Seven things that are happening this week.
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What's Happening This Week

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Monday - 6:20PM

Welcome To Me
Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street

4:05 and 6:20 are pretty inconvenient times to watch a movie, but Shira Piven's Welcome To Me is so phenomenally weird and wonderful that it's worth the trip to Thayer Street. Alice Klieg (Kristin Wiig) goes off her Abilify and wins the California state lottery, using the funds to buy herself a talk show. Her checkbook wins over a struggling local network whose primary moneymaker is an infomercial about algae smoothies, and before she knows it Alice is on TV, eating meatloaf cake and stage directing progressively prettier actresses hired to re-enact her childhood traumas.

Tuesday - 12:00PM

Mobile Museum of American Artifacts
Olneyville Library, 1 Olneyville Square

In Emily St. John Mandel's 2014 novel Station Eleven, a survivor trapped for years in a post-apocalyptic airport creates a Museum of Civilization, a place for people to leave relics of their previous lives. The book is amazing. The real apocalypse hasn't hit yet, but the idea sounds a little bit like the year-old Mobile Museum of American Artifacts devised by artist/archivist Laurelin Kruse. The 1968 Cardinal trailer, only forty square feet in total, moves around Providence all week, settling in Olneyville today from 12-5:30. Visitors are encouraged to bring along an artifact to donate to the museum's collection.

Wednesday - 1:00PM

From Here To Eternity
Barrington Public Library, 281 County Road

From Here To Eternity was the second highest-grossing film of 1953, winning eight Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay, as well as Best Supporting Actor (Frank Sinatra) and Best Supporting Actress (Donna Reed). It's also very good. The adulterous beach makeout between Deborah Kerr and hunky Burt Lancaster is iconic for a reason, and Montgomery Clift is perfect as a bullied soldier who slowly falls in love with a prostitute. (Well, in the novel she's a prostitute, in the movie version she's a friendly hostess at a social club for sailors. It was 1953, after all.)

Thursday - 9:30PM

A Troop Of Echoes / Snowplows / Gondoliers
/ Gertrude Atherton / Solus
AS220, 115 Empire Street

Confession: I don't make it to nearly as many live shows as I used to. And it's generally way easier to get motivated about bands from out of town because of the sense that I'll always be able to see the locals next time, or the time after. Which shouldn't be the case! Somerville noise-pop trio Gondoliers are in town tonight with three Providence rock bands that have been around for a while now. This show also marks the debut of Solus, featuring members of Tenants and The Hurt Ensemble.


The Subject
Proxy, 270 Westminster Street

It's been a short but good run for Proxy, the downtown gallery which closes for good today. (For those keeping track, Downcity will officially go back to having zero commercial gallery spaces, a shame considering the number of working artists and MFA candidates living there.) Proxy's final show is one of their better ones. Highlights include curator Kyle Laidig's own The Subject and Negotiation, two separate pieces comprised of a bubbly video projected over (and reflected by) a pile of 1400 Plexiglas jigsaw puzzle pieces. I also really like the clinically cold photographs of Luke Moore, scale-defying plaster abstractions that succeed in their juxtaposition of formal precision with visual confusion.

Saturday - 7:00PM

Providence Noir
Books On The Square, 471 Angell Street

It was only a matter of time before Akashic's series of city-based noir stories made it to Providence. (This year they're also releasing anthologies about Belfast, Zagreb and Buffalo.) Our local edition was prefaced by a minor kerfuffle last winter, when Buddy Cianci noisily excised his name and story from the book. (Editor Ann Hood's husband started the Anybody But Cianci campaign last fall. Oh well.) That didn't stop fourteen other writers from contributing crime stories, however, and at least half of the writers will be on hand to read at Books On The Square. Among those included are mystery novelist Bruce DeSilva, Crazy Heart author Thomas Cobb, and goofy Kingpin director Peter Farrelly.

Sunday - 2:30PM

Entertaining Mr. Sloane
2nd Story Theatre
28 Market Street, Warren

Joe Orton's over-the-top farce features a creepy, competitive brother and sister who both fall hard for a young drifter and compete for his attentions despite the protests of their doddering father, who saw the young man commit murder a few years back. Despite the lewd themes, the London Drama Critics gave the twisted comedy the award for Best Play of 1964. This week's matinee performance is followed by a post-show discussion, of what I can't imagine.
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