Issue Twenty - April 21, 2016
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“There are six relatives for every person – they are nothing but the eternal values: Sathyam or Truth is the mother; Jnanam or wisdom is the father; Daya or compassion is the friend; Dharma or right conduct, is the brother; Shanthi or peace of mind is the wife and Kshama or forgiveness, is the son. These are the six eternal values which are your true relatives. There are only two things which are permanent and remain with us: Sathya and Dharma, truth and righteousness.”                                                                                                                                  - Baba
With the Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, we are delighted to present our twentieth issue of Ananda Vahini. The weekly newsletter includes interesting musings and short excerpts from the week's events.

In this week's issue, the stories are set in Sathya Sai Grama and later cover Bhagawan's first leg of His current three-nation trip to Italy, Croatia and Greece.

Among the stories set in Sathya Sai Grama are, the auspicious Bhoomi Puja of the new Gokulam (Diary) and the combined celebrations of Vishu, Tamil New Years and Rama Navami on April 14, 2016

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Auspicious Bhoomi Puja of the new Gokulam (Diary) and Divine Message

This body is given to us in order to help others. This word ‘paropakara’ is made up of three small words: ‘para’, ‘upa’, and ‘kara‘. ‘Para‘ means God, ‘upa’ means near, and ‘kara‘ is that which takes you (near God). What takes you nearer to God is ‘paropakara’. If you want to go nearer to God, you need to become dearer to God first.  What makes us really dear to God is doing what He really loves and likes. Loving everyone, serving everyone is what is very dear to Swami.

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Bhoomi Puja of the New Gokulam at Sathya Sai Grama

Combined Celebration of Vishu, Tamil New Years and Rama Navami on April 14, 2016 at Sathya Sai Grama

What is true character? Character is the ability to always do truthful and righteous acts at all times. For every act that Rama did the basis was Dharma or righteousness. Rama was the very embodiment of Dharma. Rama came to hear of what Kaikeyi had asked of His father. He taught His father that being a king you should forgive your wife, grant her wishes and demonstrate that you are an ideal king. For Dasharatha, there was a clash between his individual Dharma (the father’s Dharma) and the Dharma of the King. He gave up his individual Dharma and practiced what is good for the society.

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A Scintillating Musical Presentation by Bombay Jayashree
Divine Discourse which was based on the Great Epic Ramayana

Divine Visit – Padova, Italy, April 15-16, 2016 

“Since the Sathya Yuga has started, when will all the fights and unrest end?” Was another question asked. Swami said, “Yes, you are right, Kali Yuga has ended, and Sathya Yuga has commenced. The sun rises at a particular time in India, and few hours later in the Middle East, and much later in Europe and America. While the Indians are basking in the sunlight, there is still some parts of the world which is still sleeping. Likewise, Sathya Yuga has begun in India and slowly spreading to the rest of the world. It is slowly shining ‘divinity’ in the sleeping minds of the people, and people are slowly waking up. It will happen gradually, and it is happening. This is the good news.

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Satsang in Padova, Italy
Musical Presentation at the Lotus Feet

Divine Visit – Padova, Italy, April 17, 2016 

After the eventful Youth Meet the previous day, which also had the ‘youthful’ due to the lack of seats for the public satsang, all were geared up to meet their Beloved Lord. Being a Sunday, it augmented well for everyone!

In the morning Swami sent His entourage out to visit some heritage Venetian villas, and when everyone returned He asked the host, “What did you see in those villas?” Mr Ampilio replied, ” paintings, architecture, richly decorated rooms etc.”

Swami asked, “Well, did you find happiness and peace there?”

“No, Swami”, was the reply.

“Happiness and peace are the properties of God. Only He is capable of giving them. All these properties are not going to confer happiness. Yet people go on accumulating wealth and properties, thinking they will be happy. Happiness is union with God”, said Swami.

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Arrival of the Lord to a Full House!!
Satsang in Progress

Divine Visit - Cisternino, Italy, April 18, 2016 

Bhagawan’s entourage, along with Mr and Mrs Ampilio, their daughter Mrs Silvia Velada, and Mr and Mrs Salvatore Iozzia, landed at the Bari International Airport, and reached Cisternino, which was an hour’s drive. It was an early start to the day, as the flight from Venice to Bari was at 7 am.

As the entourage entered ‘IL PORTICO’, a resort built in the typical Trulli architecture, a sense of tranquility took over. It is also the only vegetarian resort in that area. The place was a wonderful confluence of Man, Nature and God, and a little private Trulli was decorated as Swami’s beautiful residence.

Cisternino has a unique landscape of green valleys and small hills, interspersed with stone huts with tall conical roofs. There are plenty of them, now bought over by farmers and businessmen and renovated and restructured to suit a modern day living.

The moment Swami entered His little residence, He called everybody inside. All squeezed in to the small room, where a stone throne was made for Swami in a wall, that caved in to double up as a seat. The handful of people gathered around Him; it was such a nice and cozy feeling, literally in God’s lap! Truly indescribable!

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