IGS News November 2015
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Guri Rørtveit

New Head of Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care! 

Guri Rørtveit, Professor and current leader of the Research Unit for General Practice at Uni Research, has been employed as the new head of IGS. Rørtveit has also been employed at IGS as an Adjunct Professor, and she has been affiliated to the department since 1997. For the past 6 months she has functioned as the Research Director of Uni Research.
Rørtveit will enter into the new position 1st of January, when the current Head, Rolv Terje Lie will step down from this position. IGS would like to thank him for the great work he has done in this job!
Rørtveit would like to invite all employees to an open meeting at Wednesday 6th of January, at 11-12 in the canteen in Kalfarveien 31. She will talk about her plans and ideas for the Department, and there will be ample time for discussion. More information will follow.
We congratulate Guri Rørtveit, and welcome her as the new Head of Department!
Children - Illustration Photo: Colourbox

New study:
Saving children from HIV 

12 months of liquid HIV drugs for babies during breastfeeding from HIV positive mothers protects them from infection, shows a new study published in The Lancet. “37 million people are living with HIV globally. Our study raises the hope that fewer children in low income countries will be infected in the future,“ says Professor Thorkild Tylleskär at the Centre for International Health, IGS. Other authors from CIH include Professors Ingunn M.S. Engebretsen and Halvor Sommerfelt, and PhD Candidates Eric Some and David Rutagwera. Read more here
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Paternity change does not increase abruption risk

Professors Rolv Skjærven and Kari Klungsøyr of the Registry-based Studies of Familial Risks research group were two of the authors of the study. The work sheds light on the association between change in paternity and abruption risk, as well as the role of the interval between births. It is part of the group’s research activity into the relation between adverse pregnancy complications and long-term morbidity and mortality of the mother and the father. 
Read more here.
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Increased physical activity can improve quality of life

Gerd Karin Natvig and Randi Jepsen, from the Life Phenomena and Quality of Life research group, undertook a 2-year lifestyle intervention study with a group of severely obese adults. The main results of the study showed that by increasing physical activity, severely obese individuals may improve their quality of life, whether or not they actually lose weight. 
Read more here. 
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Copyright: Kristin Skrede og Brita C. Aaslie-Fjell

Reablement in community-dwelling older adults: A randomised controlled trial

Picture copyright: Kristin Skrede og Brita C. Aaslie-Fjell

The growth in the ageing population, in combination with an expected shortage of health-care personnel present a huge challenge to future health-care costs in developed countries. A radical rethink of health-care services is required in order to address this challenge. As a consequence, there has been an increasing interest in home-care re-ablement services in recent years. Reablement aims to improve home-care services for older people needing care or experiencing functional decline. The health-care providers are organised into a multidisciplinary team whose members work together with the person towards shared goals. PhD Candidate Hanne Tuntland is the first author of this study, which is the first RCT on reablement conducted in Europe. 
Read more about the study and its conclusions here.
Ingunn M. S. Engebretsen

Staff and personnel news

We have the pleasure of presenting a new professor at IGS. Ingunn Marie S. Engebretsen (picture) is employed as professor (100 %) in global nutrition, and she is located at the Centre for International Health. Congratulations!

Miriam Gjerdevik has started her Ph.D. at the research group Genetic Epidemiology. She is employed as a research fellow for four years.
Cecilie Køhler is employed as a temporary staff engineer at the project TB Trials, a project run by Harleen Grewal.
Tiril Grimeland is permanently employed to administer and coordinate The Centre for Interdisciplinary Work-Place Learning in Primary Care (TVEPS).

New doctors

Nov 2 Håkon Hofstad: “Early Supported Discharge after stroke in Bergen. Effects on functional outcome and outcome predictors studied in a threearmed randomised controlled trial comparing rehabilitation in a day unit and in the patients` homes with treatment as usual” PhD press release
Nov 6 George M. Ruhago (picture): Economic evaluation and equity impact analysis of interventions for maternal and child health in Tanzania: Evidence for fair and efficient priority setting PhD press release
Nov 12 Tina Taule: Stroke rehabilitation in the context of early supported discharge. Quantitative and qualitative aspects of daily life after mild-to-moderate stroke
PhD press release
Nov 24 Amani Thomas Mori: Pharmacoeconomics and formulary decisionmaking in Tanzania: Generating evidence for antimalarial drugs PhD press release

Congratulations from IGS!

Upcoming disputations

Dec 8 Selia Ng’anjo Phiri (picture), thesis: Maternal health care services in Zambia: Access barriers to facility childbirth and unmet obstetric need PhD press release
Dec 15 Hallgeir Kismul, thesis: Determinants of child malnutrition Studies from a rural area in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Nye forskernettverk  –  medisinsk og helsefaglig forskning
COST er en europeisk nettverksorganisasjon der de fleste landene i Europa (herunder Norge og alle EU-landene) er medlemmer. En viktig oppgave for COST er å fremme europeisk forskningssamarbeid ved å igangsette vitenskapelige nettverk ("COST-aksjoner").
Norges forskningsråd koordinerer prosessen med henblikk på norsk deltakelse i COST-aksjoner. Seniorrådgiver Hans Hellebostad er kontaktperson for aksjonene innenfor medisin/helse og kjemi. Ved interesse for å delta bes man om å ta kontakt med Hellebostad innen 8. januar 2016Mer info og kontaktinfo (.DOC)
Generell informasjon om COST kan finnes under og .

Stipend til norske studenter for studier i USA - Frist 18. desember
Studenter som tenker på å søke utveksling eller ta helgrad i utlandet: Norge-Amerika Foreningen (NORAM) har stipend for master/PhD studier i USA. Beløpene varierer fra $3 000 - $20 000 og blir gitt på bakgrunn av behov og akademisk kvalitet.  Søknadsfrist er 18. desember for studieopphold høst 2016/vår 2017. 
NORAM har gitt ut stipend siden 1919, og har støttet over 5300 personer med deres utdanning i USA. Mer info: 


Dec 2 19:00 Filosofisk poliklinikk: Den indre dialogen - selvforakt eller selvmedfølelse?  Psykolog Per-Einar Binder tenker høyt sammen med filosof Anne Granberg, begge ved UiB. Litteraturhuset
Dec 4 Seminar: Ethical Development Practice: Achieving Genuine Partnerships – A seminar in honour of Professor Emerita Gro Th. Lie, Aud A3, Dragefjellet More info and registration here.
Dec 4 19:00 Julebord IGS/FHI: Tema: Hattefest! 
Dec 10 Kommunikasjonsfrokost UiB - Hvordan profilere forskningen din på nett - påmeldingsfrist 7.desember.
Dec 16 Instituttråd IGS, Innkallinger og referat vil bli tilgjengelig her.

Mitt UiB: ny læringsplattform ved UiB: Informasjon om kursæringsplattform-ved-uib

2016, Mar 10-11 ORPHEUS Conference: Lost in translation: from medical studies to clinical research, Cologne, Germany

See the full calendar here. 
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