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I have a few things to share in this newsletter, including a gift for you!

Though I’ve been a long time reader of speculative fiction, I’ve always enjoyed a good love story. I love romance! My favourite books all have a strong element of romance in them, most with a satisfying happy ever after for the heroes and heroines. For me, love is something to fight for. It’s a perfectly good reason to save the world. The fact that everyone else gets to live is also good, but y’know, when everyone is kissing at the end, the sighs are more happy than simply relieved.

Last year I wrote my first Valentine story and When Was the Last Time is easily one of my favourites. It’s not a tale of new love, but of enduring love, and what happens when we forget how precious that is.

Paul doesn’t have to save the world to win Evan’s heart—he already has it. He’s had it for fifteen years. The years haven’t necessarily dulled his passion, either, it’s more that he’s begun to take his happy ever after for granted. Life has a way of wearing the shine off a lot of things. Days become weeks, become months and years, and sometimes we forget that the things we expect to always be there sometimes fade with the passage of time.

When Evan reminds Paul that it’s been over a year since they made love—not counting the quickies in the shower—Paul is understandably shocked. Then sad. Then he does a lot of flailing, because my characters often indulge in a good flail, physical and mental. I loved writing Paul as he reflected on his relationship with Evan. I loved exploring the depth of what they felt for each other… and taunting him with how easy it was to let something so precious slip away.

The best part of this story is the end, though. Because it’s romantic and because happy ever afters can arrive at any stage of a relationship. New love isn’t always the best love!

I mentioned gifts!



I have some bookmarks for When Was the Last Time, Block and Strike and Chaos Station and I’d love to send some to you! Email me at and tell me what you want and where to send it. International addresses are fine!

I’m working on book plate thingies for Block and Strike. I have a design, but have to wait until my daughter can fit an SAI Paint lesson into her busy schedule. ;)

A Reading Recommendation

On a recent visit with a friend where we, surprise, surprise, talked about books and gay romance in particular, we both lamented over the fact there isn’t a lot of historical gay romance set in North America. I’m talking Lonesome Dove (with less death and more kissing) and The Grapes of Wrath (with less depression and more kissing). Where are the Civil War stories where soldiers from opposing armies fall in love? The cattle driving epics? Adventures on the American Frontier?

Well, it so happens I finally found one. It’s called Man & Beast by Michael Jensen (no relation!) and it’s such a fantastic book. Everything I was looking for: men against the elements in the harsh environment of early settlement, high adventure and action, history, sex, and a critical look at what it meant to be a gay man in the American Frontier. There’s also a love story, which as we all know, will sell me on any book.

The year is 1797, and 24-year-old John Chapman is lost on the American frontier with winter falling fast. Near death, he stumbles upon a lone cabin, and the owner, a rugged but sexy frontiersman named Daniel McQuay, agrees to let John winter over.

John and Daniel quickly find themselves drawn to each other, the sex between them unlike anything John has ever known. But as the weeks turn into snowbound months, Daniel begins to change into someone brutish, and the line between man and beast disappears.

With the arrival of spring, John flees, eventually finding refuge in the company of a group of frontier outcasts, including a brash young settler named Palmer. But in the wilds of this savage land, love is not so easily tamed, and John soon finds himself calling upon the raging animal within him to save the man he loves.

Man & Beast, which The Advocate calls “equal parts romance novel and history lesson, heaped with sex and violence,” is the first book in the Savage Lands, a series that celebrates the untold gay history of the American frontier. Man & Beast is for fans of Harper Fox, Jerry Cole, K.J. Charles, and Mary Renault, as well as anyone who enjoys pulse-pounding suspense and romance.

Visit Michael’s Website to read more about the Savage Lands series, or check out his books on Amazon! (Psst! It's only 99c!)

Newsletter changes

Because the Chaos Station series is finished and Jenn and I want to talk about our new projects (whether solo or joint), we’ve decided to rebrand this list. I have plans to write more science fiction, but my focus is on contemporary romance right now—with the occasional kitty cat shifter thrown in. (This means, yes, I am writing sequel to Best in Show. Working title is Road Rash!) Jenn’s focus is more on paranormal romance. So we’ll be sending separate newsletters from here on out. Of course, we will both share news of any collaborative projects. :)

Okay, this has been a really long newsletter. If you’ve made it to the end, yay you! Just a couple more things. Next month we’ll be celebrating the second anniversary of Chaos Station. I have a lot of fun things planned, including gifts, a giveaway and a very different sort of story for the guys. The next novella in my Counting series is also releasing late in March, so I’ll be showing off the cover for that, and generally getting all excited about it.
Until then, you can always find me on social media.
Love to all, Kelly
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