Issue Fifty Four - December 15, 2016
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"Men today are affected by praise or blame. But one who is filled with divine love transcends praise or censure. He is unaffected by criticism or flattery. He treats alike joy and sorrow, profit and loss, victory and defeat."
With the Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, we are delighted to present our Fifty fourth issue of Ananda Vahini.  The weekly newsletter includes interesting musings and short excerpts from the week's events.

In this issue, we bring you the video of Annapoorna Breakfast initiative and a report on the first anniversary celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust which took place on December 11, 2016.

In this week's INNER-VIEW, Brother Madhusudan Naidu shares another interesting moment between an elderly couple and the Lord.

- Sathya Sai Grama Communications Team


-By Sri Madhusudan Naidu

This evening (Dec 15) as Swami was speaking to a very elderly couple who have been His devotee and servants for decades, He revealed a great secret of relationships.

The couple in their 80s have two daughters, married and well settled abroad.

Swami enquired about them and then said, "You are blessed specially as you have only daughters as your children and no sons. This is because if you want to severe the bonds of the earth and cease the cycle of Karmic consequences, you must not have any bondage with anyone including your children. Generally whatever the children do, the consequences are shared by their parents too. Similarly whatever Karma parents undertake, it's results affect the children in turn. In case of daughters, when we get them married off in to another family by performing 'Kanya Daanam' or 'charity of the daughters' and offer them to another person completely thereby severing all Karmic bonds with them, we are free. However in case of the sons, they continue the same lineage as yours and influence your afterlives with their actions. While it's easy to sever the Karmic bonds with daughters through 'Kanya Daanam' or donation, the Karmic bond with sons or male progeny can be severed only if either the son takes Sanyasa (renunciation from the worldly life) or the parents become Sanyasis by renouncing the world."

"Though the Indian scriptures prescribes the ideal life of four stages, the first being Brahmacharya (Celibate life of a student), the second - Grihastha ( The life of a responsible householder), the third stage of Vanaprastha ( The hermit who retires from the worldly duties and spends time serving the society) and finally Sanyasa (The final stage of total renunciation),  not all follow it truly."

"Not everyone leads a spiritual life that naturally makes the person evolve to the final stage of Sanyasa or total cutoff from all ties and thus attain liberation from the Karmic cycles."

"Therefore the people who beget sons must be all the more careful to ensure that all ties that bind are severed before they leave the body."

A revelation indeed!

Annapoorna Breakfast Programme - an initiative for the Underprivileged Children



When divine grace and human effort join hands, even the sky isn’t the limit. The story of how the Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust started and has since touched many lives is a powerful testimony to what the partnership between Man and God can achieve.

The Trust, which started its formal operations a year ago on Bhagawan’s 90th Birthday celebrated its first anniversary in Muddenahalli in the Sri Sathya Sai Hrudaya Mandiram. The programme was attended by over 160 school staff from 90 schools, along with 150 Annapoorna volunteers, who are the backbone of this successful service initiative.

After a few soulful Bhajans, the programme commenced with Veda chanting by children from Sangameshwara High School, Byrasandra, Jayanagar in Bangalore, one of the Breakfast Seva centers. This was followed by a brief introduction of the Trust and its journey the programme.

The audience were then taken on a visual journey, which chronicled the story of how the Trust began, its growth and the lasting impact of the breakfast programme on the school children, their parents, teachers as well as the volunteers through a video documentary, titled ‘Nourishing the Nation through Nutrition’.

How it all started – God proposed, and man followed

In July 2012, following Bhagawan’s command, a small group of volunteers from various professional backgrounds in Bangalore started providing healthy and balanced breakfast, free of cost, to all the school-going children in Doddabelle, a small village in the outskirts of the city. The children began benefiting by this single....

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Gathering of the volunteers and staff for the First Anniversary celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust in the Divine Presence
Veda chanting by children from Sangameshwara High School, Byrasandra, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Sri Jayaprakash Tallam, Trustee, Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust addressing the gathering
Sri K Gopal Krishna, Headmaster, Government Lower Primary School, Bachahalli, Chikkaballapur Taluk addressing the audience
Sri K N Channabasavaiah, Headmaster, Government Lower Primary School, Gowchenahalli addressing the gathering
Smt. Venkata Lakshmamma, Head Chef, Government Lower Primary School, Kanijenahalli and President of Chikkaballapur Taluk for Karnataka Rajya Akshara Dasoha (Bisi Oota) addressing the gathering

Summary of Divine Discourse – December 11, 2016


Serve selflessly to transform yourself

Today the world is on the verge of destruction. If we carefully analyse the reason for it, we would not find any other reason than the increasing selfishness within the human beings. In such a time of immense darkness, there is still a lamp glowing, showing the way or the path to the persons, who are walking. The lamp of love, which is lit here, is glowing not only here but is spreading through the hearts of many devotees, volunteers and students, everywhere. Few years ago when I called Anand and commanded that “You must serve breakfast to the school-going children. Give them a stomach-full of nutritious meal before they attend their classes,” he did not doubt whether it would really happen or not. He was only worried as to how it can be done. And this worry made him work extremely hard to make Swami’s words come true. He would wake up before sunrise because he had to get ready with his office requirements, proceed to the school 20 kilometers away in order to serve breakfast and then from there, proceed to his office and work whole day only  to return late in the night. There was no other support. He was not a student who studied in Swami’s schools or colleges nor was he somebody.....

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Summary of Divine Discourse – December 08, 2016


To attain self-realisation, believe that everything happens by the will of God

Why are we born?  What is the ultimate goal of life? How can we reach the ultimate destination? True education is that which teaches us how to reach the ultimate goal of life. We don’t teach just bookish knowledge in our institutions; we teach and sow the seeds of devotion in the hearts of the children, and therefore they develop such good feelings.

All the students here have recognised the presence of Swami here and they are practising it.  But His form is not seen, His voice is not heard.  How can we know that Swami is truly here? Looking at all the activity that is taking place all around, you can easily conclude that Swami is here. Within a short period, building so many educational institutions and hospitals is not possible for any human being. It is not enough that there is Swami’s will or Swami’s grace. There should also be efforts put in by His instruments. And when effort is combined with grace, all things happen.

But people who are filled with ego and attachment are not able to recognise this truth. If you want to attain and experience God through the sense, you can never achieve it, because the senses are full of ego and attachment. But the heart can experience pure love.

Faith is the foundation. On the foundation of faith, you can build a big mansion. When we recognise that the self does not mean just the body and the mind but the Atma, the Divine principle too, then we will not be afraid of anything that happens in life. Then you will have self-confidence. On the foundation of self-confidence, we build the walls of self-satisfaction. Then you can put the roof of self-sacrifice. What is self-sacrifice? Run away from bad company, get into good company, day and night you involve yourself in meritorious acts, all the time contemplate on what is permanent and what is temporary. Giving up bad qualities is real sacrifice. All the bad qualities are dependent on ego. Therefore, if you remove the roots of ego, even the plants of bad qualities will collapse. Self-satisfaction is very important. What is self-satisfaction? They are not the pleasures...

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