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LISTEN & SHARE: Besfriend - "Hannah in the City"
"Canadian duo Bestfriend have always dealt in intricately crafted slices of sun-drenched nostalgia. New single "Hannah in the City" is no exception."
The Line of Best Fit


"The sweet, yet angsty new track sees Bestfriend at their most relatable. The transportive, nostalgic new single is all about missed opportunities. “Hannah In The City” sees the band’s Stacy Kim and Kaelan Geoffrey delivering bittersweet, tender bedroom pop melodies."

"Known for their storytelling breadth and melodic nuances... the duo’s newest single has an upbeat, entrancing melody with lyrics that play on the nostalgia of the past and the complexities of maneuvering one’s youth"
Vents Magazine

"Pulling our strings of nostalgia, Bestfriend wrap us up with starry-eyed layers of pop as they walk us down the memory lane of our youth"


"The silky tones of Stacy Kim’s vocals alongside dazzling synths create that immersive dream-pop sound destined for late night drives, and marks really strong potential from a band so early in their career."
One Great Song

"With delicate vocals and lulling guitars, feel yourself pulled into a trance with Bestfriend’s newest track"
Gig Goer

"For two artists located on opposite ends of a country, the pair already crafts a signature sound that is immersive and perceptive

The Permanent Rain Press

"One of the catchiest songs we have ever heard"
Cheers to the Vikings

"A subtly charming take on indie pop"

You know that bittersweet feeling when you're reminiscing over something that maybe could've worked out but it didn't? Well, the up-and-coming indie pop duo Bestfriend have a new song all about that. The lead single off their upcoming EP places i've lived, "Hannah in the City" is a song about the what if's. A little sweet and a little angsty, the track is relatable in all the best ways. Drenched in a rosy haze of nostalgia, "Hannah in the City" will transport you into a hypnagogic state, caught between intimate memories and missed opportunities. The moment you didn't say something when you should've. The tricky decision you had to do that maybe you're still second-guessing. Bittersweet and tender, Bestfriend's dreamy bedroom pop melodies hit close to home, and do so with remarkable sensibility. 

The track was premiered via The Line of Best Fit, who wrote: "Bestfriend's distinctive production style shines brightly on the track, with crisp percussion pinning down the film of hazy synths beneath its beguiling vocal harmonies. Noodling guitars wend their way into the arrangement in an intricate, multi-layered approach that builds subtly before dropping away into a heart-wrenchingly beautiful bridge. An affinity for storytelling sits at the core of Bestfriend's work, clearly expressed through "Hannah in the City"'s clarity of narrative. Singer Stacy Kim was inspired to pen the track whilst reflecting on a girl who broke her heart several years previously. Expressing admiration for the many queer artists currently dominating the indie-pop sphere – Rina Sawayama, MUNA, and Clairo, to name but a few – Kim is keen to explore her own relationships with women through Bestfriend's music."

On the track, Stacy shares: "It's a happy-sad-angry reminiscing song all about potential / possibilities / the idea that a relationship might not have fallen apart if we'd just done this or that - all while knowing in the back of your head that it was obviously doomed to fail in the first place. The paradox of thinking about all of the "what-if" questions while having the answer right in front of you, clear as day. We'd be fine if you hadn't moved away. You didn't want kids. You didn't want to get married. You don't get along with my friends. Scapegoating the symptoms instead of acknowledging the truth: it was never gonna work out."

Written and produced entirely by the duo (Stacy Kim and Kaelan Geoffrey) and mixed by Grammy-nominated Travis Ference (Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, Imagine Dragons), "Hannah in the City" is a DIY gem wrapped up in a glossy finish. The track features a dreamy arrangement of synths and electric guitar, accompanied by the silky tones of Kim's vocals for a truly immersive bedroom pop sound.

Bestfriend - "Hannah in the City" [Official Single Artwork]
Bestfriend Bio:

Bestfriend was half-formed through a mutual friend and half-formed through Instagram DMs in 2018. The indie-pop duo is a culmination of two young artists, Stacy Kim and Kaelan Geoffrey, making music from thousands of miles apart; Stacy in the west, Kaelan in the east.

Through trial and error (and many gigabytes of .wav files sent back and forth), they’ve found their stride in dreamy, story-telling pop songs. Bestfriend used their innate skills in collaboration and intuition to release their first original dual-release single, Television '99 and twentyfour. Geoffrey's expert use of dreamy, almost euphoric synthesizers paired with Kim's guiding, melodious vocals pulls listeners into a shared space, creating harmony within the themes of uncertainty.

After testing the waters of remote collaborating on this dual release, they swung into their next release, dropped mid- lockdown in July of 2020. "Last Bus in the A.M." is a fast and frenzied single about your favorite worst party — the pair received accolades on the single, landing the Spotify Fresh Finds playlist, airtime on London’s Hoxton Radio and coverage on Hype Machine.

Riding the momentum of the previous release, "Does It Matter?" was released in September 2020, becoming their breakthrough single — once again earning airtime on Hoxton Radio, added to the Spotify editorial playlist soda, and covered by publications in the likes of FMS mag, GigSoup and A1234.​

Their newest EP, places i’ve lived, is a part 1 of a series of letters; these songs are dedicated to the people and places of the young adult lives they are growing out of. Written and produced entirely by the duo and mixed by Grammy-nominated Travis Ference (Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, Imagine Dragons), places i’ve lived will be closely followed by the fully written and produced sister EP, places i’ve left.

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