Issue Forty Seven - October 27, 2016
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"What kind of “business” does God do? Divine business. If you lovingly obey God’s command, then you are sure to receive love. God’s love has no limitations or stipulations. Only one condition — you give and then you receive.”
With the Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, we are delighted to present our Forty Seventh issue of Ananda Vahini. The weekly newsletter includes interesting musings and short excerpts from the week's events.

We bring you highlights from Bhagawan's visit to South America.

In this week's INNER-VIEW, Brother Madhusudan Naidu shares another interesting moment, in which Swami explained the importance of praticising 'Pranayama' which helps purifying our mind. 

- Sathya Sai Grama Communications Team


-By Sri Madhusudan Naidu
Speaking about a devotee who was having chest congestion while eating food, Swami said, "How can someone breath and eat simultaneously!? When you eat you can't breath, when you breath you can't eat. The number of breaths one can take in a life time are already decided, and therefore if you breath faster you will have to leave early. A dog that breaths faster has a shorter life, likewise a man who is always worried and excited would have short and fast breathing, which reduces his life span. Therefore, through Pranayama, the yogis perfected the art of breathing and thereby lived long and healthy lives. Breath is also the fuel for the mind and faster breathing excites the mind, which is then difficult to control. When we are calm we tend to breath slowly. So, as both breath and mind are interlinked, by breathing slowly we can calm the mind and bring it under control. Practise Pranayama which is a part of the eight fold path of yoga and conquer the vagaries of the mind. Once the mind is pure and still like the waters of the lake, it can help you see the bottom of the lake, which is the truth within you.



The morning was bright and sunny, and everyone gathered once again at the Berra residence for the morning satsang. Swami was served South Indian breakfast, as youth and a few volunteers started slowly trickling in to the villa.

Swami came down to the living room, and asked them to sing a few bhajans after which He asked Mr Isaac Tigrett to speak. Mr Tigrett, though old in body, considered himself young in spirit as He said, “I am a 16-year-old boy trapped in a 69-year-old body”. He then shared his experiences in life wherein the very first business opportunity came to him as a reward for the labour of love for his mother. The money that he had saved up working in a biscuit factory in London when he was just 20, to gift his distraught mother, who had lost her husband and two sons, a beautiful car, a 1940 Rolls Royce, was the first business deal he ever struck, which sold at a whopping $2,50,000/- in late 60s and provided the seed capital for Hard Rock Cafe. He advised young ones to do everything with Love. Swami’s message of ‘love all serve all’, till date has been printed on a billion t-shirts, caps, badges, pins and so on, sold at Hard Rock Cafe. This was Mr Tigrett’s way of spreading the message of Swami, through his business. Perhaps that’s the reason why Hard Rock Cafe is the only brand that has survived the test of times! He fondly remembered and acknowledged gratefully, the contributions of Bob Dylan who has been awarded the Nobel prize for literature this year.

The next youthful speaker for the day was Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, who came to Swami at the age of 19 and since then has been at the Divine Lotus Feet. It was Mother’s Day in Argentina, and he remembered the lessons that he had learnt both from his physical mother and also the divine mother, ‘Sai Maatha’. Working for Swami all his life has given him fulfilment ....

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Youth Meet at the Berra Residence
Residence of Mrs Frinn
Mr Issac Tigrett addressing the gathering at the residence of Mrs Frinn

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has been travelling all over the world in the Subtle to keep His promise of visiting their countries. Below is the link to the Google Drive library of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s divine visits overseas.

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Everyone packed and was ready to leave for the next destination of Bariloche in the morning, which is nestled in the lap of the beautiful Andes mountains in the Patagonia region. After breakfast, Swami granted interviews to a few families and Arati was offered.

Bhagawan’s entourage proceeded to the Buenos Airport, and landed in the afternoon at Bariloche. The flight from Buenos Aires to Bariloche was mostly filled with the devotees who were following Swami and so when all disembarked at the airport, one could hear excited ‘Sairams’ everywhere!

Dr Ricardo Gustavo, Bhagawan’s host at Bariloche waited eagerly to welcome everyone. As Bhagawan’s entourage stepped out of the airport to a view of snow capped mountains. Bariloche borders Nahuel Huapi, a large glacial lake surrounded by the Andes Mountains. Soon the entourage was whisked away from the airport in small shuttles and cars and we were on our way to Villa La Angostura, a most scenic place, an hour and half drive from Bariloche town. The drive to the residence of Dr Gustavo and his wife Mrs Sylvia to Villa la Angostura was stunning, and is said to be one of the most beautiful scenic routes in the world! It was simply breathtaking.

Bariloche is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, a part of the Andes mountains towards the southern west Argentina sharing its borders with Chile.

Circumventing the Great Lake with five parts surrounded by snow capped peaks, Bhagawan’s entourage reached ‘Ruca Sai’, the residence of Dr Gustavo and his wife Mrs Sylvia. ‘Ruca Sai’ means ‘Home of Sai’. A board right outside the property greeted the Lord. It was one of the most beautiful places! Swami’s home...

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The magnificient view of Andes Mountains

City of Bariloche, nestled in the lap of Andes Mountains 

'Ruca Sai’ (The Home of Sai), the residence of Dr Gustavo and his wife Mrs Sylvia in Bariloche
Another beautiful view of 'Ruca Sai’ 
Precious moments with Dr Gustavo and his family
Satsang at Ruca Sai in the evening


It was a very cold morning, temperature dipped to almost five degrees, and the snow capped Andes looked even more astounding. A trip by Cruiser, to the Myrtles National Park, Los Arrayanes National Park, was arranged. From Ruca Sai, after a very early breakfast, Bhagawan and His entourage proceeded to Puerto la Monzana, the dockyard, where the Lord and His entourage boarded the white Cruiser, to the myrtle tree forest on Quetrihué Peninsula. The Cruiser, with powerful engines was waiting, and everyone took their seats with the Lord right beside them, and set sail across the waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi. It was cozy and intimate. The Lord of the Universe, with His hand picked devotees in a mesmerising place like Villa la Angostura, in Argentina, heading for a walk in the forest! It was unreal!

Lake Nahuel Huapi looked pristine and stunning, as Bhagawan’s entourage with chosen guests which included Mrs and Mr Jorge Berra, Mrs and Mr David Cornsweet, Mrs and Mr Divyogi Patel, Mrs and Mr Ravi Pillay, along with the Lord boarded the ferry. Dr Gustavo and his son, Mauro, explained about the surrounds, the scenic beauty and the myrtle tress.

The ferry reached the shores of the forest, after a short 20 minutes ride. Two dogs which were on the peninsula, greeted the Lord and kept everyone company until the very end. Swami led the way through the Myrtle trees and the precious hour spent walking with the Lord will be etched in memory...

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Bhagawan admiring His own creation at Myrtle tree forest
The Myrtle tree forest on Quetrihué Peninsula, Bariloche
Swami with His chosen devotees at the forest
Tom Wesley Cabalgatas Horse Riding Ranch

Sai Temple - Valle Escondido Sai Group at the Ranch

Satsang at the Wesleys Ranch
Guests on the dias with Bhagawan

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