Issue Sixty One - February 2, 2017
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"All creation in this world is a testimony to the Divine love. Unable to know this, man is subject to all disasters today. There is no selflessness but only bondage, in the worldly ties such as that in parent-children, husband-wife or any other relationship. When we give something to others, it is very worldly to expect something in return too. But Divine love does not expect anything in return. Hence, this Divine love always remains same, never increases and never decreases. But when we mix this Divine love with our desires and expectations, it diminishes."
With the Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, we are delighted to present our Sixty First issue of Ananda Vahini.  The weekly newsletter includes interesting musings and short excerpts from the week's events.

In this issue, we bring you the first part of the 
highlights of Bhagawan's visit between January 30, 2017 - February 4, 2017 to Singapore and Malaysia.

We also bring you an update on the Bhoomi Puja of two campuses for girls on the same day - Sri Sathya Sai Vaniniketanam located in Shirahatti Taluk, Gadag District of Karnataka and Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthiniketanam, Pre University college for girls, Hyderabad held on February 1, 2017.

In this week's INNER VIEW, Brother Madhusudan Naidu shares yet another interesting moment between the Lord and His devotee.

- Sathya Sai Grama Communications Team
-By Sri Madhusudan Naidu
As the devotee doctor drove Swami back from the home of another devotee in Singapore tonight (February 02, 2017) he asked a question to Swami,

"Swami! We hear that spirits exist and they sometime even trouble some people. Is this true?"

To which Swami replied in His inimitable style of teaching, by a simple example. He said, "You are a doctor and you know about the existence of micro organisms like bacteria and viruses which are not seen to the naked eye, but they do exist. Also they cause diseases and infections to people. Now what kind of people get infected by these micro organisms?"

"Well, those who have lower immunity", replied the doctor as a matter of fact.

"Absolutely, it is those who are weak get attacked and infected. Similarly, those who are weak in mind due to the lack of mental strength get attacked and affected by spirits and suffer. Devotion and faith helps people have a strong mental attitude which is like their immunity against such spirits", explained Swami.

The doctor continued, "I understand this Swami, but I also hear that we create our world around us. So if we don't believe in ghosts and spirits, does that help us remain unaffected?"

Swami replied, "If you don't believe in microbes because you don't want to, does that mean they would stop existing for you? No, not at all. They will exist nevertheless. The world around us is created by our mind, because our mind attracts things to itself according to its makeup. A positive and pure mind will attract positive things, where as a negative and impure mind will attract negative things to itself. This way we do create our world around us due to the kind of mind we have. Thieves will make friends with thieves, and saints will attract saints. So be pure and positive, which will come from devotion to God and thus become strong from within", advised Swami.

A big mystery solved for me!
The Bhoomi Puja (ground-breaking ceremony) of the Sri Sathya Sai Vaniniketanam was performed at Majjur village, located in Shirahatti Taluk, Gadag district in the morning of the auspicious ‘Basant Panchami’ Day. The first girls’ campus to be established in North Karnataka, the site is endowed with natural beauty in abundance. Rich red soil, surrounded by beautiful hills and windmills promise to make it a very picturesque campus. The magic of the land was also replete in its rich Sufi heritage, with many Sufi Saints having traversed the lands and establishing religious harmony here since the 16th century.

The ceremony began with a procession with Nadaswaram and Veda chanting. Sri M S Satyanarayana, Chairman, Prashanti Bala Mandir Trust, Sri Govind Reddy, Chairman, Sri Satya Sai Vidya Niketanam, Gulbarga campus, Sri Govind Rao, Head of all campus accounts, Sri Shankar Shettygar, Warden of Sri Satya Sai Primary School, Sri Narayan Swamy from Gulbarga Campus and Sri Sridhar from Muddenahalli were present for the momentous occasion.
Bhagawan had assigned the entire responsibility of organising the Bhoomi Puja to Sri B S Goni and the team from Hubballi. The 18-acre land was searched, procured, cleaned, and fixed with a borewell and later decorated to perform the Bhoomi Puja by this hard-working team.

The Bhoomi Puja was initiated by Sri Shridhar who carried out the Puja pleasing Bhagawan and the Mother Earth. Dr Vinodini Mahishi, who has been given the responsibility of the campus by Bhagawan Himself, then offered her prayers...


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All the guests and the villagers are set to perform the Bhoomi Puja of Sri Satya Sai Vaniniketanam at Gadag
Sri B S Goni, member of executive council of Gadag campus performing the ground breaking ceremony
Sri Govind Rao, a senior tyagajeevi from Muddenahalli being felicitated by a devotee
Dr Vinodini Mahishi, Chairperson of Sri Satya Sai Vaniniketanam welcoming Ms Shakuntala Naganur, a senior devotee from Dharwad
Welcoming Sri Govind Reddy, Chairman of Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketanam, Gulbarga campus
Sri M S Sathyanarayana, Chairman of Prashanthi Balamandira Trust addressing the gathering
Dignitaries along with the Balavikas students from Hubli, Dharwad


It was a very momentous day for the Sai diaspora as the ground-breaking ceremony for two schools, both for girls - was conducted on the auspicious ‘Basant Panchami’ Day. In a year’s time both Sri Sathya Sai Vaniniketanam at Gadag district in Karnataka and Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthiniketanam at Siddipet district Telangana will start moulding young girls to be torch bearers in the Sathya Sai Mission.
The Bhoomi Puja for the pre-university college of Hyderabad’s limits was conducted in the presence of many distinguished elders, trustees of the Sri Sathya Sai Saraswathi Education Trust and the Ananda Nilayam Trust that graciously donated land for the construction of this college. At around 11:40 A.M, between hill and vale and beneath the bright, golden sky, the chief guest Sri KV Ramanachary, a retired IAS officer who currently advises the Government of Telangana was welcomed to the beats, tunes and chimes of the Nadaswaram and Bhajans sung by girl students of the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir.
Sri KV Ramanachary, along with his wife was led by Sri Venkatesh Pastay, Trustee of the Sri Sathya Sai Saraswathi Education Trust, which is an allied institution of the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust. As priests chanted hymns propitiating the Gods to bestow on this land plenty and prosperity, all the elders including Sri Kondala Rao, former Engineer-in-Chief to the Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Umakanth Rao, Sri Karuna Raju, Sri Ravi Bathina and other senior devotees paid obeisance to Mother Earth seeking her blessings for successful commencement of the project. Mother Earth is held in great reverence in the Hindu tradition and every time before a building is raised or land is tilled for agriculture, her permission and forgiveness for actions that disturb the equilibrium of the earth is sought. The Vedas have....


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Bhoomi Puja of Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthiniketanam, Hyderabad 
Sri KV Ramanachary, retired IAS officer and current advisor for the Government of Telangana performing the ground breaking ceremony of the campus at the location
Sri KV Ramanachary, current advisor for the Govt of Telangana and Sri Kondala Rao, former Engineer-in-Chief to the Govt of Andhra Pradesh lighting the ceremonial lamp
Guests and devotees gathered at the location for the ceremony

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has been travelling all over the world in the Subtle to keep His promise of visiting the countries. Below is the link to the Google Drive library of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s divine visits overseas.

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The second trip of the New Year with the Lord commenced, as His entourage which included Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, Sri K P Gopinath, Sri Venkateshwarlu, Sri Shiva Subramanya, Brother Sumeet Tappoo, Brother Pavan Kumar, Brother Karthik Patel and Sister Bhuvana, boarded the flight to Singapore on the morning of January 30. They landed in the evening at the Changi International Airport, amidst festive cheer. Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival in China, China’s most important traditional festival, was being celebrated. It was a splash of red everywhere, as red is believed to be an auspicious colour. The eager Singapore devotees welcomed everyone with much warmth and love. Singapore is almost second home now and truly, the selfless devotees have become family! Even as one drove through Singapore, banners and buntings with ‘Gong Ci Fa Chai’, which means ‘wishing you to be prosperous this New Year’, was seen everywhere.

 After some quick refreshments, Bhagawan and His entourage proceeded to the residence of Brother Anthony Tan and devout wife Mrs Karen Tan, and their three children Ryan, Ian and Maria. Red lanterns, red couplets were pasted on doors, red New Year pictures – the Year of the Rooster, depicting images of prosperity welcomed everyone. Young Ian played a melodious classical piece on the piano to welcome the Lord. Thereafter, Swami commanded Mrs Karen to accompany her sons on the piano, while they sang soulful Bhajans – ‘Hari Bhajana Bina’ and ‘Chitta Chora’. Swami then lovingly....

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Satang at Mr Anthony Tan and Mrs Karen Tan's residence


An early start of the day, ensured Bhagawan’s entourage reached the Changi Airport on time to catch their flight to Kuala Lampur. At the Kuala Lampur International Airport, the Sai youth of Malaysia welcomed everyone with a lot of love. The hour and a half journey to Sai Amrutham, residence of Brother Ayavoo Arumugam and his devout wife Dr Vimala, through the city highways was made enjoyable with sumptuous snacks, lovingly prepared by the devotees.

Upon arrival, Bhagawan and His entourage were served lunch. As the lunch was being served to Bhagawan in His room upstairs in the home of Mrs and Mrs Ayavoo, which was named as “Sai Amrutham”- the nectarine essence of Sai, Swami called the entourage to His room. Brother Madhusudan revealed that Swami was already waiting for His entourage in His room, and was very excited to show His room to some of the members of His entourage, who were visiting Malaysia and Sai Amrutham for the very first time. The Lord said, “Ayavoo and his wife have given up their room for Swami. This is testimony to their unflinching faith and unconditional love they have for Me.”

After lunch, everyone retired for a while, before leaving for the public Satsang at Sai Ananda Ashram. Yet again, both Sai Amrutham and Sai Ananda were decked with the Chinese New Year decorations, red being the vibrant colour of choice. Led by a convoy of cars and pilot motorcycles, Bhagawan arrived at Sai Ananda Ashram. Over 500 eager devotees had gathered, waiting to bask in the Divine Love. After soulful Bhajans, Brother Ayavoo took to the podium, and welcomed the Lord and His entourage. He recalled the previous visit of Bhagawan, a few months earlier, and went on narrate how Swami had made a startling revelation about a missing file in the office which jeopardized his job, but was eventually found a week later mysteriously lying on his desk. This was known only to him and he was stunned when Swami revealed that ten years....

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Public Satsang at Sai Ananda Ashram
Brother Ayavoo Arumugam addressing the gathering
Traditional dance Performance in presence of Bhagawan
Gracious performance by the students at Divine Lotus Feet
Presentation of short drama about the story of ‘Nian’, a mythical monster in the folklore of the Chinese culture by Youth Vikas and Bal Vikas girls of Sai Ananda Ashram
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A repeat broadcast of the interview with  Dr Ram Setty and Mrs Usha Setty (Part IV),
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JANUARY 29, 2017

How can you experience God?
God though formless, pulled by the love for His devotees comes to earth in different forms as an Avatar, as a Divine incarnation. If you want to experience God, it is not possible just by listening, or talking about it or commenting about God. You can truly know it only through experience. God can be understood only through direct experience. What is the quality of God? It is nothing but selfless and desire less love. In this kind of selfless love, there is nothing called the duality of giving and taking. Therefore, wherever you are experiencing such selfless love, you can know that God exists there. If you want to really understand and experience God, you have to develop the quality of Anapeksha. Only a person who is totally bereft of desires and expectations can completely understand the principle of God. Otherwise even if God appears in front of you, because of the impurities within you, you will not be able to really experience Him. A person, who is filled with Ahamkara and Mamakara - 'I' and 'mine'- attachments and desires and ego, will not be able to understand God.  
Krishna in Bhagavad Gita enumerates the qualities of a devotee who is dear to Him. The first is Anapeksha, desireless person. When you approach God with the only desire to have His Darshan, to talk to Him, to be talked to by Him, to experience Him without asking for anything that is worldly, you will be able to understand Him and experience Him. Only such a devotee is a man of wisdom, Jnani. Four categories of devotees adore God - first is the Arthi, second is Artharthi, third is Jignasu, and fourth is the Jnani. All the four categories come to God but only the Jnani, man of wisdom - will recognise God because he doesn't have any desires and expectations. The Jnani has only one aspiration - to have the Darshan of God and to experience Him and there is no other desire.
Devotion is not just love for God. It also has as a component, service. It is natural if you love someone, you will serve him or her. Only when...

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