Seven things that are happening this week.
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What's Happening This Week

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Monday - 4:10PM

The Third Man
Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street

Orson Welles would have been 100 this year, and Rialto Pictures is celebrating with a restoration of Carol Reed’s The Third Man, starring Welles as the mysterious Harry Lime. Graham Greene’s zippy story takes place in shadowy Vienna, where cheap novelist Holly Martins (Joseph Cotton) arrives to find that his old friend Harry was just killed by a speeding car. The story doesn’t quite add up, though, and ominous warnings only make Martins even more curious. Featuring one of film's most famous theme songs, The Third Man won the Palme d’Or at Cannes and in 1999 the BFI named it the best British film of all time.

Tuesday - 9:00PM

AS220, 115 Empire Street

Virginia doom quintet Windhand kick off their summer tour in Providence. Grief’s Infernal Flower, the band’s third album, will be released in September, and lead single “Two Urns” features six and a half minutes of crushingly heavy guitars paired with Dorthia Cottrell’s spacious and almost shoegazer-y vocals. (Cottrell’s solo album from earlier this year is great, by the way. Creepy folk songs and even a Gram Parsons cover. But this show’s not really going to sound anything like that.) Pilgrim and Second Grave are also on the bill.

Wednesday - 7:00PM

Murder In Rhode Island
Warwick Public Library
600 Sandy Lane

Danny Walsh made a mint in the twenties as a rum runner, selling Canadian spirits for the Irish mob out of his mansion in Charlestown. Rhode Island was a haven for bootleggers (it never ratified the 18th Amendment)but Walsh was wanted by the government for tax evasion and by mob rivals for plenty of other reasons. Rumor has it that Walsh’s enemies encased his body in cement and threw him into Block Island Sound in February of 1933. Local true crime historian Kelly Sullivan Pezza has all the details.

Thursday - 8:00PM

Henry V
Wilcox Park
71 1/2 High Street, Westerly

Is Wilcox Park the nicest public park in Rhode Island? It might be. Adjacent to (and owned by) Westerly Public Library, the downtown park features sixteen acres of rolling hills and landscaped gardens.  It’s supposed to be sunny and 93 in Providence on Thursday, so it’s convenient that the Colonial Theatre’s summer Shakespeare production just started. Colin Ryan’s in the title role as Henry, the fifteenth century king with his sights set on France.

Friday - 11:00PM

The Princess Bride
Cinemaworld Lincoln Mall 16
622 George Washingon Highway, Lincoln


I remember The Princess Bride as a hilarious adventure story for children, but it’s been about twenty years and rewatching the trailer now it looks more like if Mel Brooks had been asked to do a PG-rated remake of a Monty Python sketch. It might be great? It might also be insufferable! In any case, it’s your only chance to see Christopher Guest, Carol Kane, and Andre the Giant in the same movie. It’s playing on the big screen for two nights as part of Cinemaworld’s summer-long Cult Classics series. (Next week is Spaceballs, speaking of Mel Brooks.)


60 Valley Street, Unit 3

Grin's oddly titled summer group show focuses on mankind's ever more awkward relationship to the natural world. Highlights include Raina Belleau's Brood, a video in which the Providence-via-Minnesota artist dons the crazy garb of whooping crane preservationists. In order to prevent young cranes from becoming attached to their caregivers, people in abstracted bird costumes feed young birds via beaked hand puppets. Across the room, Maria Molteni's great video installation pairs color filtered footage of a tanning bed with field recordings of cicadas.

Sunday - 2:30PM

Die, Mommie, Die!
2nd Story Theatre
28 Market Street, Warren

A washed-up singer plots to off her domineering husband, much to the chagrin of their screechy daughter, a walking Electra complex with no patience for mom’s antics. Set in 1967, Charles Busch’s campy comedy also includes a tipsy maid, a son with rage issues, and a well-formed lothario with tricks up his sleeve in addition to the one in his slacks. Oh, and mom is a drag queen who wears Converse wedge heels for tennis practice. The characters are all terrible people, but F. William Oakes is fantastic as the loudmouth patriarch who falls victim to a poisoned suppository. Margaret Melozzi also excels as loyal maid Bootsie.

One Last Thing!

All of the writers I know are currently in panic mode about the MacColl Johnson Fellowships, triennial prizes of $25,000 given to Rhode Island writers. (Applications are due soon.) For something with less pay but potentially greater emotional payoff, Frequency is taking written submissions to their forthcoming Providence anthology. Stories/poems/essays/etc, preferably under ten pages, can be sent to They're also looking for illustrators. The deadline is 11:59pm on Saturday.

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