables gave way to the digital revolution, music in the form of CD’s, and now digital downloads, made it almost impossible for the concept idea to ever resurface. Its pretty hard to make a go of a musical concept when it’s distributed, bought, sold, and listen to digitally. Picking and choosing your own playlist is a great way for consumers to collect the music they want, but it can quickly fragment the meaning and value of any artistic project that requires a collection of tunes to be kept together.
I see the same digital principle being applied to church attendance. Not unlike an iTunes download, many folks today are picking and choosing what they want from church. Example: “I love Taste of Soquel, on a Saturday, but I’ll pass on the worship service come Sunday.” In short, people make their own spiritual playlist, right?
Hey, I don’t want to sound like an old guy—some vinyl purist—yelling at a digital church culture to, “Get off my lawn!” If people find just one thing from church they feel will help them, then that is, without question, a good thing and not to be discouraged. However, there is no getting away from the reality that the transforming power of a faith community cannot be discovered in simply its random parts, but rather by way of the whole.
Take for example the theme of God’s love. If the church we’re an LP, the recurring concept would be God’s love; known, shared and acted upon in all its beauty and endless variety. So, let me suggest that Sunday morning worship remains a place where all the dots can be connected; stories are told, humor is enjoyed, friendship are formed, encouragement shared, spiritual growth fostered and a celebration of faith brought full circle. So, at the risk of sounding, “Old school,” I encourage you all to come and make your church experience whole during Sunday morning worship. Call it  a “concept album,” I guess, one that is certainly subject to change—yet one that sounds best when we make it, together.
Mark Fountain
Details:  Tickets are $25 each and will be on sale after church October 2nd.  The proceeds go to our Faith offering which helps support our general operating expenses.  Please come and see some of our members in their fine fashions and see our youth as they model and let us know a little more about themselves.  Looking forward to a fun event!
SUNDAY • OCTOBER 30 • 3:00-5:00 PM

All church event!  Drivers, decorate the trunk or "back end" of your vehicle, load up the treats and head for the church parking lot.  Feeling festive?  Wear your costume! Plan to park by 2:45.  Fellowship will provide hot and cold apple cider.  Bring a couple of bucks for the cakewalk!

Kids!  The fun begins at 3:00pm!  Wear your costumes and bring your friends and Trick or Treat bags!  TRUNK OR TREAT right here at church!  

Ministry Associate

First, I want to tell you what a joy it was for me to lead in Worship while Rev. Fountain was on vacation in August. I love being part of this church and hope to serve wherever I can to help our congregation. We have so much to offer as we use our time and talents to glorify God. What a blessing this church is to our community!

That being said, for October, I will be wearing a different hat – that of Moderator of the Northern California Fellowship of Congregational Christian Churches. We are having our Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 15th at the Church of the Oakes, in Del Rey Oakes. I hope you might consider joining Rev. Fountain, Rick Peretto and myself in attending this event which will start at 9:30am with coffee and registration and will conclude by 2:30pm. The day will be one of worship, fellowship, good food and inspiring program. Let me know if you can come, I’d love to see our church well represented.
Blessings, Rev. Patti


2 Sunday

8:30 am Choir Practice
9:30 am Life & Worship
9:30 am Learning Classes
10:30 am Fellowship

3 Monday
7:00 pm  Eve Circle in Parrish Hall
6 Thursday
10:00 am Craft Group in Parrish Hall
8 Friday
1:00 - 4:00 pm Party In the Pumpkin Patch Fashion Show & Tea in Parrish Hall
9 Sunday
8:30am Choir Practice
9:30am Life & Worship
9:30am Learning Classes
10:30 2nd Sunday Brunch
11:00am Learning & Worship Meeting in Community Room

10 Monday
8:30 am Alice Circle at IHOP
13 Thursday
10:00 am Craft Group in Parrish Hall
15 Saturday
9:30 am Nor Cal Fellowship Annual Meeting
Church of the Oaks in Del Rey Oaks

16 Mission Sunday
8:30 am Choir Practice
9:30 am Life & Worship
9:30 am Learning Classes
10:30 am Fellowship

17 Monday
12:30 pm Lydia Circle in Parrish Hall
18 Tuesday

7:00 pm  Board of Trustees in Church Office
19 Wednesday
6:15 pm  Board of Deacons in Church Office
20 Thursday
10:00 am Craft Group in Parrish Hall
23 Sunday
8:30 am Choir Practice
9:30 am Life & Worship
9:30 am Learning Classes
10:30 am Fellowship
11:00 am Church Council Mtg
*Lamplighter Reports Due

27 Thursday
10:00 am Craft Group in Parrish Hall
30 Sunday
8:30 am Choir Practice
9:30 am Life & Worship
9:30 am Learning Classes
10:30 am Fellowship
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm Trunk or Treat Youth Event in the parking lot

3 Thursday

10:00 am Craft Group in Parrish Hall

6 Sunday
8:30 am Choir Practice
9:30 am Life & Worship
9:30 am Learning Classes
10:30 am Fellowship

7 Monday
7:00 pm  Eve Circle in Parrish Hall
10 Thursday
10:00 am Craft Group in Parrish Hall

13 Stewardship Sunday
8:30 am Choir Practice
9:30 am Life & Worship
9:30 am Learning Classes
10:30 am Second Sunday Brunch
11:00 am Learning & Worship meeting in Community Room

14 Monday
8:30 am Alice Circle at IHOP
15 Tuesday
7:00 pm  Board of Trustees in Church Office
16 Wednesday
6:15 pm  Board of Deacons in Church Office
17 Thursday
10:00 am Craft Group in Parrish Hall

20 Sunday
8:30 am Choir Practice
9:30 am Life & Worship
9:30 am Learning Classes
10:30 am Fellowship

21 Monday
12:30 pm Lydia Circle in Parrish Hall
24 Thursday
10:00 am Craft Group in Parrish Hall
27 Sunday
8:30 am Choir Practice
9:30 am Life & Worship
9:30 am Learning Classes
10:30 am Fellowship
11:00 am Church Council Mtg
*Lamplighter Reports Due

28 Monday
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Advent Bible Study in Parrish Hall


I’m writing this the day after Taste of Soquel. I saw a great deal of joy among our many volunteers at Taste of Soquel yesterday as they worked for the common good. Thanks to all of our volunteers for making this event happen. Tired but glowing members of Church Council met this morning and shared their experiences of Taste of Soquel along with their reports. There is much excitement about yesterday’s event as well as about our upcoming program year. We are off to a great start!
Fall is also the time that we work to fill the governing ministries of our church for the coming year. I ask you to please give prayerful consideration to the request if you are asked to serve the church by a member of our Leadership Recruitment committee.
I look forward to seeing you in church.
David Miller, Moderator
Deacons last met on Wednesday September 21, 2016.  We continue our out reach to many members and friends who can no longer attend services on a regular basis.  If you know someone like that please give us a heads up.  We need to make sure they know we care.  Deacons are writing notes on a monthly basis.  Hoping to maintain contact and bring a little cheer.  You can help us as well.  Let us know who needs some help out there.  At the same time you all are ministers to the community.  Thanks for your care and love for others in need! We are called by Jesus to love our neighbors as ourselves. It might be the hardest Commandment.  And the most rewarding!

Bill Abraham
Well  here we are, to use a Laura Hamby phrase, "back  in the saddle" after our
beautiful summer.  It is great to be back at it, seeing everyone and catching up with each other's news.  It is great to see, feel and be part of God's energy here
at Congregational Church of Soquel.
There have been some Trustee events that have taken place over the summer such as: the new roof on the sanctuary has been completed; there was a water pipe leak at the entrance to the courtyard just off the parking lot that was repaired; the 10 year old copy machine in the church office that was replaced;
the hiring of our new church Office Manager, Carol Walker. So even though it was
summer the Trustees have been busy.  By the way, if you haven't had the opportunity to meet Carol Walker, be sure to stop by our church office during business hours and give her a warm welcome.
At our September meeting the Financial Secretary's Report - which is through September 18, 2016 - shows that we are approximately $2,000 under last year's income. Our income through September 18th is $126,070 and our proposed budgeted income for this time period is $141,845. Our usual trend is to slow down with pledges during the summer months but then pick back up in the fall.
Also, using last year's calculations & percentages the projected income for this year is approximately $182,428 which is about where we came in last year.
The Treasurer's Report - which is through August 2016 - shows that our net income is $9,460.81 in the black!! Our budgeted expenses is $114,302.02 and our actual expenses were $112,668.56, so we spent less than we budgeted for, so far.
What does this all mean, basically that for a small congregation, with fewer pledgers than we had last year, we are doing very well.  That is because of your care, generosity and love for our church.  The Trustees are very thankful for all of you and your support.  The key ingredient is people -  WE NEED MORE.
This is our challenge for the rest of this year and beyond, inviting and bringing people into our doors and letting them get to know us and to know God's love and what God brings to each of us.  Please lets all think and try to help our church grow.
Look for new spotlights to be put up in the play yard area and in the covered porch area of Parrish Hall on the Soquel Drive side.  This is being done in an effort to keep people from sleeping/camping on our campus and to make it safe and clean for all of us.  Also, there is new fascia around the play yard area thanks to the Trustees and Lee Ericson and his crew.  It is up and painted.  There have been some dead trees removed from our campus to keep us safe and looking good.
I also want to say Thank You to everyone who participated in our new chair campaign.  Thanks to your support and because the Trustees put a yearly equipment maintenance fee into place for our Outside Users, we were able to order 100 new chairs which should be here by the first of the year.
As you can see, there is lots going on and because we are nearly 150 years old there is much that needs attention.  The Trustees is a great board and working hard for our church to keep us going for the next 150 years.
Joyce Trybom
Learning & Worship
Welcome to the start of a new year for our church school, and a return to our regular activities after a summer off.  As a refresher, the Ministry of Learning and Worship includes the church school, preschool, adult education, the youth group, music, library, and Sunday worship...exactly what our group title says.  Over the summer, we had a great time with Vacation Bible Fun: There were over 30 children enrolled in the program and 6 more from our youth group helping out with the play.  Afterwards we had a fun party at the Walker's.  Many thanks to all the volunteers who made it a huge success.  Looking forward, we are excited with the return of our youth group program and are working on the Tostada dinner, a Halloween "Trunk or Treat", and also Thanksgiving and Christmas activities.  We are working on coming up with ideas for church's 150th anniversary celebration.  Also in the planning stages are Advent activities, including an adult Bible study.  We continuously strive to improve Learning and Worship throughout the year.

Respectfully submitted by Gloria Wells
Learning Coordinator
We had a wonderful dedication of our church school teachers on kick off Sunday, September 11. Thank you, Reverend Mark and Reverend Patti for your warm welcome and encouraging words.  Afterwards teachers and students gathered in Parrish Hall to construct a goal post made out of newspaper.  It was wonderful.  Thank you Teacher Gloria for coming up with this great idea!
On September 18 we sang Jesus Loves Me in church.  We had lots of fun using our rhythm instruments.  It was fun having our church family join us.
Classes are going great.  We are blessed to have a wonderful team of teachers who love our children. 
We look forward to participating in Mission Sunday and our Christmas Pageant. 
With God’s Love,
Cindy Boram
Learning Coordinator
Soquel Youth Fellowship had tons of fun doing the skits at Vacation Bible Fun.  We had an end of Summer late night game night in August and kicked off the new year with Sunday night fun and dinner.  We just hosted the Tostada Dinner.  Thanks to all of you who helped make that happen and thanks all of you who came for the best tostadas north of the border!  We are looking forward to Trunk or Treat and the cakewalk, October 30th!

In addition to special events, middle and high schoolers meet every Sunday morning @ 9:30am.  We started with Creation at the beginning of the Bible and week by week, we are turning the pages and figuring out what the Bible is saying to us!



First of all, we're excited to report that the Fixed Price Dinners brought in a whopping $2,305!  This Faith Offering has been transferred to the church operating budget.  Thanks to all those who sponsored a meal and to those who attended these fun and successful dinner events.
The Fellowship team enjoyed the music, food and drink at the Taste of Soquel while serving snacks, water and lemonade at the Hospitality table.  The cold fruit cups and water were very popular on that warm day.
Fall is here and Second Sunday Brunches are back.   The first brunch was held on September 11th and the next two will he held on October 9th and November 13th.  The Board will also be assisting with the Advent project on November 27th and Caroling, Cookies and Cocoa on Dec. 9th
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy & Steve Gullickson
Judy & Rick Peretto


September 2016: Music Teeam

And then this happened.........the crisp, fall mornings and evenings have arrived!  Just in time, in my opinion -- last week's heat wave was a challenge for many.  Grateful for the signs of fall.

What's another sign of fall here at Congregational Church of Soquel you ask?  The Chancel Choir is back in action each Sunday morning, rehearsing a wide variety of anthems carefully selected by our director, Danielle Crook, and masterfully accompanied by our pianist, Leah Zumberge.  We are so blessed to have both teaming up to lead the music portion of the service, along with the talented people leading folk worship!

Let me take this opportunity to once again heartily thank our CCS members and friends who generously contributed their time and talents for the fantastic special music we had this past summer during the choir's hiatus!  Please join me in thanking these folks when next you see them. Those who performed (in alphabetical order) are:  Bill Abraham, Karen Abraham, Loraine Abraham, Matt Abraham, Cindy Boram, Kitchy Burdette, Katharine Burke, Donna Burklo, Sue Cellarius, June Fountain, Ann Haley, Leselle Halstead, Lynette Hamby, Laurel Jarnagan, Haley Powell, Barbara & Steve Rosellini, Will Ryan, Meredith Sanderson, Ned Sanderson and the VBF kids!  My gratitude also goes to our piano accompanist, Leah Zumberge and substitute pianist, Vicki Melendy for lending their rehearsal and performance time as well.  

Musically yours, 
Juli Sanderson
Music Team Chairperson

Alice Circle

The "No Work Work Party" fund raiser was a big success!  We have donated $1600 to the General Fund and bought 8 new chairs.  We thank all of you for participating with us in our party!

Tom Paarmann
Alice Circle


There is a mini series in our library called "The Uncommon Hero Series" 
consisting of two books  written by Dee Henderson.  It is stories of 
Honor and Valor and Love among our armed forces in today's war setting.  
The first book is entitled "True Valor"  in which Lt Grace Yates, is a 
fighter pilot on an aircraft carrier. Her love interest happens to be 
Major Bruce Stanton, an Air Force para rescue jumper  whose job is to 
jump and rescue downed pilots behind enemy lines.  It goes without 
saying that his most meaningful jump is to rescue Lt Yates who was 
forced to eject from her F/A-18. The second book, entitled "True 
Honor"  that tells the story of Darcy St James, a retired CIA agent who lost 
friends on 9/11. Through her many contacts she is trying to locate a 
person of interest who had prior knowledge of 9/11 and was going to 
profit from the info.  She seeks the assistance of  Chief Petty Officer 
Sam Houston  and his SEAL Team.  Sam is very busy considering that 
Darcy's name has been moved to the top of a very short list of persons 
wanted to be eliminated by the terrorists.  Darcy & Sam's relationship 
flourishes into  a love relationship that may be very short if the 
terrorists have their way.

Both books highlight the difficulties encountered by our armed forces 
when trying to balance a romantic relationship, in the midst of combat 
and still maintain a relationship with their God and "do the right thing."
Richard Jones

8th Annual A Taste of Soquel!
Food and Music for the Common Good


The courtyard was alive with family and friends sharing some of Soquel’s finest food and wine and beer offerings and dancing to the tunes of local bands. Meanwhile, the kids in the KidZone were all smiles with face painting, miniature golf, dancing, drumming, art projects, an obstacle course and more!  Not to mention, everyone’s favorite raffle!  Fun, fellowship, a little work, a lot of play, TOS 2016 had it all! Meals donated to Second Harvest? 40,132!  That’s a grand total of 250,048 healthy meals for families in Santa Cruz County over the last eight years!  For those of you who like to keep track in dollars, it looks like $10,033 for TOS 2015 and a grand total of  $62,512 from eight years of  A Taste of Soquel!
A big shout out to ALL of you and all you do to make Taste of Soquel the festival it has come to be.   This is truly an “all hands on deck” project!  We are familiar with the saying, it takes a village.  In this case, the Soquel Village.  But moreover, TOS takes a church.  In this case, Congregational Church of Soquel. Hey!  September 2017 and the 9th Annual A taste of Soquel will be here before we know it! May God continue to bless this work. 



Learning Ways Christian Preschool

Learning Ways 2016-2017 School Year is off to an amazing start!

Learning Ways is especially blessed to welcome MY baby girl to our program! Bethany Shaffer has joined our program full of inspiration, energy, smiles and laughter. The children absolutely adore her. I am so happy and grateful to welcome her in our classroom. 
We are so happy to welcome back our Story Tellers, Music Makers and Classroom Volunteers!  They include: Story Teller Dan, Grandma Patti, Nana Abraham, Grandma Robin, Grandma Kitchy, Mommy Amy, Mommy Emily, and the Ciliberto Parents! Best Friends are so blessed to have these incredible caring adults in their lives! 
I am also grateful to Circuit Riders and my Mommy (Lois Davey!) for the financial donations which have made our program possible this year! 
As Best Friends begin the 2016 -2017 school year filled with our Lord's Miracles, ABC's, 123's, Colors, Shapes, Plants, Music, Stories, Manners, Food, Families and Friends.... we THANK YOU...  our wonderful Reverend Fountain and Church Family for your love and support!
God bless and keep you all!
Teacher Marji and Teacher Bethany


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