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Issue 7 | Feb 16, 2016
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Lindsey Mosby Frog Design
Lindsey Mosby
Director, Innovation Strategy Group &
Healthcare Practice Lead, FROG DESIGN

Dedicated to the mission of more effective and accessible healthcare, Lindsey brings deep experience in strategic planning and brand experience strategy to the business of care innovation. Experienced in the methods and practices of major medical players and young healthcare start-ups alike, Lindsey seeks out fast-paced and strategic-thinking team environments. Her key client relationships include Merck, Pfizer, Roche, Medtronic, Kaiser Permanente, Philips Healthcare, The Kellogg Foundation, UNICEF and The Well Project. She also leads frog’s global Aging in Place initiative.

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Innovation Spotlight

Tom DeRosa, Welltower

Well Inc.

Ildar Fazulyanov is Co-Founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based Well, Inc. Well is now the fastest-growing on-demand healthcare platform connecting physical, occupational and speech therapists with healthcare organizations and patients. Mr. Fazulyanov was previously founder and CEO of Greener Equity and OptionCap, and before that, was a venture capitalist with vSpring Capital.

Well’s network of POS Therapists is now in the thousands covering over 200 healthcare agencies as well as a number of ancillary and managed networks in California. In select markets, the company’s network of therapists has now surpassed all other groups. Well works with providers that accept Medicare, workers compensation and other forms of insurance.

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The Payment Reform Landscape: How Does Telehealth Fit Into a High-Value Purchasing Strategy

The Payment Reform Landscape: How Does Telehealth Fit Into a High-Value Purchasing Strategy?

Employers and other health care purchasers will continue to seek new ways to procure high-value care for their member populations as long as the cost of health care continues to rise and...

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Why This Homecare Startup Is Giving Equity To its Caregivers, Not Just its Engineers

Why This Homecare Startup Is Giving Equity To its Caregivers, Not Just its Engineers

Seth Sternberg was recently faced with a choice that could make or break his startup. Sternberg and his three cofounders launched Honor six months ago to improve home care for the growing aging population. Honor uses...

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Latest telemedicine bill could save $1.8B by waiving Medicare restrictions

Latest Telemedicine Bill Could Save $1.8B by Waiving Medicare Restrictions

A bipartisan group of US Senators led by Brian Schatz (D-HI) has introduced new telemedicine legislation that would move to waive restrictions on Medicare telehealth coverage that many consider antiquated or...

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Sponsorship Opportunities
8 Disruptive Startups to Watch

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States -- costing over $100 billion each year. Utilizing patient engagement, behavior modification, healthcare analytics and chronic care management, these eight disruptive startups strive to provide transformative solutions.

Health Recovery Solutions helps patients reduce the chance of readmission through a research based platform that constructively guides patient's behavior. HRS is an outcomes based outpatient care organization with patented software that is customizable to specific diseases such as CHF, diabetes, and COPD.


HeartFlow strives to improve coronary artery disease detection with their non-invasive HeartFlow® Analysis. Using data from a standard CT scan, the HeartFlow Analysis creates a personalized 3D model of the coronary arteries and analyzes the impact that blockages have on blood flow.


Hello Heart helps patients aggregate and make sense of their lab data and better understand their diabetes risk, hypertension level, and cholesterol levels. Users authorize the data transfer by logging into their patient portals at the various providers and the Hello Heart app provides a dashboard of data to help guide their behavior.


IntelliQuit is a mobile health device that employs a biosensor and mobile app to inform smokers of their biochemical tobacco consumption and assists the smoker in gradual cessation using evidence-based therapies and treatment plans to truly help them quit.


MocaCare has developed a device called MocaHeart that tracks cardiovascular health. The device scans the user's fingertips to measure blood flow velocity and uses that metric to determine heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It also offers users a qualitative measure of users' overall cardiovascular health, called the Moca Index.


Moving Analytics delivers home-based cardiac rehabilitation through patients’ mobile devices. An app guides them through an evidence-based care-plan of exercise, educational materials and vital signs monitoring. A web-portal enables case-managers to track patient progress, administer care plans and get reimbursed.


Omada Health helps employers and health plans tackle chronic disease in an engaging, effective, and scalable way. By utilizing technology to inspire lasting behavior change in anyone at risk for chronic disease, Omada strives to prevent the onset of some of the biggest drivers of costs in Medicare: diabetes and heart disease.


Women’s Heart App (WHA) is a mobile application integrated with wearables and backend data analytics to empower women to understand early warning signs, recognize and reduce risk factors, and link to expert providers in women’s cardiovascular health.



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