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Becoming a more productive person is not easy. With the help of these articles, however, the process of streamlining your effort, becoming a more efficient person, and better prioritizing tasks becomes simple.

Usspire's Top Three


1) HLMR Productivity Tracker

We launched our personally-tested HLMR Productivity system about a week ago, and thankfully, it has been a big hit. Published and recommended various times on Medium, the tool has made tracking personal progress easy and fun for hundreds of people. The goal of the HLMR system is not to simply cross things off a list, however, but to better facilitate prioritization and task completion on a day to day, week to week basis. If you have yet to try the Tracker, check it out on medium and download your personal copy here.

2) 2 Tools That Make Tech Work For You

Kofie Yeboah gives us an in-depth introduction to two apps (IFTTT & Workflow) that he personally uses on a daily basis. These tools allow us to create systems and automate some of the things that bog us down in the mundane. Check out how you can make social networks, email, and cloud services, work together and save you time!

3) 5 Ways "I Suck" Leads to Greatness: Reflections of a Comedian

Self-deprecation can be very funny. It can also be a part of a more unfortunate cycle of unhappiness. There are rare times however, where we are shown how to use this deprecation in order to better ourselves and improve as a result. Adam Thomas, featured on Usspire, shows us exactly how this can happen. 

Friends Who Teach Us 


How to Strengthen Your Willpower and Get More Shit Done

Raad Ahmed's (Founder & CEO of LawTrades) Medium piece is a perfect mix of insight and actionable steps, which guides readers through a journey, helping them transform their lives and increase their willpower. "If you want to keep growing as an individual, then that growth shouldn't hit a ceiling when your willpower tank runs empty." We recommend this as a must read!

Reading that Inspires Action

 2 Billion Under 20 by Jared Kleinert & Stacey Ferreira, Is not only a book, but a movement - a millennial movement to be specific. The book highlights 75 young people from across the globe who share their stories of starting up, failing, succeeding, and overcoming. It has topped the charts on Amazon & IBM in its first week of release. It has also been covered by just about every major business publication, including us. 

How to Network by Tam Pham turns out to be much more then your average networking book. Rather, much of the book focuses on genuine relationship building instead of just collecting a bunch of business cards and LinkedIn contacts. Tam goes into his secret sauce on how to build a personal network and brand for yourself, while staying genuine, building trust, and gaining respect. Good news for the next 3 days is you can pick up your copy for FREE HERE!

Event of the Week

August 12th will mark the very first of Usspire's planned accountability group sessions. Our accountability group puts you together with people doing things like you, so that you can make sure your doing what you have to. Self-accountability through societal consciousness. Join us.

Chipotle and Drinks will be served, and if you're anything like us we'll see you on Wednesday!

This is what Passion Sounds Like

Enjoy an exclusive sneak peak of "Passion Reaction" by the ever talented Passion Finder, Alyson Greenfield.  Look out for her featured piece dropping this week on, where the uber talented singer, song writer, and entrepreneur takes us through "The Wild Ride of a Passion Driven Life". 
Sneak Peak
Sneak Peak

Final Thoughts

If you are feeling inspired to contribute, please email us at We're always looking for people who are passionate about holistic productivity, community growth, and/or self development. 

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Stay productive people, 
Team Usspire 
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