Vol. 2 - #3 Summer 2016
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Stan Kurth, NWS

"Windowpane #2"
25 X 19 inches - Acrylic on Yupo
Selected for the 36th Annual San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition
October 1st Through October 31st
SDWS Gallery, 2825 Dewey Road, Studio 105, San Diego, CA 92106

Greetings  <<First Name>>,

Hope you're doing well this summer. Although it's officially not quite summer temps here in Arizona have already reached a blazing 116 degrees and more on the way, supposed to be 118 today. I hate it when the weather forecasters say 102 is cool. Really!? Anyway, the painting above was accepted into the 36th Annual San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition, much thanks to juror Mark Mehaffey for selecting my work. Instead of shipping the painting I'm going to do what I've done the last two years, drive it out to San Diego from Phoenix. It's a long day but one I enjoy. Once there I deliver the painting and check out whatever exhibit is showing at the SDWS Gallery then head over to Slater's right around the corner for a delicious hamburger and a cold brew from a selection of 125 on tap. Then it's off to Captain Hunt Tobacconist for a Flor De Las Antilles, torch it up and enjoy the view from the patio looking out across the bay to Coronado. Then back to Phoenix.

I have new gallery representation! You can see and purchase my work at Esprit Decor Gallery & Framing, 5555 N 7th Street, Suite 122, Phoenix, AZ 85014. In the short time I've been there I have sold 2 paintings. The two pieces immediately below are currently being shown there. 
Coastal Anxiety #12
19 X 25 inches
Acrylic and Gesso on Yupo
Orange Sunshine #2
21 X 14 inches
Watercolor, Acrylic and Gesso on Paper

Recent Work

Workshop Demo
Loner #5
21 X 14 inches
Watercolor, Acrylic and Gesso on Paper

The painting above was a demo for my last workshop. I made a couple of small tweaks in the studio and left it like this. And at least for now I'm happy with it. In the past my process took more pausing and looking time and sometimes a complete restart after thinking too much and making the wrong move totally from a left brained cognitive perspective. Sometimes I'll get so irritated with a painting I'll slash out on the painting with the brush venting pent up frustration and what do you know. emotion shows up and I'm back on track. Lately I find many works just seem to flow from the start or at some point in the initial process. I attribute much of this not having to look at a piece as much to drawing every day. I'm not drawing to hone my drawing skills, although that happens because everyone knows practice makes perfect. I'm drawing in the same intuitive manner that I paint. Composition is critical and that's exactly why all of my drawings start with a box or frame within which the composition begins. This way I'm not annoyed by the edge or binding of the book and it helps me see more clearly where the composition is heading. So each drawing is just as much a statement as any of my paintings. You capture the attention of your audience with composition and keep their attention with content. So drawing is practice, but peculiarly it's even more intuitive than the painting process for me, I suppose the reason being I have less left brain decisions to make like brush choice, color choice. cleaning, etc., etc., etc. These are decisions if not made in a timely semi-conscious manner can hinder the process, but tend to leave the studio a disaster area. When drawing however, it's just me and the ink pen moving along to unknown destinations. My major areas of concentration while drawing are value, shape, texture and line. The content just comes along whether I like it or not. Below is a recent drawing. Concerning composition, I'm pleased. Concerning content, you decipher. If you'd like to see more drawings check out my website.

Loner #6
24 X 24 inches
Mixed Media on Canvas


Freedom in Watermedia Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach students to paint in an intuitive manner starting with no preconceived notion or outcome. There will be no preliminary planning or drawing. Emotions and feelings will dictate direction as students use a variety of techniques to implement color, texture, line, shape and value. Instruction will start with arbitrary mark making and color application, working transparent to opaque building layers using a variety of mark making tools, watercolor, gesso and Acrylic. The intuitive process relies on "seeing" so there will be constant evaluation of work in progress and relationships between shape, texture, line, color and value. It is entirely possible finished work may be representational, but the goal is something aesthetically pleasing, unique and reflective of the artist's mind. 

Arizona Art Supply - June 25th, 2016 - 9:30AM to 4:00PM
Arizona Art Supply - Phoenix is located at 4025 North 16th Street Phoenix, AZ 85016 - Only a few spots left!

Inspirations of Art Studio - October 10-12, 2016
801 Monroe NW Suite 01, Grand Rapids, MI 33028, 616.432.3069
Registration & Information

WHAM Community Art Center - November 3, 2016, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Watermedia Techniques on Paper (Watercolor, Acrylic and Gesso) 
WHAM Community Art Center is located at 16560 N. Dysart Road, Surprise, AZ 85378

Gold Coast Watercolor Society - January 17-19, 2017
1350 East Sunrise Boulevard, Suite 113, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304,
Phone: (954) 560-8665
Registration & Information

Arizona Watercolor Association - March 11, 2017
Arizona Artists Guild Building, 18411 N. 7th Ave.,  Phoenix AZ 
9:00 AM to 4:00PM
Registration & Information

If you're interested and would like more details or want to register you can reply to this email or contact me through my website. Arizona Watercolor Association, Inspirations of Art Studio and Gold Coast Watercolor Society have their own registration. Click on the respective "Registration and Information" links to register for those workshops.

Here are two blog posts published by students who have taken my workshop and written about the experience in their respective blogs.
An artist whose work I admire:
Randall David Tipton November  -  Oil on Panel  -  20 X 20 inches

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