IGS News September 2015
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Elderly care - Illustration photo: Colourbox

Improving quality of life for the elderly

From reducing the incidence of hip fracture, to better understanding mental health and treating pain, IGS researchers have recently been involved in a number of studies presenting results that aim to improve life quality for the elderly as well as providing more support for health care professionals. Read more here.

IGS researchers: Elisabeth Flo, Bettina Husebø, Jorunn Drageset, Gerd K. Natvig, Eva Gjengedal, Cecilie Dahl and Grethe S.Tell.
Trygve Ottersen

What Will It Take to Address the Global Threat of Antibiotic Resistance?

Among the many global health challenges facing the world today, antibiotic resistance is a problem that requires true global collective action. Medical evidence shows that drug-resistant diseases can spread across borders from something as simple as a traveler returning home from abroad. 
Post.doc. Trygve Ottersen has published an article as part of a special symposium in Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics on the global threat of antibiotic resistance. The paper examines the central aspects of accountability relationships in international agreements and lays out ways to strengthen them. Read more here.

Thoughts on how to save humanity

Trygve Ottersen has also contributed alongside prominent politicians and leaders like Margaret Chan, Bill Clinton and Jonas Gahr Støre in a new book from Oxford University Press. The chapter Ottersen has contributed to is part of book with short essays on what single issue matters most for the future of global health. The chapter is entitled “Sharing financial responsibilities”. Read more here. 

A global first

The United Nation’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDG) were officially launched Friday 25 September 2015.  Never before have so many peoples and countries agreed about something.
The Centre for International Health (CIH) co-hosted a mini-seminar with Fafo, one of Norway’s largest organisations for applied social research in Oslo. A number of national leaders participated. Researchers from Norway’s Global Health milieu in Bergen responded with short presentations.

Read more and see the presentations from the miniseminar here.
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Marte Ebbing

Staff and personnel news

This month we are happy to present many new faces!
We welcome two new adjunct Associate Professors (20 %); Marta Ebbing (picture) and Kjell Krüger. Ebbing’s main position is Department Director at The Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Krüger is a Head Physician and Head of Section in the municipality of Bergen, and his position here at IGS is connected to Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine.

We have two new research fellows in Aslaug Johanne Risøy and Kristiane Tislevoll Eide. Risøy is part of the research group in Social Pharmacy and Eide is in the research group Global Health Priorities.
Susanne Meidell


Physiotherapy has a new researcher (50 %) for two years in Kine Melfald Tveten who will be working on the project “Norwegian translation and investigation of interrater reliability of the Infant Motor-Profile”. The research group Lifestyle Epidemiology also has a new researcher in Teresa Finne Haugsgjerd.

In the administration we are happy to welcome two new co-workers. Mirza Mujic is a substitute in our Ph.D.-coordinator position and Jo Even Warpe is our substitute on project economy.
We welcome you all to IGS!

We would also like to thank Susanne Meidell (picture) for her excellent effort in the administration. She now leaves the Department to become a mother of two and we wish her good luck with both motherhood and future employments!

Holiday account at zero

We kindly ask you to register all of your earned vacation days in Pagaweb as soon as possible. Your holiday account in Pagaweb needs to be at zero. Click here for guidelines. Thank you!

 New doctors

Sept 2 Guttorm Raknes (Dr. Philos) defended his thesis “Reisetid, reiseavstand og bruk av legevakt”
Sept 11 Marit Stordal Bakken defended her thesis “Potentially inappropriate drug use and hip fractures among older people. Pharmacoepidemiological studies”
Sept 14 Oscar Tranvåg defend his thesis “Dignity-preserving care for persons living with dementia”
Sept 30 Elizabeth H. Shayo (picture) defended her thesis “Stakeholder engagement in health-related decision making. The Case of Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in Tanzania”

Congratulations from IGS!

Upcoming disputations

Oct 2 Bodil Bø Våga (picture) will defend her thesis: “Scrutinizing care in nursing practice. An ethnographic study of nurse-mother interaction in programmes to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child in Tanzania”
Oct 5 Arne Michael Taxt will defend his thesis: “Characterisation of toxic, antigenic and cross-reactive determinants of the heat-stable toxin of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli. Towards rational design of a toxoid vaccine”
Oct 9 Eli Natvik will defend her thesis: “Carrying the weight of uncertainty: Patients’ long-term experiences after bariatric surgery”
Oct 16 Razia Kaniz Fatima will defend her thesis: “Assesing the burden of missing tuberculosis cases in Pakistan“
Nov 2 Håkon Hofstad will defend his thesis: “Early Supported Discharge after stroke in Bergen. Effects on functional outcome and outcome predictors studied in a threearmed randomised controlled trial comparing rehabilitation in a day unit and in the patients` homes with treatment as usual”


Oct 14 10:00 Utdanningsseminar IGS, se program her (PDF)
Oct 14 19:00 Filosofisk poliklinikk: Helseledelse – lytting eller lærhud? Jan Vincents Johannessen i samtale med Edvin Schei. Litteraturhuset i Bergen
Nov 9-10 Konferanse: Arbeidsmiljø på Vestlandet 2015 (ARV-konferansen), Bergen
Nov 27 Håndtering av vold og trusler – innføringskurs for ledere, påmeldingsfrist innen 20. november
2016, Mar 10-11 ORPHEUS Conference: Lost in translation: from medical studies to clinical research, Cologne, Germany

EU Project recruiting participants to interview

One of the Marie Curie research projects at UiB is recruiting participants to interview. The project is particularly interested in recruiting participants who work in faculty positions (Assistant professor or professor) and in administrative positions; 4-5 from each category.
Participants should speak Norwegian, and consider Norway their current and future home. They also need to have been affiliated with the university for at least four years. The project intends to understand their experiences, both positive and negative, being perceived as “other” in Norway, particularly in the university context. Participants will be anonymized. Read more here (in Norwegian)

See the full calendar here. 
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