Seven things that are happening this week.
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I Build The Tower at Dedee Shattuck Gallery

What's Happening This Week

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Monday - 7:00PM

Over The Top
AS220 Black Box
95 Empire Street

Any play called Over The Top should live up to its title, and it sounds like that's the eventual plan for David Higgins' and Vanessa Gilbert's multi-layered production, which involves card games, puppet films, durational performance, choreography, and meals for the audience. Somewhere in there they've also got an actual play about the origins and the aftermath World War I. Higgins and Gilbert are still working out some of the show's many, many moving components, so this free reading will allow them to test the show's gaming elements while also gauging how the play and the game play feed off one another.


Beach House
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
79 Washington Street
$27 / $30

Nine years ago, low-key Baltimore band Beach House released their self-titled debut. I was DJing a Friday night radio show called The World's Slowest Dance Party, and played their narcotically mellow ballads over and over again. (My roommate at the time remarked disparagingly that Beach House multi-instrumentalist Alex Scally had been resident sensitive guy on campus at Oberlin, playing Bob Dylan songs on the quad all day.) Unlike most indie bands of the Myspace era, Scally and singer-keyboardist Victoria Legrand have remained quite popular. Their fifth album comes out this week, and they're coming to Lupo's as part of WBRU's Exposure series. But unless the new record marks a huge shift in style, it's pretty unlikely that they'll gain much radio traction in a format dominated by faux Americana and Sublime songs from twenty years ago.

Wednesday - 7:00PM

I Build The Towers
Dedee Shattuck Gallery
1 Partners' Lane, Westport

The 100-foot Watts Towers in South Central Los Angeles were designed by Sabato Rodia, an Italian tile-layer who spent over three decades building the spires against the wishes of the city. Located on a residential lot, the spiky towers include mosaic made from seashells and discarded glass soda bottles. In 1990, the fanciful towers were designated a National Historic Landmark. I Build The Towers, a 2006 documentary about Rodia's life, is the last in the Westport Cultural Council's Summer Film Series, which is oddly focused entirely on architectural documentaries.

Thursday - 7:00PM

The Americanization of Emily
Warwick Public Library
600 Sandy Lane

Warwick Library celebrates its fiftieth with a slate of films from 1965, the year the library first opened. The Americanization of Emily is a really strange movie, a dark comedy about a self-professed coward who spends World War II procuring luxury items for all the other American soldiers stuck in England. He falls in love with a widowed driver and then suffers the consequences when his commanding officer has a mental breakdown. Julie Andrews plays the widow Emily, her only role between Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

Friday - 8:00PM

Young Frankenstein
Theatre By The Sea
364 Cards Pond Road, Wakefield
$45 / $65

Rhode Island summers can last well into September, at least for those of us who don't operate around an academic calendar, but it's definitely last call for summer theater. I recently had brunch at the Ocean Mist in Matunuck for the first time ever. Brunch was fine — I'm partial to junky Tex-Mex so I was happy — but driving through Wakefield it occurred to me that I haven't mentioned Theatre By The Sea yet. TBTS concludes its season with Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks's less well-received follow-up to Broadway sensation The Producers.

Saturday - 8:00PM

Howard Jones
The Greenwich Odeum
59 Main Street, East Greenwich

For decades now, snarky music writers have used the name Howard Jones as shorthand for how terrible the eighties were. I felt mildly ashamed owning a dubbed copy of his greatest hits album as a teenager, but his greatest hits are mostly pretty good! HoJo emphasizes melody over lyrics, whether he's stretching the word love into eight syllables (on "What Is Love?") or writing a song ("Things Can Only Get Better") whose chorus is composed entirely of "whoa oh oh" sounds.

Sunday - 10:00AM

200 Weird Items & 4 Normal Ones
Monster Mini Golf
400 Harris Avenue

If you're looking to redecorate your home in the style of the Addams Family, or if you like going all out for Halloween, you might want to channel your inner Anne Rice at an auction of weird stuff. Even if you don't buy anything, it'll probably be entertaining just to see who does. The owners of Monster Mini Golf are getting rid of hundreds of their crazy belongings, from a copper coffin that's also a go-kart to a pair of gothy ceiling fans with skeleton arm blades. There's also an evil Easter Bunny costume and a Victorian pump organ. The preview kicks off at 8:30 with the auction proper commencing at 10.
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